How To Create Facebook Landing Page For Business

How To Create Facebook Landing Page For Business – How many times have you interacted with a Facebook ad and gone down a rabbit hole? If you’re like me, your answer is probably dozens. I could click on an ice cream ad and five minutes later I was watching a YouTube video about homemade ice cream. But, once in a while I come across an ad that’s perfect – it grabs my attention quickly and tells me everything I need to when I land on the landing page. This morning, for example, I checked my timeline. I came across this ad while scrolling and since I saw my favorite colors there, I had to click on the image. The landing page was not busy. In fact, the simplicity caught my attention. The page was just text, images and a CTA. I noticed that the ad and landing page were focused on one product. It was effective because its only purpose was to get me to fill out the free trial offer, which is exactly what I did. After all, I wanted to track my personal Instagram posts. As far as Facebook landing pages go, this one was great. Have you created a landing page specifically for Facebook advertising? If you think creating another landing page just for social media is a burden you want to avoid, don’t worry. In most cases, you won’t need to make more than a few minor adjustments to what you already have. If you’re ready to dive into what makes Facebook landing pages essential for advertising, read on and let’s get started. A landing page is the web page that visitors “land” to when they interact with an ad or offer. The goal of a landing page is to drive action by offering something of value in exchange for information about the prospect. They will usually have a form to download a free ebook, get a demo, get a template, or something similar. Image Source Good landing pages like the one above showcase the company and include at least one CTA. Facebook landing pages serve the same purpose. Facebook landing pages refer to those linked to Facebook ads. They still aim to drive your audience to action, but are optimized for use on Facebook. Just as there are best practices for creating landing pages for your website, there are some for those related to Facebook advertising. They are related to your advertising goals and optimizing content for your audience. They shouldn’t be too different from your website’s landing pages, in fact they should reflect your brand. You just have to search for different things – so instead of traffic being the main priority, it might be the number of posts or comments. If, like me, you benefit from visual examples, don’t worry, we’ll cover best practices as well. So, let’s take a look at how to create a landing page that will be a great experience for your Facebook audience. There are no tools for creating landing pages for Facebook, but you can insert them into your ads using Ad Manager to increase leads and conversions. Even without this feature, the website has general guidelines on how to make your pages visible to your audience. Facebook offers to make the page easy to navigate. To avoid confusion, the content must be clear and relevant to the accompanying advertisement. And finally, match the page with your website’s overall branding. It’s pretty simple, isn’t it? Download a comprehensive and branded page. But it’s a bit more than that – let’s take a deeper look at creating Facebook landing pages. How to Create a Facebook Landing Page Choose a Template. Brand your content. Make the CTA the star of the page. Review and test your page. Upload to Ads Manager. For example, let’s say I’m creating a Facebook landing page for an ebook offer. The e-book is directly related to the services provided by my fictional PR company, Off The Press Release. This offer and advertising is designed to increase conversions. 1. Choose a template. I’m not a web designer and decided to use a landing page builder to create mine and it turned out great. I chose to use Wix for this design, but you can use any software with web page tools like HubSpot or Mailchimp. Image Source When choosing my template, I wanted to choose one that would fit my proposal. I decided on one with a simple shape and text so that I wouldn’t have to do much editing and the static design wouldn’t disturb the Facebook audience. A simple conversion notification template is ideal. Landing pages should have a simple design so they don’t distract viewers from interacting with the content they want. In this case, an e-book offer. 2. Brand the content. After choosing a template, I changed the design to match my brand. First, I added new colors: pink and navy blue to match my company. Then I changed the text to make it look more conversational and to fit my proposal. I wanted to link my copy to my Facebook audience. Also, I chose attractive colors that weren’t too bright or harsh. Consider what logo, image and copy will best convey your message to your Facebook audience. If you find that your audience responds very well to cool tones, use darker versions of your company colors for assets like landing pages. If you’re stuck coming up with copy that will appeal to your customers, or need branding advice from the experts, we’ve got you covered. 3. Make the CTA the star of the page. The goal of this ad was to get as many downloads as possible. To do this, I used a design to make the CTA the star by placing it prominently on the page. This will make it easier for viewers to complete the action. The actions you want Facebook users to take on your landing page should be clear. All copy should show a clear CTA. It is useful to make a button of a different color. I chose grey, for example, because it was a color I hadn’t used before. Or, let’s say you work for a retail company. If the goal of the ad is to increase sales, the landing page could offer a percentage discount in exchange for email subscriptions. Everything you provide to the consumer should be front and center with a button to get to it. 4. Review and test your page. When you’re happy with your page, preview it. Looking at it from the observer’s point of view, the mistakes are accepted. In addition, you can make last-minute changes to best fit different types of screens. If you have time, test your page. One of Facebook’s paid advertising managers, Nicole Ondracek, believes that testing landing pages is essential. “The test is very useful because we have the most specific data on how to make our pages better for Facebook,” she says. Check if your software has testing features. I don’t, but HubSpot CRM and Facebook have testing tools that can provide useful data like conversions and click-through rates. I could A/B test the landing page using HubSpot software and then test the ad with the winning A/B test page. 5. Upload it to Ads Manager. When you’re happy with your landing page ad, save it and go to Ads Manager. From here, the process is pretty intuitive, especially if you’ve created ads before. After choosing the type of ad, all you have to do is fill in several fields. The Body Text, Title and Description fields will be visible to viewers, so fill them in accordingly. For example, the body text of my ad introduces my company, the offer, and what’s inside. Headings emphasize the content of the proposal, while descriptions provide more detail. All fields except the body text are optional, so you don’t need to make your ad as verbose as I did. Add enough text to convey what you’re promoting and the tone of your company. Once you’ve filled in these fields, and selected your target audience, your ad is ready to run. Click “Publish!” finalize details such as budget and duration. And if you need a complete guide on setting up Facebook ads, this post will be of great help. So now you know how to create a landing page for Facebook ads. Now it’s time to think about how and why you should optimize these landing pages for your audience. Facebook Landing Page Best Practices Consider your audience’s intent. What landing page will get them interested in your offer? These design and optimization tips are a handy bookmark to ensure your content meets your customers’ preferences. 1. Give the page its own URL. If you’re using an existing landing page, you can too

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