How To Edit A Promoted Post On Facebook

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How much are your posts increasing on Facebook today? The latest, your epic blog content,   that irresistible teaser for your next webinar, fun video tutorials… what else?

How To Edit A Promoted Post On Facebook

How To Edit A Promoted Post On Facebook

It’s easy, right? Just click the magic button “Boost Post” and voila, your post is live on Facebook! Not just for your followers and fans, but for your entire audience.

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No more creating structured Facebook ads, struggling with the 20% rule, or copy lengths that are always too short for your content to shine as it should.

Spread, push, go! And now repeat. For each one. Because yes, every bit of your content is good and deserves a boost.

What if there was a way to give your post boost strategy a boost? To stop guessing which articles deserve your readers’ attention, and which ones don’t? To manage what you want to improve, when, to whom and for how long?

In this post, we’ll show you how to boost your Facebook posts and boost your entire business with automated post promotion.

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Facebook posts are one of the core components of the Facebook news feed, for both personal and business profiles.

Over time, as more businesses joined Facebook and started posting more frequently, the increased competition led to a decline in organic reach.

Add to the mix Facebook changed the algorithm in early 2018 to favor interaction with friends and family over business and that organic reach for brands is now at an all-time low.

How To Edit A Promoted Post On Facebook

While regular posts are still a good strategy because each post gets some organic reach, Facebook is becoming a “pay to play” platform for businesses that want to get maximum exposure for key posts.

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Fortunately, it’s easy to boost posts, whether using the Boost posts button, the Ads Manager interface, or a dedicated third-party tool like .

By paying to promote a post, you not only increase your reach, but have a key advantage over organic posts to be shown to any audience, not just followers of your Page.

When you post something on your personal profile or business page, you must follow the Community Standards.

These rules cover obvious things like illegal activity, threatening behavior, and hate speech, but in general, as long as the community rules are followed, Facebook is pretty liberal in what it allows to post.

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The policy is stricter for ads and this may be interesting to some people because what is allowed in organic posts is different than what is allowed in boosted posts.

Because sponsored posts can be shown to anyone other than users who like your page, Facebook is more conservative with what is allowed.

For example, an organic post can use bad words, but profanity in a boosted post will disqualify the advertising campaign.

How To Edit A Promoted Post On Facebook

Although today there are various types of posts for business pages, the most popular post format is very simple, with images or videos and some text, perhaps with a link to the website in the text:

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Any business can set up these articles in seconds and they are familiar to users and customers.

It appears on the Facebook page for the business, but most users will still see the post when it appears in their news feed, organically or when prompted.

Ads are often called “dark posts” because they don’t appear on company pages, they’re only visible when users scroll through their news feed.

As we have seen, they are more complicated to create, partly because of the number of creative elements involved, but also because they require special ad creation tools such as Facebook’s own Ad Manager or third-party platforms such as , they cannot be created. directly on the Facebook page.

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Don’t let the complexity put you off, having more control over the layout can produce good results, especially since you can split test several ad variations.

For example, in one campaign you can try three images, three headlines, and three ad texts, giving you nine different combinations instead of just one post on one page.

While we talked about why posts can’t be promoted (based on content) above, there are also some technical limitations on what can and can’t be promoted.

How To Edit A Promoted Post On Facebook

Each post will have a special button to let you know the status of that post. Let’s break them down!

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However, most of the above are eligible to be removed, except for Not Boosted, Boost Post, and Boost Not Available, because these are not direct and delivery ads.

Now that we have learned the difference between boosted posts and Facebook ads, as well as what can and cannot be boosted, we are ready to get to the fun part: boosting the post itself.

The process can be started from 3 places: your Facebook page or from Ads Manager. We will cover the Facebook page process first.

Once you’ve added all your settings (and added your optional CTA), you can select the Boost button and voila – your post will be sent through Facebook’s approval process and finally live.

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Very easy to navigate and quick to set up boosts. In short, it is the easiest type of advertising to run.

It’s not very customizable – anyone who needs more advanced audience settings or target options will have to set it up through Ads Manager. You also can not choose a specific location.

The Ads Manager route is a bit longer, but it gives you the ability to use different targets and use more detailed audience settings, such as custom audiences. If your audience’s needs are more nuanced, this is the best option for you.

How To Edit A Promoted Post On Facebook

Start by navigating to Ads Manager and select your target. In this case, we will use Engagement.

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Now all you have to do is click Confirm and your post will travel there into the wonderful world of your target audience’s news feed (after approval of course).

For beginners, the creation options and designs can be difficult to interpret and navigate. This method also takes more time to set up than the previous method.

Improving a post can often be “easier” than creating a post from scratch, but if you take a moment to think about all the time you’ll spend posting each day, one by one, the time starts to add up quickly.

For those of you reading who are looking for an easier way to do this process, for those of you who work with multiple clients and pages, or simply for those of you who are tired of having to promote each post one by one, there is a third way. to boost your posts (and your business): Automated Post Promotion.

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If you’re ready to shave valuable time off your work week, you can automate this entire process using .

With automatic page post promotion, you can create Facebook campaigns by boosting posts based on parameters you set.

To do this, just log in and from the section What do you want to promote, select Page / Place of Post.

How To Edit A Promoted Post On Facebook

In step 2 you have two options: you can boost a custom post (which we actually covered with Facebook via Ads Manager) or you can use the automatic option (which we’ll cover today).

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This next step is where the real magic happens. Instead of selecting a specific post, let’s tell Facebook to push all the posts that meet the specific criteria we set.

It will then run for the time you choose and you will be able to see all your metrics in .

Want to give a whole little boost to a hyper-specialized audience without lifting a finger? Check, check, check. ☑️☑️☑️

To find Insights, go to your Page and select the Insights tab in the upper left corner of the screen.

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Now that you are on the Statistics page, you can check the status of your post by checking the column next to the post title.

If you want a more detailed view, click on the post name and you will see a more detailed popup.

Below, our Facebook advertising expert Paul Fairbrother will share his 3 favorite strategic uses of automated post promotion tools to increase your advertising ROI.

How To Edit A Promoted Post On Facebook

Now that you know how to create an automated Post-Promotion campaign, let’s see how we can take advantage of this campaign:

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For every ten pieces of content we publish, it’s likely that only one will resonate with the audience and get a lot of engagement.

A few years ago the organic reach on Facebook was high enough that we could check our page statistics once a week or once a month and select the winning posts to include in our main advertising campaign.

Now, with the organic reach so low, we need to give each post a little boost so that they all get enough exposure, so we make an informed decision about which posts should be given the most posts.

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