How To Create A Sponsored Post On Facebook

How To Create A Sponsored Post On Facebook – One of the most common questions I hear when working with clients on Facebook is “Should I boost this?” Specifically, should they promote the Facebook post they just created. My reaction is different every time I hear this because I know the client’s intentions are good, but sometimes it’s hard to explain why I’m not encouraging them. So let’s put it in writing.

In today’s marketing world, Facebook ads are the best way to spend your money. As long as that dollar is spent wisely!

How To Create A Sponsored Post On Facebook

How To Create A Sponsored Post On Facebook

There are 2 main ways to create a Facebook ad. Boosted posts and sponsored content through Ads Manager.

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BOOSTING POSTS is what people are most familiar with because every post you create on your business page will have an option to boost a post.

Boosted posts are easier and much less intimidating for people who aren’t extremely familiar with Facebook ads, like small business owners or employees. You can select a post that’s already on your page, choose your target audience, enter your total budget and how long you want it to appear, and you’re done. Let the reactions and engagement begin!

Boosting a post is great for building brand awareness and can be valuable social proof. Also, if you have a link in your post, you can encourage people to visit your website. But again, this post MUST have a link.

An example of the type of records I would like to increase are message records. Whether it’s a big company announcement like winning an award, expanding, a new hire, or a big upcoming event, these types of posts are great for your existing fans and the people close to them, and it pays off.

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You can be much more creative in controlling how your sponsored content looks in any way possible. The 20% text rule still exists (only 20% of the image can be text), but you can include a title (larger copy directly below the image), a channel link description (smaller copy directly below the title), and optional screenshot link that appears in the lower left corner. There’s also a large selection of call-to-action buttons, including Watch More for videos, Shop Now for emails, and more. trade and Donate now to non-profit organizations.

Another advantage of using Ads Manager to create Facebook sponsored content is the large number of possible targets. You can optimize your campaign for exactly what you’re looking for. Awareness, Consideration and Implementation are the 3 main sections and each section has multiple campaign goals to choose from. Obviously, each piece of sponsored content can only have one goal, but there are many options, including brand awareness, reach, traffic, app installs, video views, lead generation, engagement, page trust, event responses, notifications, conversions, catalog sales. and store visits.

Another important benefit worth mentioning is the ability to target exactly what you’re looking for. Boosting a post allows you to target a specific audience, but not as much as you can with Ads Manager. In addition to targeting a custom audience you’ve created, you can also overlay that audience with another detail. For example, let’s say I built an audience of visitors to my website in the last 60 days, then I wanted to narrow that audience down to those website visitors who live in Wisconsin. And that’s just the beginning!

How To Create A Sponsored Post On Facebook

Some additional highlights of Ads Manager are that you can choose what you want to pay for (clicks, impressions, etc.) and where you want to see your sponsored content (mobile, iOS only, desktop, right column, Facebook ” on the market , Instagram channel) or Stories, Messenger, etc.)

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You can also break down your sponsored content to make it easier to understand where your money is being spent. (I will talk about this in my next blog)

No matter which way you decide to go with posting ads or using an ad manager, it’s a win-win. Facebook gives you the platform to best target your audience at a relatively low cost… at least for now. So advertise!

We are a Madison, Wisconsin-based boutique social media and digital marketing firm that uses proven tactics to achieve our clients’ goals and objectives. We specialize in social media advertising, creating dynamic content using video and increasing reach and exposure.

We believe that brands thrive by telling their story and creating meaningful connections with their audience. We help you develop a social media strategy and tactics that are backed by in-depth research, analysis and past experience with our clients. If you read our blog, you’re almost certainly familiar with Facebook ads and their value. You choose an audience, a goal, set a bid, create an ad and wait for conversions to begin.

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Facebook ads have huge potential to generate incredible profits and are used to help small and large businesses grow, build their reputation and sell more.

And if they do, there are misconceptions about what the two platforms do and what they should be used for.

We want to find out, so in this post we’ll take a look at Facebook Sponsored Posts, how they differ from your traditional Facebook ads, and when (if at all) you should be using each.

How To Create A Sponsored Post On Facebook

This option allows you to promote a post that is already on your page without creating an ad using the actual ad system.

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You’ll set a budget, how much you’ll pay for advertising, a time frame, and general audience targeting criteria. It all happens in one little pop-up screen and that’s it, that’s it.

In Facebook sponsored posts, your ad will appear in the News Feed and will look similar to the one you created in Ads Manager.

Bost’s publishing option was actually created to offer a simpler, less flashy option to participate in Facebook ads for those intimidated by the system.

It’s often used by small businesses just trying to increase their reach, but there are many other great use cases.

A Quick Guide To Social Media Advertising

We’ve covered what sponsored posts are, but do you know the difference between sponsored posts and Facebook ads?

The benefits of sponsored posts are pretty clear: they’re easy to use, easy to create, and give you tons of great social proof, even if you don’t have experience with Facebook ads.

When your organic post is promoted through the ad system, any social proof you currently have is also promoted. All of these buttons, comments, and shares are visible and help your ad make a good impression right from the start.

How To Create A Sponsored Post On Facebook

Here, audience targeting is more limited, as are bidding and placement options. You cannot use retargeting, set bid limits or bid strategies. Your posts will only appear in news feeds.

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Facebook Sponsored Posts are a good option when you want to use the social proof you already have in your organic post to get better results right away. As an added bonus, all the social proof you get from paying to promote your ad will also appear in your original organic posts. This is a pretty cool perk and is an effective and reliable way to build a lot of social proof that will serve you well for a long time.

Sponsored posts are also a good option if you only need to publish one post for a fairly large audience or your current audience. If you do not do it

While “sponsored posts” technically fall under the PPC category of Facebook ads, actual Facebook ads are created using an ad manager or third-party tools like .

You choose an official goal, from options like “engagement” to “conversions,” giving you more flexibility in what you want to achieve with your ads.

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Sponsored posts are only really valuable in most cases for brand awareness and engagement, although they can drive traffic to your site; Real Facebook ads offer much more options and are better optimized for other actions.

With traditional Facebook ads, you can also use more advanced targeting options, including creating custom audiences to show your content to users who have some connection to your brand.

You can also set day-splitting, where ads only appear at certain times of the day.

How To Create A Sponsored Post On Facebook

Facebook ads also offer more creative flexibility; There are several ad formats available, including carousel ads and canvas ads. You can add call-to-action buttons to your post to encourage specific actions and drive users to more off-site locations for better results.

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Select “engagement” as your goal, then select “engagement post” and you can select existing posts to promote on Facebook.

For most businesses and most ads, you’ll benefit from Facebook ads instead of sponsored posts.

The listings will take a little longer to create, but your control over all aspects of creating your ad is incredible.

It goes without saying that if you want to optimize traffic or conversions, not just engagement, you definitely want to choose an ad system.

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