How To Edit Scanned Document In Word

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How To Edit Scanned Document In Word

How To Edit Scanned Document In Word

You have to go through the situation where you scanned the file, but now you are wondering how to edit the scanned file as you are required to make some important changes in the scanned file. Reprinting all content on a new basis is a time-consuming and energy-intensive process and is generally not practical.

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This article will teach you some simple ways you can easily edit scanned documents in MS Word. Before taking the direct step, read the article to understand this topic thoroughly.

Basically scanned file means that it is an image file and the text of the document cannot be edited. However, you can edit the text of the scanned document when converting it to an MS Word document. Here are three simple steps you should follow to edit scanned documents in MS Word.

Step 1: Open MS Word and click “File” from the toolbar. Follow it by clicking on the “Open” option to open the scanned file. A pop-up notification will appear on your screen where Word will convert the document to an editable Word document. Then click “OK” to open the document in Word.

Step 2: Edit the converted Word document from the options available on the MS Word toolbar. You can adjust the text size, edit the bold text, and you can also tilt your text. Also from the style options you can apply different headings to your text accordingly.

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Step 3: After making the desired changes in the scanned document for a few minutes, rename the file and select a location to save the modified Word document.

Opening a scanned document using Word is a viable option if you are looking for a way to edit a document. However, there are disadvantages to opening scanned documents in MS Word. It changes the format and settings of the original file, making editing difficult as the page-to-page layout is interrupted during conversion.

The scanned file comes in a fixed file format, which means that only the location of the item, such as the location of the text or image, is stored in the document, not related to the relationship between those items on the page. In addition, structural elements such as tables and columns in the scanned document are not associated with the text or content in the structure and retain the structure as a visual element.

How To Edit Scanned Document In Word

Thus, opening a scanned document in Word uses a sophisticated system to identify as many matching entries as possible in the converted Word document.

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Items include page colors and borders, page frames, annotations and bookmarks that extend more than one page, interactive elements such as audio and video, structures such as tables, spaces between comment cells and bookmarks on a page. It also includes special effects on text, such as gloss or shadows on scanned documents, which show flaws and errors in the converted Word document.

It is the most powerful PDF editor available on the web. It is a versatile tool that allows you to manage and organize your PDF files on the go. With a great user interface and user-friendly navigation tools, users of all ages can easily work for business, professional and educational purposes. With its fast system, you can edit large PDF files in seconds.

An easy-to-use editing tool awaits users. Do you want to try this useful editing tool? Just click the download button to use.

Here are some great and powerful features that provide users with a quick solution to manage, organize and edit PDF files:

Free Pdf Scanner App For Iphone, Android: Adobe Scan

Here are five steps you can take to begin the process of converting a scanned PDF file to a Word document with OCR:

Download from the App Store for Mac or you can also download Windows or Mac directly from the official website. You can also download by clicking the download button below. Now get started and click on the “Open File” button to select the scanned PDF file.

After opening the scanned PDF file, click on the “Export PDF” button on the right. A menu with various options will open on your screen. From there, select the “Word” form.

How To Edit Scanned Document In Word

After that in the “Export PDF” window open “Text Recognition Settings”. After enabling text recognition settings, be sure to select the language of your scanned PDF file from Document Language. Selecting the language of the file enables the OCR function to provide more accurate results.

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After selecting the location of the converted PDF file, click the “Export” button. This process takes seconds and the scanned document is converted to Word format.

Now open the converted Word document for easy editing because OCR conversion retains the original file format and allows manual editing. You can now edit all elements, both interactive and non-interactive, in a Word document.

With the popularity and widespread use of PDF files, easy and legitimate solutions to manage and edit these files are also needed. Just like the need to convert scanned documents to Word for document editing is a requirement, but the lack of effective tools makes this task more difficult and time consuming.

In this sense, a reliable and excellent PDF editor is available for everyday use, which facilitates the work of editing and managing digital documents, especially for students and business departments. If you want to try it out, click the download button to use it. With the growing awareness of creating paperless offices among more and more people, scanned documents (mostly PDFs and scanned images) have become a big part of our paperwork in the office. However, many times we have to edit the scanned file to make changes. Here are some different ways to edit scanned PDFs or images on macOS and Windows respectively.

Scanned Document Can Be Edited Using Optical Character Recognition By Document Imaging Scanning

With companies or individuals looking for a PDF solution, it is important to consider the best software available and save time. Through this section, learn how to edit scanned files using the best software on Mac. Let’s get started!

PDF Converter OCR, a special PDF converter for Mac, with OCR capability to convert original scanned PDF and image files to 16 formats while maintaining original file quality (layout, image quality, etc.). Unlike other PDF editors, PDF OCR Converter can edit scanned files in many formats. Even its built-in creator allows users to create PDFs from other files and adjust the PDF size and quality as needed.

Also, if you are a Windows user, keep reading below and find a reliable way on your Windows device.

How To Edit Scanned Document In Word

As we all know, almost all scanned documents are saved in PDF format due to the ability to save and display the raw material of the file as well as easily accessible on various platforms. . Assuming you are working with PDF regularly, you may have installed a PDF editor. And most PDF editors have built-in OCR functionality to edit scanned PDF files directly. Here we introduce the best PDF editor for you.

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When it comes to PDF editors, is this the first Adobe product to come to your mind? So you can edit completely scanned files on Mac or Windows with Acobat Pro. Here we use the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC subscription ($ 24.99 per month or $ 179.88 per year), the latest version of Adobe Acrobat to demonstrate how to edit scanned files.

With OCR-based technology ABBYY FineReader PDF ($ 19 / month or $ 117 / year) allows users to digitize paper documents and scan with the highest accuracy and speed. In addition, users can create, edit, search, bookmark, delete text from PDF, recognize text as PDF, convert MS Office such as PPT to PDF, compare files, and more.

The PDF editor seems to be the only solution to this problem. But in fact, most users end up choosing to edit PDFs or scanned image files without paying for the software. Edit PDF which is very expensive. The easiest way to edit a PDF file or scanned image for multiple users is to export the scanned file in an editable format and then edit the file in the appropriate file editor.

So if you do not have a PDF editor or you do not want to spend a lot of money to edit scanned documents, then you can use a smart PDF converter to edit scanned documents for further conversion.

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Here we introduce another PDF editor for editing scanned documents on Mac and Windows, Able2Extract Professional 17 ($ 149.95). Extracting only PDF images correctly into editable, searchable text is a breeze for Able2Extract OCR. Another benefit

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