How to choose the perfect Coach Bag for your friend or lover

Coach Bag, how to choose

Is your loved one or your best friend just crazy about bags? Are you going to gift him or her with the coach bag of their dreams? It may sound like an easy task at first, but a correct choice will save you a lot of headaches and a really uncomfortable moment. We’re here to help you achieve just that today: choose the perfect bag for someone else.

Here’s what you need to take in consideration so you can make a great choice:

How much do you really know him/her?

Coach Bag circleYou can really love this person but not really know their taste when it comes to bags. Don’t worry too much! If you’re confident about they liking animal print, go on and look for something you know they’ll love.

If you’re unsure, however, there are a few tricks you can use to play it safe: if you’re not sure about the color, go with neutral ones you find attractive: black, grey, and blue go with almost everything in everyone’s closet.

When it comes to real vs. synthetic leather you can get an idea from their current Coach bag of choice. But go for genuine leather choices if there’s the opportunity.

Not sure about the size? Think about what you’d feel comfortable with. Try to remember if he/she uses this kind of bag for school, for example. Or if this is something they’d only use on special occasions. These hints will help you choose better.

Stay away from replicas as for example 2020 coach IP holdings LLC own the design are registered trademarks and they have brand protection even for their coach signature C design, the coach horse carriage design are registered, and even the famous tag design coach horse are registered trademarks of Coach!

Does he/she have a favorite brand like a Coach bag?

If so, go for it and choose from their catalog. If not, think they may dislike a particular brand, too, so be careful. If you can’t get this info, then we suggest you go for the one you know they’ll love by its design and try to get one with a small, discrete logo, just in case. Bags can be flashy and turn a lot of heads, and this is great if you’re sure this is what they like. Otherwise, stick with a more sober choice, just in case.

Mind the details, accessories, and unique features.

Things like golden details, different kinds of adjustable or removable handles, or even color combinations can be the defining feature of a Coach bag, and a particular reason for your success or failure choosing a bag. There are also unique features on each bag, giving personality and a sense of uniqueness to each one of them. But be mindful of the look that particular person has each day, and think how would they look with this bag complementing it. It’s not always easy, but as they say, it’s the little details that matter most.

Still lost? Here’s a thumb rule to go with…

Choose a bag you like, but also choose the Coach bag you know you’d love to see in this special person’s hands. Like the one below:

Even if you don’t know everything about him or her, there are things you do know. Use this knowledge to your advantage. And if you feel insecure then get more people involved, it could be a store clerk who’s trained for this kind of situation, some common friends or even family! Get a top 3 and make a vote. This special person will surely appreciate all the effort you put into getting the perfect bag for him or her.

Also, don’t forget we’re all humans and can make a mistake. So if you chose the wrong Coach Bag, there will always be a next time! In the meantime, you can find out more about Coach on Instagram.

Do you have any other tips you could share with us about choosing the perfect bag for someone else? We’d love to know if you’ve been in this situation before as well!