How To Edit A Post On WordPress

How To Edit A Post On WordPress – How to add posts to WordPress pages: Everything you need to know about publishing new content

Adding new posts to WordPress can help drive more traffic and give your website better search engine rankings. In fact, most online businesses have a blog section on their WordPress website. They publish articles to engage their customers and build trust.

How To Edit A Post On WordPress

How To Edit A Post On WordPress

When you regularly write blog posts or articles, you keep the website fresh and provide exciting and useful content to your readers. This method of generating traffic and retaining customers is so effective that businesses with blogs get 55% more visitors than those without.

WordPress Blog Posts

In this tutorial, we will explain how to publish a post or article in WordPress. We’ll also discuss different tools, features, and options you can use to make sure your content is quality and SEO-friendly.

Block Editor and Classic Editor are two different tools you can use to add and edit content in a WordPress post or page.

The classic editor uses a formatting toolbar similar to Microsoft Word or Google Docs. It is divided into a visual editor for users who want to see how the content looks visually and a text editor for those who want to edit using HTML code.

The Block Editor, also known as the Gutenberg Editor, uses a drag-and-drop interface to add and edit content. Content is formatted in blocks that can be easily moved around the page.

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Although you can’t use the classic editor and the block editor at the same time, there is a way to switch between them.

First, be sure to download the editor plugin you’re missing. Then go to Dashboard -> Settings -> Writing and change the “Default editor for all users” setting.

Since the release of WordPress 5.0 in 2018, Gutenberg has been the default WordPress editor. Therefore, this tutorial will show how to add new posts in WordPress using Gutenberg.

How To Edit A Post On WordPress

There are many ways to add a new WordPress and all of them will lead you to the visual.

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Posts are the content of a blog page, listed in reverse order. These often come in the form of products and are published regularly.

Pages are intended for static and timeless content, such as the home page or the contact page. The pages are updated from time to time, but will mostly stay the same.

You’ll see the Add Title box at the top of the image editor page. May post anonymous articles, making it difficult for readers to find published articles.

Just below the field name is the place to add all kinds of content using blocks. If you start with text, just start typing.

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To add other blocks, click the “+” icon in the upper left corner of the screen next to the WordPress logo or on the right side of the editor.

There are blocks for all types of content, including articles, columns, and content. Along with the blocks, you can add widgets, such as News and Search. There are also blocks designed for embedding third-party content.

You can change some blocks. Start with a block sentence, then convert it to a line, or paragraph, or speech by clicking the block icon.

How To Edit A Post On WordPress

To edit further, click the settings icon in the upper right corner of the screen, then select the Blocking section. This will provide more customization options for each block.

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If you find using blocks too difficult, there is a classic block available. This block adds details as you would using the classic editor, which reverts to a single block when it’s done.

Without images, most websites will struggle to attract visitors. Having good WordPress images not only helps to make your posts and pages more attractive, but also speeds up the website and improves its SEO ranking.

There are two main image blocks – a single upload image block and a multi-image gallery block.

If you want to see an image, select the image block. The gallery block is a better option for displaying multiple images in rows and columns with a grid.

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There, change the style, size and dimensions to your liking. You can use the standard WordPress image sizes or customize them for your website.

Adding other types of information will also help make the post more visible to website visitors. Ranging from video and audio to downloadable files, many types of media files can be added to an ad.

There is also an additional Media button below the “+” sign in the header. Additional information can be made from blocks. Click the “+” sign again and go to the “Media” section.

How To Edit A Post On WordPress

Another way to add images, sounds, and videos is by pasting the URL into the block. This option is useful if you want posts and pages to load faster.

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A featured image is an image that will appear in search engines or when a post is shared on social media platforms. It attracts visitors, increases content value and improves SEO ranking.

To add featured images, go to Settings -> Posts -> Featured Images -> Set Featured Images. You will be redirected to the Media Library where you can select images.

The images you select can be edited using the tools on the right side of the media library. With options to change the alt text, caption and image description. If you want to change a specific image, click the Change Image button in the Settings section.

Note that some WordPress themes don’t support featured images, so you’ll need to take extra steps to make sure your posts have featured images.

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Choose your featured image carefully as it is the first thing your WordPress visitors will see before opening the ad.

Adhering to categories and tags for your posts is important for SEO and just keeping your WordPress site organized.

Categories cover general blog topics and WordPress tags are specific to posts. For example, when writing a specific recipe as a blog post, the tag would be “pasta recipes” and the category would be “recipes.”

How To Edit A Post On WordPress

To add a new category or tag, go to Dashboard -> Posts -> Categories or Tags. From there, edit the title, URL slug, and description, and view all posts under categories and tags.

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Categories can also be added to the website menu, just like pages. When you go to Dashboard -> Alarms -> Menu, you will see Categories under the Add menu.

As an important part of on-page SEO, permalinks or slugs help boost a post’s search engine rankings.

Permalink stands for Permalink – this is an export URL created by default from the post name.

The part of the link that follows the title, also known as the post slug or URL slug, can be edited. Just click on Settings -> Publishing -> Permalinks.

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After publishing the post, it is also possible to change the snail. If you change the name after it has been posted, check the slug again.

A snippet is a summary or teaser of a blog post or article. It is used to grab the reader’s attention and encourage them to continue reading because sometimes names and specific images are not enough.

WordPress will automatically use the first 55 words of the blog post or article to generate the text. However, if you want to customize it, you can create one yourself.

How To Edit A Post On WordPress

Go to Settings -> Publishing -> Snippet and fill in the field. You can edit the word limit using HTML or plugins.

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On the post page, there is an option to display the full content of your article and blog post, or to simply display the content.

To display the contents of the blog page, go to Dashboard -> Settings -> Reading. Then in the For all ads in the feed including tab, select Summary.

The benefit of showing only the samples is that you get more publicity on the blog page, potentially generating more clicks.

Choosing a writer is important for a WordPress website that has many creators. By default, WordPress uses the site creator as the primary author who creates and publishes articles. However, there is an option to choose different authors for different WordPress themes.

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Head to Dashboard -> Users -> Add New. Do not forget to enter the username displayed on the site, the email address and change the role to Author.

To see all authors on your WordPress site, go to All Users and make sure the role is checked in the options screen. There you can see all users and roles.

To change the post author, go to Settings -> Publishing -> Editor Policy & Approvals, then click Author.

How To Edit A Post On WordPress

WordPress automatically saves the changes you make, but we recommend doing it manually from time to time by clicking the Save File button in the upper right corner.

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The Save Text option allows you to exit the editor without publishing and return

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