How To Download Apps Faster On Iphone

How To Download Apps Faster On Iphone – Sometimes applications can download very slowly on an iPhone, iPad or Mac, even if they have a good internet connection. In this part, we’ll go over the different reasons why your App Store downloads aren’t working as you’d like, and some troubleshooting steps to fix the potential problem.

Before you can fix slow App Store download issues, you must first determine what is causing the slower than expected download speed. There are several possible culprits, such as:

How To Download Apps Faster On Iphone

How To Download Apps Faster On Iphone

We’ll start with some of the easier possible fixes and work our way up to the more advanced ones.

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The problem is not always on your side. From time to time, it’s Apple that goes through the trouble. Equipment breaks down and sometimes requires software updates, and in these situations, Apple’s App Store servers may experience intermittent downtime.

You can easily check the status of Apple’s App Store services through the company’s system status webpage before performing any of the troubleshooting steps below on your end.

If you download multiple apps at once on your iPhone, you can ask iOS to prioritize one of the app downloads. Click on the app icon and select the download priority. This action will give maximum attention and speed to the download of the application.

If you’re trying to download an app on your Mac, iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad and you’re having trouble downloading apps, or they’re downloading too slowly, try rebooting the device itself. In rare cases of software glitches, a reboot can get things working again.

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Older devices seem to have a lot of software glitches in App Store downloads. Sometimes it says apps are downloading, and not when I look at my home screen. A reboot usually fixes the problem. In some cases, the Jailbreak patch itself may be the cause of the problem.

I have seen cases where only a specific app in the App Store had problems downloading. Sometimes the app is pulled by the developer, and the App Store doesn’t notice it until minutes after the pull. In these cases, you may get unavailability errors or an endlessly spinning download icon that never seems to make any progress.

If this sounds like your symptom, try downloading another free app from the App Store and see if the same thing happens. If not, that could be your problem.

How To Download Apps Faster On Iphone

The problem may be specific to your iTunes account. Try signing out of your Apple ID under App Store Settings on your Mac or iOS device, then sign in again. Then, try the download again and see if it starts downloading at the expected download speed.

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Before you point anything out, make sure the problem is not related to your ISP (Internet Service Provider). Go to and see if your download speed is consistent. Usually anything over 10 Mbps is sufficient.

If you have slow internet, there’s no doubt why your App Store downloads are taking so long to complete. Those with high-speed fiber optic and broadband connections, however, should not experience slow App Store downloads unless there is an underlying problem.

Almost any VPN, including paid ones, will not match the average speed. So, if you’re using a VPN on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Wi-Fi router, turn it off. After that, you will notice that your app downloads faster.

There are also times when your wireless router may be having a problem and just needs a good reboot. In these situations, the router may produce slower download speeds than expected, or downloads may not progress at all.

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Turn it off for a good 60 seconds and then turn it back on and try downloading again. This is usually done by unplugging the main power cable, but some routers have reset buttons. Consult your router’s manual for further instructions.

If you can’t download apps over Wi-Fi, but downloads seem to work as expected on your cellular network, that’s a bit of a red flag that something’s wrong with the Wi-Fi network you’re connected to.

Perhaps some required App Store ports or servers are blocked from access by your router settings. In many schools and institutions, the App Store is blocked to prevent bandwidth reclaimers from stealing all the download bandwidth with large app downloads.

How To Download Apps Faster On Iphone

Tip: Open the iPhone Control Center and tap the Wi-Fi icon if your iPhone keeps connecting to a slow Wi-Fi network.

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Similarly, if you’re using a Mac, iPod touch, or iPad and don’t have access to cellular data, you can always try a different Wi-Fi network to see if your problems persist.

Let’s say the problem only occurs in your house and not in your neighbor’s house. In that case, you may even need to ask if your particular Internet Service Provider (ISP) is throttling or blocking connections to the App Store itself. In this case, you will need to call them to find out.

If the Wi-Fi network you’re connected to is configured to use a bad DNS server, all internet requests will have to go through that server, and its poor performance will be passed on to you. Of course, this means slow or non-existent App Store downloads.

You can try changing the DNS server you’re using from the Wi-Fi settings on your Mac or iOS device.

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Sometimes configuring the DNS settings on the device itself is not enough. If the problem affects more than one of your network devices, instead of configuring DNS settings on each individual device, you may want to configure custom DNS settings from the wireless router itself, because this change will affect every device that connects to it. and provide better performance for all.

We have an in-depth guide that explains how to get into your wireless router and configure custom DNS settings for all devices on your network that will help you get through this troubleshooting step.

In some rare situations, firewall and anti-virus software can actually interfere with your use of the Internet. False negatives can flag the software to block incoming and outgoing connections to the App Store, which will undoubtedly cause connection issues.

How To Download Apps Faster On Iphone

You might want to try disabling the firewall or security software you have installed on your Mac or iOS device just to make sure they aren’t the root of the problem.

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If you keep dealing with terrible app download speeds on your iPhone or iPad, go ahead and reset your network settings. That should help improve things.

If you’ve tried all of the above, contacting Apple for support may be the right way to go. A support representative can guide you through additional steps that may help speed up your App Store downloads or work as you expect them to.

Slow App Store downloads are a huge pain, but you don’t have to deal with them. Most problems are related to something small and silly, and one of the steps above can point you in the right direction. iOS 15 slowing down your iPhone? Before you rush out to buy a new one, try these tips to speed up your iPhone.

You may notice your older iPhone running slowly after a while, but these tips will help make your slow iPhone 7 or iPhone 6 run faster. This is a great post to bookmark and refer to whenever your iPhone is too slow. The next time you need to speed up your iPhone, here are seven little-known tricks to make your iPhone faster.

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There is a lot of general debate about whether memory boosting tips and tricks really work to make your iPhone faster. But I’ll let you decide for yourself. One tip I see often that I won’t include in my list is to hold off on updating your iOS (and apps) to fix a slow-running iPhone. Updating to the latest iOS may change the way your device behaves on a case-by-case basis, but important security updates are a good reason to keep updating. If your iPhone is running slow after the update, these tips can help. Now that I’ve rambled on, check out these tricks to speed up your iPhone.

On my Mac, I have software that quickly cleans up memory and speeds up my computer. It turned out to be the best forty dollars I ever spent. but! You can get a similar program for free from the App Store on your iPhone. Know the battery saver. The app shows you how much memory you have used and how much free memory is left. If your phone is slow, this can be a lifesaver.

I’ll also track my memory usage testing each trick to see if it makes a verifiable difference. The more free memory you have, the faster your iPhone will run, so using a battery saver app to monitor memory is an obvious way to monitor whether the trick is working for you or not.

How To Download Apps Faster On Iphone

The app is also a great way to track how well other tricks are working for you to speed up the phone’s performance, which is why this is the number one tip.

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