How To Clean My Computer To Make It Run Faster

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Dust, coffee stains; Oils from your fingers; food particles; Plain Old Dirt: If your laptop is showing these things, it’s time to clean and disinfect. Basic cleaning supplies and 15 minutes will make your laptop look brand new again. This guide has its own screen, external surface keyboard; holes, We go through all aspects of laptop cleaning, including how to deal with holes and vents. It shows you the do’s and don’ts, as well as shares some helpful tips for keeping your laptop clean at all times, not just when it gets badly damaged.

How To Clean My Computer To Make It Run Faster

How To Clean My Computer To Make It Run Faster

Most of the cleaning products you need are already in your home. First, suitable cleaning cloths. Instead of cotton or paper towels, which can leave behind dust (some brands are better than others); Use microfiber. Large e-commerce sellers like Amazon or grocers; They are easy to find at auto and dollar stores. The cheapest microfiber will work perfectly.

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Next, invest in a can of compressed air, which you can find online and at grocery and hardware stores. It’s also very effective at removing debris from hard-to-reach places—a major caveat that we’ll get to in a moment. You should also buy a plastic bottle of toothpaste with small bristles, like small bottles. These are hairs, hairs from their hiding places. (Leftovers are great for teeth.)

For cleaning solutions, only tap water or distilled water can be used for everything. But water alone can clean grease and other things without germs. Dishwashing liquid (first a strong mixture, then 50/50 water) and vinegar are good for any surface. Also, isopropyl alcohol and hydrogen peroxide are effective for disinfecting keyboards. Alcohol has an advantage because it dries quickly.

Be sure to avoid products based on ammonia and bleach. They are too rough for many surfaces, especially the surface. For the laptop frame, Electronics stores sell special surface cleaners (usually in the form of a pump spray) if you prefer a specialized product. (One such example is CleanScreen (opens in new window).) When in doubt, stick to skin-safe products.

Let’s go Completely turn off the laptop and unplug it before cleaning. It may seem obvious to do this, but you’ll accidentally press a lot of keys on your keyboard while cleaning. You don’t want to delete desktop shortcuts due to accidental touches or keystrokes on an important document.

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If you work with cleaner or compressed air; Work in a well-ventilated area. Use a hard, flat surface, such as a desk or table, for your space. Place a clean towel (preferably microfiber) on top of the laptop to protect the cushion and any scratches when you flip the cover over.

Finally, wash and dry your hands before starting and finishing. If you use other cleaning products besides water and have sensitive skin. Consider wearing latex or plastic gloves.

Your laptop will stay still while you clean it, but you’ll have to manipulate it in unnatural ways throughout the process to get every surface. Improper handling may cause damage or cracking. Even if you don’t clean your notebook, follow the tips below.

How To Clean My Computer To Make It Run Faster

The basic rule for handling a laptop is to put as little pressure on its surfaces as possible. By following this principle, one of the most common causes of laptop failure can be avoided: cracked printed circuit boards; Or at least helps avoid breaking the solder tracks on the board. This usually does not happen because the laptop has been dropped, but because the body has been bent or pressed too hard.

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Support the sides of the laptop with both hands, especially when holding the keyboard. This distributes the pressure from the fingertips more evenly, which puts less strain on the body. Avoid lifting the laptop by one of its corners as this concentrates strong pressure in one area.

Lifting the notebook by any part of its cover is something else. Close the lid before moving it to reduce its footprint. A closed notebook is less likely to be damaged if dropped.

Another rule that is often overlooked. A non-current environment. Keep liquids out of reach of laptop spills. This is especially important if you have pets or children who will surprise you at special moments. Accidents happen all the time.

Remember, you won’t be holding the notebook while cleaning. Not only is it hard, but it’s a “don’t do it!” The above guidelines.

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Particles, dust and hair can be found everywhere in your laptop: under the keys on the keyboard; screen edges (within the frame) and touchpad buttons; It can be placed anywhere below the physical vents and cooling vents. It makes sense to clean up that junk before you do anything else. You don’t want to clean a larger area only to have the dirt spread from the edges after a while.

Start with canned air. Follow the instructions and warnings on the packaging. If a straw is included, insert it into the nozzle to direct the air stream. Extend the can with both hands in short bursts of less than one second. Very important: keep a small distance between the nozzle and the target air inlet and close only as much as necessary to remove the material. Condensation by hitting the target with the nozzle or tearing off the can after placing it in the port; Can cause dangerous side effects of canned air. Your

In the USB port; You don’t want moisture on the contacts under the keyboard keys or on the inside of the case with seams. err on the side of safety;

How To Clean My Computer To Make It Run Faster

Ventilate the can anywhere but upright to prevent evaporation. If the can gets too cold, let it sit for a few minutes before continuing. One area that needs fixing is the exhaust vents, where particles build up in the fans and heat spreaders. Be prepared for a few dust explosions if you blow canned goods into the vents. Don’t breathe.

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For cleaning the keyboard; Start from the bottom row and work your way up. Each key should return two consecutive results. You may need to access it from different angles, such as the keyboard from the side, to get to everything. Some breadcrumbs are very stubborn.

Canned air isn’t much clearer at the end. If a little biting doesn’t work, try brushing your teeth. Focus on gently relaxing the splinters with the splinters. Once loaded, the gun can be inflated using canned air if necessary. Important point: Like air in a can; Don’t overdo it. Forced beating of cleaners in places; Or don’t go under the keyboard keys.

A gentle rub around the edge should do most of the work. If pet hair is a factor for you; By guiding the hair brushes along the edges of the strands, you can pull the hairs out.

A sensitive keyboard is an obvious candidate for a thorough cleaning. dirt from fingertips; dirt, Many fats and organic substances live here. Use microfiber for that.

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The (probably) wrong way to clean a keyboard is to wipe it with a microfiber (or whatever) cloth directly over it. Depending on the design of the keyboard, the towel can catch on the edges of the keys and clean them. (Oops – not the cleanliness you’re looking for!) Instead, spend a few seconds on each key.

Moisten a quarter of the surface of the microfiber with your favorite cleaning agent, and we emphasize “gentle.” (For disinfecting power, use vinegar, isopropyl alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide.) If the towel oozes liquid when you squeeze it. You have used too much. You don’t want any chance of particles getting inside.

Gently touch the wet part with the wrench. Press enough to press the button; Then use your finger to slowly move the microfibers in a circular motion.

How To Clean My Computer To Make It Run Faster

When cleaning, watch out for microfibers. How the piece you’re using gets dirty (don’t be embarrassed if it happens; cleaning is a good thing); Moisten the other part and continue. If the keyboard is the “island” style shown here, clean between the keys.

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The next step is to clean the external surfaces of the laptop. Soak most of the microfiber in the cleaning product (again, not until it’s completely wet). Get away from the keyboard; Start with the palm rest and touchpad; Then move on to the screen frame or side panels. (You’ll clean the screen yourself in the next section.) Next, turn off the laptop and work on the lid and underside.

Circular movements are effective, as are the keys on the keyboard. Do not rub it too hard. But use only as much pressure as is necessary to press a key on the keyboard.

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