How To Create Web Page In Word

How To Create Web Page In Word – As a writer, it is important that you think about the design and layout of your article, as well as the content, in order to engage readers and give them a great reading experience. Word 2013 has several tools to help you create a compelling article.

Here is the text I wrote for the article “Running Effective Meetings”. I’ll show you how I can use Word’s formatting tools to make an article more attractive.

How To Create Web Page In Word

How To Create Web Page In Word

First, I want to make better use of the paper by reducing the edges. To change the margins of your document, go to the PAGE tab and click the Margins button. Here you can choose from several predefined margin settings. You can also specify exactly how wide you want the edges to be by clicking the Custom button and entering the exact measurements. I’m going to click cancel here and go back to the margin settings. If you have previously installed custom edges, the last used custom settings are available in the menu. In this case, I select the margins as “Narrow” and as you can see, the text now fills most of the page.

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Now I want to change the layout of the text to two columns. I want the title or title and sub-heading to stay in one column, only the body of the article should be placed in two columns. To arrange text in columns, select the text you want to rearrange. To mark large sections of text, place the marker at the beginning of the text and then scroll down, hold down the Shift key on the keyboard, and then mark the end of the text. On the PAGE LAYOUT tab, click Columns. Choose the number of columns you want, here I choose the “Two” column.

The text is now arranged in two columns. If you want to change the column spacing, open the ruler by clicking the View tab, and then select the Ruler check box. To change the width between columns, move the mouse until it turns into a double-headed arrow, now hold down the left mouse button and then move the cursor with the mouse.

Now I want to add some pictures to make the article easier to digest. To add an image to your document, place the cursor where you want to place the image and click the “INSERT” tab. If I want to add an image from the Internet, I click the “Web Images” button. In this case, I want to use a free image from the Microsoft ClipArt library on I type “meeting” into the search text box and select it by highlighting it and hitting enter.

The image is a bit too big, so I click the Crop button and then crop the image to fit. Now I want to change it a bit by adding an artistic effect to the image. To apply an artistic effect to an image, select the image and click Artistic Effects on the PICTURE TOOLS menu. You get a live preview of how different effects will look. The blur effect is great if you want to censor something like a face or a credit card number. The Film Grain effect is good if you want something to look old. Here I choose the “Crisscross Etching” effect, which is quite subtle.

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I will add another picture, this time I want to add a picture from the computer, so click “INSERT”, “Pictures” and select my picture.

When you insert a picture in Word 2013, a placement button appears. Click the “LAYOUT OPTIONS” buttons to see how you can position your image.

Here you can choose whether you want your image to match the text or wrap around the text. The default layout is “Fits text”. I choose to position the image so that the text is wrapped using the ‘Square’ option. If you use this layout often, you can set it as default by right-clicking and selecting “Set as Default”.

How To Create Web Page In Word

You can also choose whether you want the image to be placed relative to the text or the page. I want this image to be in the lower right corner of the page, so I select “Fix position on page” and then close “LAYOUT OPTIONS”. Now I can place the image anywhere on the page. I get a live preview of how the image layout will look. The new alignment guides help me position the images more accurately. In small print it is written which text the image belongs to.

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Even though I say I want the image to be in a specific position on the page, the image is associated with a defined text that should always be on the same page. In this case, the image refers to the paragraph that begins with the words “Good meeting notes.” So to link the image to that text, I just grab the anchor and move it to that paragraph. If I insert page breaks and move paragraphs after the anchor text, the image stays in place because the anchor text is still on the same page. However, if I change the page spacing so that the bound text moves to the next page, the image also moves to the next page with the same fixed position.

Again, I want to apply the same artistic effect to this image, so select the image, click “Art Effects” and select the “Crisscross Etching” effect.

I want to add a signature to this picture. Along with the heading, heading, and section headings, headings are the most readable words in an article, so they should be short and informative. To enter a title, go to the “REFERENCES” tab and click “Enter Title”.

I don’t want the title to be a label, but even if I select Exclude label from title, the title number is displayed, so I leave it selected and remove the label from the textbox. I enter a title and then click OK. Now I delete the title tag from the text box by highlighting it and pressing delete. I mark the picture, right-click and select “Group”. That way, it stays with the image no matter where I move the title.

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To grab the reader’s attention, I add a two-point bubble image that highlights part of the article’s text. To insert a challenge image, click “ADD”, “Shapes” and then select the one you want to insert.

I’m going to select this bubble icon and enter my text into the bubble. I click on the “LAYOUT OPTIONS” button and select a text-wrapped shape that will be placed with a square selection. Now I can put the bubble exactly where I want. I click on “Form Styles” to apply a nice design. I’m not impressed with the color, but I’ll change that later.

I copy it by pressing CTRL C on my keyboard to insert another similar shape and then CTRL V to paste it again. I’ll post another one and change the text. There!

How To Create Web Page In Word

Now I want to change the look and feel of my article. I click on the DESIGN tab and then browse to one of the many themes in Word 2013. A theme is a collection of styles and color combinations. I choose the one called “Parallax”.

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To choose another color combination, I click the “Colors” dropdown button. I choose this green color theme. But I would like to change the tone a little. I click on Colors again and choose Adjust Colors.

I would like to choose a dark green color that matches well with the image in the article so I can change the first accent color to dark green. I will keep the custom color combination and call it “dark green”.

Now I want to make some changes to the title. I highlight the title and change the font to “Adobe Hebrew”, increasing the font size so that the title covers the entire width of the page. Finally, I change the color by selecting “Dark Green” in the applied color theme. I update the header style by right clicking and selecting “Update header to match selection”.

Now I want to highlight the beginning of the text by capitalizing the first letter and putting a letter called Drop Cap. To add a cap, place the cursor on the word you want to add a cap to, press “INSERT” and then “Drop Cap”. Here you get a live preview so you can choose which layout option you prefer. I choose where the letter falls in the text.

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To make it stand out even more, I’ll highlight the Drop Cap and change the font to “Adobe Hebrew”. I also change the color and choose dark green as the color theme. There, the beginning of the article now stands out more.


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