How to Clean a Coach Purse or Bag?

Cleaning Coach Bags

So you got a brand new Coach and you are wondering how to clean a Coach purse or bag?

After some time, you’ll probably notice regular use of this bag will slowly raise the need for cleaning it. Some people might say this is a complicated and challenging process and that, if you wash it, it will probably never be the same again. But don’t worry! It’s not that hard, and there are some unique products and tips you can apply so you can do it safely without ruining your precious bag.

The following tips correspond to the kind of material your bag is made of because they are differences in both products and processes. That said, let’s start with…


The best way to clean a fabric bag is with the official Coach fabric cleaner. Apply the cleaner in low quantities in localized areas of your bag using a piece of cloth and rub using circular motions. Repeat as needed in different areas of the bag. Once you finish, use another cloth to dry and wipe the excess of cleaner and then let the bag dry completely before using it again.

Don’t want to use the official cleaner? You can do the job using a sponge with soapy water (and a drop of dish detergent if your bag has a grease stain). Carefully dab, but don’t scrub so you don’t ruin the bag’s textures. Use a damp cloth to wash and a dry cloth to wipe any excess, then let it dry for a while.


How to Clean a Coach Purse or BagThere’s also Coach leather cleaner you can get directly from them. Use and apply it the same way we explained in the last section. But there’s an extra step here.

Leather needs to maintain a little moisture to keep its texture and looks. That’s why you also need to apply some Coach moisturizer to restore the bag’s luster and shine after cleaning it. Just rub the moisturizer using a dry cloth and remove excess with another one.

Don’t want to use the official products? Use a damp cloth to clean your leather bag. Don’t use soap or detergent this time. Just water and small circular motions will do the trick. If you see a dirty spot that needs more attention, use your finger or a q-tip to remove it. Please resist the urge to soak the bag or rub it after this process is complete use a dry cloth to remove any excess water and let it air dry for at least one hour.


Suede is a little trickier, but still possible to do it yourself. Again, there’s an official cleaner for this material you can get directly from Coach. It comes as a bar you need to rub into the stained area of your bag gently. Use a brush to remove any excess of this material and let the bag rest for a bit. It will be as good as new!

Don’t want or have the official cleaning solution? There are unique “suede erasers” in the market you can use, but you can also get a little creative and use vinegar in small portions using a cloth to apply and another one to wipe the excess. Use a brush to finish this process. Be gentle!

How to Clean a Coach Purse or Bag should be easy

We’ve given you alternatives, but we also strongly suggest the use of the official Coach cleaning products since they work great but also keep your warranty intact should you need to make use of it sometimes. Using non-official or homemade solutions may be a problem if you need to return the bag because of a factory defect or a similar issue.

If you follow these directions, the answer to How to Clean a Coach Purse or Bag should be easy – You can also contact Coach, they are always great at helping!