How To Crop A Photo In Windows Photo Viewer

How To Crop A Photo In Windows Photo Viewer – . While that’s partially true, taking a screenshot of your home screen on the 8 is pretty trivial, unless you’re on a Surface.

The new 8 operates in two different areas; the normal desktop mode we’re used to from XP, Vista and 7, and a Metro-style home screen interface optimized for touchscreen devices.

How To Crop A Photo In Windows Photo Viewer

How To Crop A Photo In Windows Photo Viewer

If you’re using a Surface RT, you can easily take a full-screen screenshot by holding down the button and the volume up button at the same time. It’s simple, like most mobile devices. This works for Metro and the desktop interface, but when you’re on a PC, things get more complicated…

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As with older versions, taking a screenshot in desktop mode is easy using the Snipping Tool, Microsoft’s own screenshot application first introduced in Vista. You can find the crop tool by searching on the home screen…

Once the crop tool is open, you can select the area you want to capture and then edit that image. You can also take a screenshot of the full screen if you want.

Now, if you’re on the home screen in 8, you can’t use the crop tool to take a screenshot. Once the crop tool opens, it will automatically take you to the desktop—the app does not have Metro compatibility.

So, to take a screenshot of your home screen, you have to break out the old school, which is the way it’s done on the Surface tablet – two buttons.

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On the home screen, press the key and the Print Screen key. This will take a screenshot of the entire screen.

If you want part of the screenshot, you have to open Paint or any editing program and crop it yourself. Paint is available for PC and Surface.

I just want to have the tiles in the far left column of the above screenshot for my final image. So, just open the image in Paint.

How To Crop A Photo In Windows Photo Viewer

If you’re not a fan of Paint, you can also open the screenshot in your desktop on your computer, which should be saved in Photos by default, and then use the crop tool from there.

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These are the easiest ways I know to take a screenshot of your desktop and Metro interface. Again, we can only hope that the next update 8 will provide a better way to get cropped screenshots, but until then the steps above should work, which is good.

If you have an alternative method to screenshot your home screen, please let us know in the comments section!

Keep your connection strong without a monthly bill. Get a lifetime VPN Unlimited subscription for all your devices with a one-time purchase at the new Gadget Hacks Shop and watch Hulu or Netflix without regional restrictions, increase security when browsing public networks, etc. Ahead of the launch of Windows 11, Microsoft has started testing a new design for many inbox apps, such as Snipping Tool, Paint and Photos app. The Microsoft Photos app is getting a big facelift with WinUI and Fluent Design, and it’s now available for some testers.

Microsoft recently teased the new Photos app in Windows 11 and it’s now available to Windows Insiders. The new Photos app will most likely not be included in the operating system that will be available to consumers on October 5, but users will be able to download the update from the Microsoft Store.

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The Microsoft Photos app now has rounded corners and WinUI controls to align with other operating systems. The Photos app still comes with a clean interface and is divided into five main sections: Collections, Albums, People, Folders, and Video Editor (built into the app).

Collection, which is the default view in the Photos app, organizes everything by date. On the other hand, Albums include a collection of photos automatically generated by the application or created by you. Folders classify photos by file location, and the editor lets you add text or special effects to videos/photos.

From any section of the Photos app, you can click on an individual photo to access the new interface.

How To Crop A Photo In Windows Photo Viewer

There are some exciting changes as part of the renovation. For example, let’s take the new toolbar with all the options in the middle and it’s a floating menu.

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When you click on the image editing option, Photos will open the Crop & Rotate view and have the most basic editing functions.

For example, you can change the correction using the slider and change the aspect ratio of your crop. You can also rotate the image, apply filters and more. These options are more affordable.

There is a separate button called “draw” that allows you to make changes to the photo using the mouse, pen or finger.

The information panel now appears on the right side of the window and can be accessed directly from the floating menu. It also received WinUI changes. For example, each section has been updated with an icon to make the information easier to read.

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As shown in the screenshot above, you can now easily compare up to four photos in the Photos app.

The new Photos app is still in development and everyone should be able to try out the new experience in the coming weeks. Optimizing your photos before posting them online is an important task for any visual content creator. Along with resizing, rotating, watermarking or color correction, in many cases you also need to crop your photos. Cropping can be a necessary operation for many reasons: to improve the composition of the image, to change the aspect ratio of the image, to remove unwanted elements from the photo or to keep the focus on the main subject. .

Since this is a common type of editing, you’ll find a crop tool available in many photo editing tools. In this article, we have compiled a list of 10 Windows applications that allow you to easily crop photos. You don’t really need an expensive and complicated tool like Photoshop as long as you have light and simple tools at your disposal that can do this task effectively.

How To Crop A Photo In Windows Photo Viewer

Since we’re talking about Windows apps, why not start with the Photos app that comes with Windows 10? Of course, it’s not the most sophisticated tool you can use, but it can still do some basic tasks, including cropping photos.

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To remove unwanted elements from your image, simply open your image in the app, go to Edit (or simply press ctrl+E), then click the Crop and Rotate button. You now have two options for cropping images. If you want to do it manually, just drag the circles located in the corners of the photo until you get the desired result. Another option is to click on Aspect Ratio and select a standard size, such as 16:9 or 4:3. If you don’t want to overwrite your original photo, don’t forget to select “Save a copy”.

Unfortunately, Microsoft Photos doesn’t include a batch processing feature, which means you can only crop your images manually, one at a time.

Is a Windows application if you need to crop multiple photos at once. The tool is specially designed for batch processing and provides users with two options for cropping images: auto crop and crop.

The Auto Crop feature is designed to automatically crop photos to a predefined aspect ratio, such as 1:1, 4:3 or perhaps 16:9. If the predefined options don’t suit your needs, you can always define your own aspect ratio. The Crop feature gives you the ability to manually select the desired crop region by entering the desired coordinates in pixels or percentage or by simply dragging and dropping.

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In addition to cropping images, it helps you further optimize your images by performing other operations, such as converting, resizing or rotating. The application also offers the option of adding a date stamp to images, protecting or branding them with a text watermark or logo, as well as color correction by adjusting brightness, contrast or saturation. A really useful feature of this tool is the fact that you can save your current settings as a Profile and just load them later without having to apply the same settings. arrange.

If you don’t want to install other software on your computer, it’s good to know that there are many online alternatives worth considering. One of these alternatives is Espresso, a free online and mobile version.

The tool is easy to use and allows you to add multiple photos at once, if they all require the same type of changes. You can easily crop your images in two ways: by selecting a crop area by dragging and dropping, or by manually entering the desired dimensions for width, height, nothing, or tall. A preview is available so you can visualize how changes will affect your photo, as well as useful Undo and Redo buttons.

How To Crop A Photo In Windows Photo Viewer

In addition to cropping, Espresso offers other useful features to optimize and enhance your

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