How To Crop An Image In Illustrator Cc

How To Crop An Image In Illustrator Cc – Knowing how to crop in Illustrator can seem like a bit of a confusing topic for new Adobe Illustrator users. Older versions before Creative Cloud didn’t have easy cropping options other than crop masking. Fortunately, recent updates to Illustrator have made cropping images easier. But we know not everyone is using the latest version, so we’ve let you know.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to crop images in the new version of Adobe Illustrator from 2017, as well as how to crop images in older versions. Note that Adobe continues to change the license agreement for older versions of its Creative Cloud software. Best to subscribe for updates. You get many new practical features, including the ability to crop images.

How To Crop An Image In Illustrator Cc

How To Crop An Image In Illustrator Cc

Cropping a vector graphic in Adobe Illustrator is not the same as cropping an image. Because Illustrator is a vector editing program. Older designers will tell you that they use Photoshop and Illustrator side-by-side, cropping raster images in Photoshop and then importing them into Illustrator. As you can imagine, this is not very practical when there are many images of crops.

Text Effects In Illustrator

Vector graphics are cropped with the navigation tool and are of no use to the image unless vectorized. This is not always an option.

Raster images can be linked or inserted into an Adobe Illustrator project. This is important to know when talking about cropping, because the linked image says it will insert a copy of the image and crop it soon.

When the image is opened using the Open With > Photoshop command, the image is inserted. If you use the File > Position option or the Shift + Command + P combination, the image will be linked. Finally, if you drag an image from the desktop into an open project, it will also be linked.

Here are the steps for cropping in Illustrator using the Draw option. We start with a new look for a new project. If you have an image in progress and need to crop it, you can skip the first two steps. Keep in mind that if you use farming methods, all the removed land will be lost. That’s why some people still prefer masking tape to control their crops. More on this option.

Adobe Illustrator Cc

First we need a working image. You can open a jpg image in Illustrator by using the “Open with” command from your browser, or by dragging it into the current project.

After placing the image, make sure it is selected with the selection tool. A “Crop Image” button will appear in the toolbar at the top. Click on it (or click File > Crop Image) and a gray layer will appear where you can adjust the rectangular cropping method in the options box or in the value field above. Click Apply when the crop is ready.

The most important aspect of the clipping mask is to crop the image in any shape. The “Crop Image” option simply crops the image into a rectangle or square. The cutting mask is the best choice for cutting circular, diamond or hand-drawn shapes.

How To Crop An Image In Illustrator Cc

Always remember that the Clipping Mask layer must be on top of the image for the technique to work. The inset mask does not remove the unwanted part, it just hides it. If you want to make adjustments to your crop, move the image to the layer below the clipping mask.

How To Use Clipping Mask In Adobe Illustrator

Select the layer layer you want to crop. Use the shape tool to make the layer above the image white.

Now it’s time to make a pinch mask with the white circle. First, make sure the image and shape are selected. Then use the keyboard shortcut Object > Paste Mask > Ctrl + 7 (Win) or Command + 7 (Mac). Now you can only see the cropped part of the image.

Although clipping masks can’t really remove parts of an image, there is a way to go a little further and crop them completely. This is called the Opacity Smoothing method.

Select the same layer and click Object > Plane Space > OK, then Object > Expand. Now you have a cropped raster image!

Crop In Illustrator

As with most programs we use every day, there are two options for getting results. You can use the Artboard option to use the Artboard option. This only works for rectangular and square crops, as the artboard cannot be any other shape. You can use this method even if you have a complex project with lots of graphics and illustrations. To create a farm, you need to add a new worksheet and then use it as the only group to export.

This time we will type the image using Artboard. First select the image you are working on and then click the Artboard icon.

Select the included artboard, click File > Export, and in the dialog box, select only the artboard you want to use for cropping. You can also use the save grid option, but use Save to preserve the quality of the project.

How To Crop An Image In Illustrator Cc

Finally, delete the original image in your project and click File > Place to insert the cropped image

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Here are some keyboard shortcuts to use when cropping images in Adobe Illustrator. The first option is on Mac and the second option is on Windows.

As you can see, cropping an image in Adobe Illustrator is not difficult. I didn’t see a button to crop the image, so it looks like a lot of people. For those using older versions, the Flatten Transparency trick or Artboard trick works great and doesn’t waste precious time. The next time you crop an image in Illustrator, don’t panic, just follow the steps above.

Now that you’ve mastered the technique, it’s time to learn more! Check out our list of the best Adobe Illustrator tutorials. Those new to Illustrator should follow these instructions to improve their skills.

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How To Crop An Image In Illustrator Cc

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This tutorial will cover the differences between cropping, cropping, crop masking, and cropping based on real cropping, and how to handle embedded and linked images.

If the image is linked, it will appear with a cross over the entire image. If installed, the cross will not appear. See the sections below for the difference between linked and embedded images.

To use Vector Masks or indeed Crops and Shapes, you’ll need the Controls panel highlighted in red below (Eyes > Controls is not shown by default in recent Creative Cloud updates) or the recently introduced Properties panel. (Eyes > Properties) is highlighted in green.

Adobe Illustrator: How To Crop Your Final Artwork

The content of these two panels is sensitive. So depending on which object(s) are selected, their content will change. This screenshot is taken with only one image selected. The properties panel has also changed with subsequent iterations of Creative Cloud. So depending on the version of Illustrator CC you’re running, you may see differences.

With the single or embedded image still selected, click the Mask button on the Controls or Properties panel.

Drag the center edge or corner handle around it

How To Crop An Image In Illustrator Cc

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