How To Edit Secured Pdf Without Password

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There may be times when you need to send a PDF to someone that contains sensitive information such as your tax information, financial details, social security number or other information. Naturally, you don’t want this information to fall into the wrong hands. If you use a password to protect your files, only the person with the password can open the file.

How To Edit Secured Pdf Without Password

How To Edit Secured Pdf Without Password

Encoding Word documents may be your best choice for collaborating with others, but PDF is the right choice for sending important notes. However, there are some complications here. Not only will you need to find a way to share secure passwords, but the free version of Adobe Reader doesn’t support password protection.

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You can buy the full Adobe Acrobat, but it’s worth the wait if you occasionally need a password. Instead, third-party applications and online services will allow you to type passwords into your files for free.

If you pay for Acrobat (opens in a new window), Acrobat Pro DC will charge you $14.99 per month for a monthly subscription or $24.99 per month for a monthly subscription. Acrobat Standard DC will cost you $12.99 per month for an annual subscription or $22.99 per month for a monthly subscription. Both versions support password protection, so you can save a few bucks by using the cheaper Standard plan here.

If you only need one or more passwords, download a free seven-day trial for Acrobat Pro (opens in a new window). The only requirement here is that you will need to provide your credit card information to download the free trial. Just be sure to cancel within seven days or you’ll be charged $14.99 plus tax for the entire month.

After installing Acrobat Pro, open the application and open the PDF you want to protect. Click File > Password Protect, then decide whether you want recipients to enter a password to view or edit the file.

Unable To Edit Pdf Files In Acrobat

In most cases you’ll want to password-protect the view so no one can open the file without proper credentials. Select View, then type and retype a strong password in the appropriate fields. The app will measure the strength of your password; Click Apply to save.

Some files, such as editable profiles, may not be able to use password protection. In these cases, you may get an error message telling you that the file cannot be saved due to bad parameters. The trick here is to save a copy of the file and then password protect the copy.

In Acrobat, click File > Save Copy and rename the copy. Open the copy in Acrobat and try the password protection option again. After you password protect the file, you should receive a message informing you that it has been successfully protected.

How To Edit Secured Pdf Without Password

Now when someone opens a file in Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat or another PDF reader, they must be prompted to enter a password to gain access. Type the password, click OK and the contents of the file will be available.

Securing Pdfs With Passwords, Adobe Acrobat

To remove a password, open the file in Acrobat and enter the password. Click on the lock icon on the right and click on the option details under security settings. On the Security tab for File Properties, click the drop-down menu for Security Methods and change the option to Unsecured. Acrobat will confirm that you want to remove security. Click OK, and then save the file.

An open source alternative to Acrobat is PDFEncrypt (opens in a new window), which provides a simple but effective tool for PDF password protection. The basic interface prompts you to select the files you want to encrypt. Then enter your password and click on code. The secure version is renamed with the encrypted word at the end. The Settings screen offers many other options, such as the ability to allow printing, copying, and other actions.

Another free PDF creator is PDF24 (opens in a new window), which offers many tools under one roof that enable you to edit, insert, split, convert, compress, save and unlock PDFs. To encrypt a file from the main toolbox screen, click the Save PDF button. Select the file or drag it across the screen, then create a password and click the Save PDF file button. You can then save the ideal backup file under a different name from the original file.

The developers behind PDF24 Creator also offer an online version known as PDF24 Tools (Open in New Windows) with many PDF features. Select Protect PDF (open in new window), then browse or drag and drop the file you want to protect. Enter the password and click Save PDF, then download and save the file. Then you need to enter the password to open the PDF.

How To Secure A Pdf File With A Password Before You Share It

Another site is CleverPDF (opens in a new window) which includes many PDF tools. Open the PDF encoding page (opens in a new window) and browse or drag and drop for the file you want to encode. Check the box to ask for a password to open this file. You can also choose to restrict editing, copying and printing using the owner’s password. Click the Start Convert button, then click Download to save the encoded version to your computer.

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How To Edit Secured Pdf Without Password

Configuring PDF access by setting passwords and limiting certain features, such as editing or printing, is sometimes useful, especially if we are talking about important documents that should not be edited. But password-protected PDFs can still be accessed, edited and printed by removing their encryption. By unlocking your files are easy to edit.

How To Edit A Password Secured Pdf File (tools Overview)

Protected PDF files should only be edited by their authors. Make sure you have permission to remove protection on your files before starting.

Not sure how to open PDF files on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android or any other system you use? Works on all platforms. That’s right, even Linux. For those with a Pro subscription, you can use our software to open and edit your PDFs completely offline.

If you want to protect your file again after editing, you can use a PDF protection tool to encrypt your PDF with a password of your choice to prevent unauthorized access to the file contents.

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How To Edit Secured Pdf Without Password

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If you have a PDF that contains personal, confidential or proprietary information, the creator may have tried to protect the file by adding a password. You’ll need to enter this password every time you open the file, which isn’t usually a big deal unless you find yourself doing it often. If you can keep the file safe and secure, you may want to remove the password from the PDF file instead.

There are some simple ways

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