How To Create Fan Page On Facebook For Business

How To Create Fan Page On Facebook For Business – This is one of my oldest posts but has been updated as of June 29, 2021 to match the current Facebook steps for creating a Page. Hope that helps!

Creating a Facebook fan page for your blog can be frustrating, especially if you’re trying to separate your real identity from your blogging identity. However, it doesn’t have to be complicated – once you see how easy it is, you’ll be ready to be social!

How To Create Fan Page On Facebook For Business

How To Create Fan Page On Facebook For Business

First, let me tell you that it’s a good idea to log into your personal Facebook account when you create your fan page. When I created my first one, I was worried that my last name, personal profile, or other information would be associated with it. However, after installing and testing it from my son’s profile, I learned that I was worried about something. If you set it up with a different email address it will be much harder to manage because of all the logging in and out.

How To Create A Facebook Business Page

Second, while some people want to create a simple Facebook profile with their blog name, it is better to create a fan page. This way, your audience can “like” your blog without adding you as a friend, and page features will be easier.

1. Go to to get started. You’ll see a screen like this (maybe lighter if you’re not using dark mode):

2. Enter the name of your desired page, select a category and add a description on the left side of the screen:

Categories are constantly changing on Facebook, so it’s hard to tell you which option to choose. I chose an entertainment website for this example, but you may need a different option depending on the type of website or blog you have.

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4. You will then be prompted to upload a profile photo and/or cover photo. If you have a logo, this is a good time to upload it. If you don’t, skip this step – you can always add photos later.

5. Reject WhatsApp Modal? The next thing I found was a mod to connect to WhatsApp, which should be new. I just clicked the X in the top right corner to get rid of it, but if you’re a WhatsApp fan, feel free to keep in touch!

6. Finish setting up your page. From here, your page is set up! You will find some tips to add more information, invite friends to like your page, etc.

How To Create Fan Page On Facebook For Business

7. Don’t forget to set @Username! Under the header of your page you will find a link to create a username. This is the URL of your page

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8. You’re done! There are a few other things you’ll need to do, like mention your Facebook fan page on your blog with a link or button so people can “like” it, but other than that, your fan page is set up and ready to go. for publication. Facebook has become one of the most popular and loved social networks in the world. It is a place to connect and network not only for the youth but also for the old fools. It has also become another way for businesses and organizations to connect, network and promote their organization. The main way to communicate on Facebook is definitely by creating an interesting profile or even a group that is a bit more professional than just a profile. However, if you really want to engage and promote your business or organization, then creating a Facebook fan page is the best way to do it.

A raw fan page includes a wallpaper, feed, photos, videos and a list of fans. It can be a bit difficult to find where to start a fan page on Facebook, so you need to go to the main page to create a fan page. Along with creating a fan page, it is important to give it some personality to look good. Facebook allows you to upload a logo or image for your fan page, but that’s not enough. Add some sparkle to your page. Place a clear graphic link to your website or an attractive banner next to the page promoting a contest.

Doing something like this gives fans and potential fans a reason to not only visit your fan page in general, but also visit your company website or blog. When you start a fan page, you are given the basics to make it look like a decent profile page. Even if this is enough, if you really want to attract an audience that is not just your circle of friends, you will want to make some updates to your page.

The two most important features for attracting new fans are to make your fan page interactive and graphically appealing.

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Making it interactive can easily be done with the Facebook app directory, which has a wide range of apps that can be added to your page with a few clicks. If you have the resources or experience, developing a Facebook app is not too difficult.

The advantage of this is that you can put your brand on the app and customize it the way you want. I’ve seen people develop a Facebook app in just a few days. Placing interactive apps on your page gives users a reason to not only become viewers, but to continue visiting and interacting with it.

Try creating a Facebook fan page; it costs nothing and you can benefit yourself or your business. Keep your page fresh and new so your audience has a reason to keep coming back.

How To Create Fan Page On Facebook For Business

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I Will Create A Professional Facebook Business Or Fan Page For Online Marketing

Most welcome pages still exist primarily to serve this purpose, but larger companies are beginning to engage in more creative uses of the permanent welcome page.

You can have an inexpensive web designer or developer get more out of your welcome page by visiting

Here are 20 of the best designed Facebook fan and welcome pages in terms of how well they convert and how creatively they promote your brand.

I opened the Bob Marley welcome page because it doesn’t ask you to “like” Bob Marley. He asks you to join the movement that Bob Marley dedicated his career to promote “One Love”.

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Coca-Cola’s fan page highlights the “Like” button with a simple 5-word call to action. This is in line with their latest YouTube campaign “The Mystery Is Out” and they creatively include images of the audience as well.

What better way to promote a board game than to show YouTube videos of real people playing the game and clearly having fun? This is not Cranium’s welcome page, but a creative use of pages to promote the fun nature of your brand.

Eminem has the second most liked page on Facebook (after, you guessed it, Facebook). It highlights his latest music videos, but you have to ‘like’ the page before you can play them.

How To Create Fan Page On Facebook For Business

If you’re reading, you probably know Gary. But most people don’t. So the first question his Facebook page answers is “Who is Gary Vaynerchuk?” It’s a creative way to tell Gary’s story and also make you think, “This guy deserves to be admired.”

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Brian Moran’s Get 10,000 Fans is one of the most interesting Facebook case studies in the world. His welcome page is simple, very effective and you feel like this is the tip of the iceberg in terms of how much you can learn from him and his page.

The Jones Soda welcome page is simple, well designed and captures the essence of the brand they have built over 24 years.

Kit Kat is one of the few brands that creatively highlights “Fan of the Month” in their profile picture. They have also integrated a Facebook comment plugin into their fan page to grab their visitors when they scroll to the bottom of the page.

Most fan pages use arrows that point to the Like button. However, Liverpool FC used one of their players to display the button.

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McDonald’s is using its welcome page to promote its annual McDonald’s Monopoly game, trying to get you to play online too.

With 344,000+ fans, MysteryGutiarMan is one of the most popular non-anonymous in the world. Partly because of how simple its welcome page is. Notice that he has added another “Like” button at the bottom.

The Nutella fan page is my favorite. The product looks great, the arrow points directly to the “Like” button, and “Join our world” makes me want to learn more about their world.

How To Create Fan Page On Facebook For Business

Porsche’s Facebook page is simple at first glance, but they include clear pictures below, as if “when I click ‘Like’, I’ll see what these pictures are about.”

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Pringles has one of the oldest Facebook welcome pages on this list. All the sparkle excites her.

In terms of design, I think the Skittles Facebook page takes the cake. Like a Kit Kat Fan

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