How To Edit Interior Photos In Photoshop

How To Edit Interior Photos In Photoshop – In my previous post I listed my top 5 tips for taking beautiful interior photos. I talked about the importance of detail, in-camera resolution, etc.

Following these tips should provide a great SOOC (direct out of camera) image and editing should be fine! There is no skin to touch, no damaged hair to remove. In fact, I can boil down my editing process for interior images to just three steps:

How To Edit Interior Photos In Photoshop

How To Edit Interior Photos In Photoshop

Interior photography is all about the illusion of perfection. When photographing people, you can sometimes end up with an image that is a bit soft due to the emotion captured…not so much here.

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This is why being detail-oriented and meticulous before shooting is so important. If you have three very similar shots, save only the best one.

For example, in this night vignette (image below), I took three different shots from different angles with slightly different focal points. I only needed one vignette and knowing the designer’s vision, I presented her with a third image.

The first thing I do with any interior photo is make sure it’s straight.

I do my best to keep the horizon straight when shooting, but some angles don’t lend themselves to a tripod and may require hand-held shooting. And sometimes I have to shoot from a lower angle than usual, which can cause distortion.

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When this happens, my images usually need a makeover, which can easily be done in Lightroom. As you can see in the example below, I used the Lens Correction tool in Lightroom to correct the distortion of the low angle and wide lenses. (Hint: Be sure to select Crop Constraint to automatically crop the image according to your adjustments.)

If you need to straighten your photo, here’s a great guide on how to straighten images in Lightroom.

I make standard adjustments for contrast, clarity, sharpness, shadows and highlights – and nothing else. (Personally, I like to save a lot of time and use a clean color preset from the Pretty Presets Clean Edit Workflow collection – it’s been something I’ve wanted to do for a while).

How To Edit Interior Photos In Photoshop

You can also organize partitions, thermostats, etc. If you want to present a cleaner image. I mostly only do this if it’s something that distracts me – like white pops on dark walls.

How To Edit Interior Photography In Lightroom (lightroom Tips)

Interior is not a creative editing genre, unless you are sharing pictures of your home and trying to create a specific mood. In most cases, the goal is to showcase the actual space and/or designer/designer’s work, not editing.

The work of an interior photographer is a kind of invisible and essentially product photography – it’s just too big a product to shoot!

One of my oldest clients, a style blogger, has been featured in local newspapers, national magazines, West Elm, Home Depot, published in a home design book, and most recently, on HGTV.

I admire him when he gets recognition for his beautiful work and I don’t expect anyone to hear my name because interior photography is not about the photographer, it’s about the space and the designer.

How I Edit Interior Photos In Photoshop

Your edits should be as invisible as you are. If an interior photographer does a good job, people will look at their photos and say, “What a beautiful space,” not “What a beautiful photo.”

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Leah is a self-taught natural light photographer currently living in North Carolina. Happily married for 14 years, she and her boyfriend raise three crazy children wherever the army is deployed. He is addicted to coffee, Jambera and his dog, Huxley. Before starting the real estate interior photo editing tutorial, always make sure the photo is bright enough. Avoid eliminating deep and dark shadows in the photo. Also, the windows should be well exposed, high contrast and vivid.

How To Edit Interior Photos In Photoshop

If there is a house behind the window, it is better to leave it in contrast. It’s also important to be consistent in terms of white balance and temperature. As much as possible, the colors of the equipment and furniture should look natural. Colors should be limited to avoid external and internal light entering the house through windows.

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Good contrast is also a consideration. The dark elements of the photo should remain dark and creamy even after lighting the walls and other areas of the image.

Elements of the photo that are originally colored should remain vivid. They also need to have the right temperature, especially wooden floors, walls, decorative items and furniture.

Finally, make sure the photos look real and believable. While the image should look very bright, vivid and contrasty, it should not look unrealistic due to over-colouring, over-exposure or over-saturation.

For our first editor tutorial, we’ll talk about the basics of good indoor real estate photography. These are the qualities you will strive to achieve in every interior photo you edit.

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First, your photo should be well exposed and clear. Nobody likes to look at dark and sad photos, so make sure they are beautiful and bright. However, we also want to avoid broken indicators like this.

We also want to avoid deep, dark shadows where all shadow information has been eliminated, like this.

Also, the view from the windows should be well-opened, high-contrast and vivid, such as these views. This is especially true for window views of trees or landscapes.

How To Edit Interior Photos In Photoshop

However, if there is a house outside the window, it is better to leave it lower in contrast so as not to draw too much attention to it.

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Of course, we want the elements of the house, walls, furniture and appliances to be their true colors.

This means limiting colors from indoor lights and outdoor lights entering the home through windows.

Good contrast is another important issue. Good contrast means that the dark elements of the photo remain dark and rich, while you brighten the walls and other bright elements of the photo. Here are some examples of good contrast.

Also, you want the color elements of the photo to be vibrant and the right temperature. Especially for wooden floors, walls, large colorful furniture and decorative items.

Real Estate Photography, Photoshop Editing

Finally, and this may be the most important thing to consider, make sure the photos look real and believable.

You’ll be editing the original real estate photos quite a bit, and if you’re not careful with your editing, you can make the final product look fake and unreal.

Although we want the photo to look very bright, energetic and contrasty. You don’t want the photo to look unrealistic by tinting, exposing, or oversaturating it.

How To Edit Interior Photos In Photoshop

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How To Edit Interior Photos In Photoshop

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