How To Change Voice On Google Maps

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How To Change Voice On Google Maps

How To Change Voice On Google Maps

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How To Change Google Maps Navigation Language

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If you’re a little tired of the Google Maps voice and want to change things up, or if you need to hear instructions in a different language, you’re in luck: it’s easy to change the Google Maps voice on your iPhone or Android is .

For example, you can choose an English (as in the UK) accent instead of an American one — while these aren’t separate languages, they’re both in-app options.

But it’s not the most intuitive process to accomplish, and if you don’t know the right channels, you might spend some time fiddling around in your app settings before you figure it out.

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To help you avoid this, here’s what you need to know to change the Google Maps voice sound on your phone.

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IPhone and Android users will be able to take advantage of the language change feature present in Google Maps. But there are differences in the steps you must take to do so.

How To Change Voice On Google Maps

If you have Android, you may also be able to change the voice through your phone settings.

How To Customize Navigation Volume In Apple And Google Maps

To do this, select “Language and input” and then “Text-to-speech output”. Then, under “Preferred Engine”, make a selection that works best for you.

Note that this will change the language of your entire phone, possibly including all other apps.

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How To Rotate Google Maps For Better Navigation

I set my iPhone language to English in settings, but I live in a non-English speaking country. As such, when using turn-by-turn navigation, street names are pronounced as if they were English words, and are barely recognizable.

Is there a way to make the Google Maps navigation feature speak my language without changing the system-wide language settings?

As of iOS 13, you can now change the default language of any application, and the same is possible for Google Maps, by going to

How To Change Voice On Google Maps

(just below that screen). You should be able to choose one of the multiple languages ​​you have installed on the iPhone (by default, of course, Google Maps will use the iPhone’s “default” language).

How Can I Change The Voice In Maps As I Currwntñy Disñike The One Its Provided It?

If you don’t see any other languages ​​there (besides ‘Standard’, as the iPhone is showing everywhere), you can add more languages ​​by going here

Of course, it doesn’t take long to change, and it might be worth changing it before using it in turn for a long trip.

It would be a good idea to request that feature from Google by opening the Google Maps app and tapping the person icon in the upper right corner. Then tap “Send Feedback” and write a request to Google.

Now you can set the voice search language in the app. To the right of the search box is a microphone icon that you can tap to specify the location by default. While this doesn’t apply to your question, it might be a useful first step.

Navigation Features In Maps On Iphone®

I changed the language settings of the phone and this is the easiest solution, and it will help you improve your Spanish, or you can try a different GPS app

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How To Change Voice On Google Maps

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