How To Edit A Video On The Computer

How To Edit A Video On The Computer – Windows 11 includes a desktop with photo and video editors. Microsoft still lacks a dedicated video editor on Windows. Last year, Microsoft acquired Clipchamp, an online video editor, to integrate its feature into Windows 11 at the time. You can use Clipchamp to edit videos like a pro.

So don’t worry if you see Clipchamp on your Windows 11 computer. But you can make the most of it as a native Windows video editor.

How To Edit A Video On The Computer

How To Edit A Video On The Computer

Clipchamp offers one of the fastest ways to import videos from your phone to your desktop. When trying to import videos into Clipchamp, you will see an option to add videos from your phone. Select from Phone option and scan the QR code using your phone.

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This opens Clipchamp on the mobile network allowing you to select media and upload it to Clipchamp’s servers. After the upload is successful, you will see the video displayed right below the Your Media section in the Clipchamp program on Windows.

Clipchamp has thousands of videos to get you started right away. Whether you’re working on adding words, settings, or adding social media handles to a video, you can choose a template and continue editing your video. This will help you save precious time.

On the Clipchamp app home page, go to the templates section and select a template that matches your video. Features include templates for YouTube, Games, Instagram, Shopping, TikTok, etc.

Screen recording is useful if you are a teacher or conduct online sessions. For example, when creating an educational course to share with students on online platforms, you can use built-in tools to record videos and edit them later.

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When you select Record & Create from Clipchamp’s editing menu, you have several options – video only, open the screen after the thumbnail, or capture only the screen area. Depending on your requirements, you can choose one and continue making a video.

Another important addition to any video editor is the text to speech converter. Using text to speech in the Record & Create menu, you can choose language, volume, speech rate, enter text and view content. If you are satisfied with the result, click the Save to Media button.

Add media to your video and change its position to appear up or down.

How To Edit A Video On The Computer

Your videos can be boring if you don’t add good music, especially in the intro. Instead of searching for royalty-free music online, you can browse Clipchamp’s default music library and choose one of the images for your video.

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In Clipchamp’s editing panel, select Music & SFX and view all the music clips arranged in different categories such as Happy & upbeat, Dramatic, Jazz, Classical and more. .

The ability to insert images and GIFs from the Clipchamp editor is another great addition. Save time searching and downloading images from the web to import them into Clipchamp. But you can find them directly in the image section and add them to your video.

Likewise, you can add stickers and GIFs (via GIPHY) from the image menu. This means you won’t have to leave the program and try to insert images or GIF data into a program.

Transitions add a fluid transition between scenes and images without giving viewers a visual nudge. Clipchamp comes with default settings. Hover your mouse cursor over a switch and you can view its content in action. If you like one of them, drag and drop the appropriate change to a video and add the relevant details.

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If you want a specific setting or sequence, you can choose them to keep consistency in all your videos. You can start using specific fonts, colors and symbols to apply them to every video you make. In the Clipchamp editor, go to the Brand box and start adding fonts, colors and logos to future videos.

In the world of TikTok, Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts, we are not limited to the traditional 16:9 aspect ratio for a video. You can easily change the aspect ratio of the video from 16:9 to 9:16, 1:1, 4:5 or 2:3 in the video editor.

Clipchamp comes with all the standard video editors to create the perfect clip. You can add text (in different fonts), change colors, apply filters, trim a video, adjust colors, etc.

How To Edit A Video On The Computer

When editing video, you may want to memorize Clipchamp’s keyboard shortcuts to navigate the editing process. Open the hamburger menu and select keyboard shortcuts.

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The free version of Clipchamp on Windows is limited to a resolution of up to 1080p. In order to be able to save the cloud and audio files, you need to sign up for a $9 monthly plan, and you can check the price on the Clipchamp page.

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With Clipchamp’s user-friendly interface, templates and smart shortcuts, you can edit your video and add special effects, text, transitions, music and more with ease. You can securely record your screen and webcam and enjoy advanced features such as green screen editing, overlays and AI audio.

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Clipchamp is a video editor built for Windows 11. It is available on Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store. There are many other ways to use Clipchamp, including:

Clipchamp helps you get started by interacting with you to quickly find all the business editing functions, including the site, timeline, pages, and floating pages.

There are many options for uploading the right videos, audios, images and GIFs that you want to edit in Clipchamp, including:

How To Edit A Video On The Computer

Clipchamp offers add-ons to refine your editing experience. For example, the GIPHY plugin allows you to add popular GIFs to your videos from the Photos tab on the homepage. Other additions are listed below.

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The Video Editor program includes video editing and editing tools, allowing you to add music, text, animation and 3D effects. It’s a replacement for Movie Maker, focusing on simple creative tools to help you tell your story.

You can add text to photos and videos. You can create a title card from the Storyboard if you want to add text to a red background.

Simply select a photo or video, select Kimo, type a title or quote, and choose a style and design. You can display the text exactly when you want it in your movie. After selecting all the options, select Done.

Select Background Music to choose from multiple songs and, if desired, select Add your video to the beat and select Done. Or, select Custom Audio at the top of the page to add and record your own music, narration, or sound effects.

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When you’re done with your project, select Finish Video and select Export to publish your movie. You can control the video quality if you want.

Also, you can select See More() and use Duplicate Project to duplicate your video. Or you can use the backup program to share your project or save your progress to be shared across devices and apps. You can tell us what you like about the Video Editor using Feedback.

To open one of your backup programs and continue working, you can go back to the main page of the Video Editor, select Learn more() and select Import backup.

How To Edit A Video On The Computer

For more options and quick video editing from simple to complex projects, you can use Clipchamp. You can use the original Video Editor application for single image editing.

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Clipchamp video editor allows anyone to tell stories worth sharing. Learn what you can do with Clipchamp, get Clipchamp, and get answers and help when you go to Clipchamp.

Select Background music to choose from multiple songs and, if desired, select Split your video to the beat, then select Done. Or, select Custom Audio at the top of the page to add and record your own music, narration, or sound effects.

Also, you can select See More() and use Duplicate Project to duplicate your video. Alternatively, you can use the backup program to share your project or save your progress to share with other users and programs. You can tell us how you are enjoying Video Editor using Send Feedback.

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