How To Apply Student Visa In Australia

How To Apply Student Visa In Australia – When it comes to studying abroad, international students in Australia have many options due to international qualifications and some of the best universities in the world. Australia’s education system is internationally renowned among employers, and it’s no wonder that many students prefer this destination because of its excellent educational environment.

Preparing to study in Australia also means preparing for your student visa. The Australian student visa requirements are quite simple to follow for an international student. However, to make the visa application process more accessible, this article will help guide you through the difficult changes as well.

How To Apply Student Visa In Australia

How To Apply Student Visa In Australia

Before you apply for an Australian student visa, you need to know the conditions and benefits of holding a student visa or a Subclass 500 visa. Regardless of your field of study, you must apply for a Subclass 500 visa as a prerequisite to entering Australia as an international student.

Australia Student Visa (subclass 500): Latest Updates

It is necessary to prepare all the necessary documents before proceeding with the visa application. One of the most important parts of the Australian student visa requirements is planning and obtaining the documents required to maintain validity within a recent time frame.

All documents must be scanned in PDF format for online applications, and the maximum file size must be 5MB.

Birth certificate: The student must provide their birth certificate, either attested or notarized. It is the same with any reliable dating with the student as well. You must remember that the certificate must be translated into English if it is a non-English document.

Educational certificates and transcripts: All educational certificates and transcripts up to the final academic level must be provided. All documents are to be arranged in chronological order and scanned into a PDF document. A recent certificate and transcript must be uploaded.

Student Visa Requirements For Study In Australia [checklist]

IELTS Certificate: Proof of English language proficiency is required to apply for an Australian student visa. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is to provide good certification. Please ensure that the certificate has at least six months of validity when applying for a student visa.

Work Experience Document: Proof of work or a work experience certificate must be provided if students have full-time or part-time work experience. Internships are also considered work experience; therefore, the certificate must be submitted.

Proof of Enrollment (CoE): The CoE is proof of your enrollment at the university and is an important document. You cannot apply for a student visa if you do not have a CoE in hand. This document is issued by the education provider as proof that you are enrolled on a particular course within that institution.

How To Apply Student Visa In Australia

You will be accepted electronically once you have received the written offer letter and paid the required tuition fees to the university or education provider.

Australia Study Visa: Everything You Need To Know

Statement of Authenticity (GTE): The GTE statement is also known as an integrity check that all international students must provide when applying for a student visa. This is one of the requirements for Australian Student Visas, which will show that you are going to Australia for a temporary purpose, but to study.

The information must be in English and should be supported by evidence. The Australian Government will not rate generic statements with unsupported evidence.

Statement of Purpose (SOP): The SOP is an important part of the GTE information for applying for an Australian Student Visa. GTE is an extended version of SOP. However, in the SOP, highlight your education, career opportunities, and why you chose Australia as your study destination.

This information must be in good English and must be supported by evidence. For example, if you mention any research gap, a document must be submitted to prove your research gap.

What To Do If Your Australian Visa Application Gets Rejected

Photo Passport Size: A color photograph should be provided measuring 35mm to 45mm in width and 45mm to 5mm in length. The photo must be recent and no older than six months. To apply online, the image must be in JPEG format.

Scholarship Offer Letter: Any scholarship offer letter, whether from the university or any other institution, must be submitted. Proof of any Scholarship award must also be provided.

Passport: Scanned copy of all passport pages required to be submitted. Any previously expired passport must also be submitted. If your passport is a non-English document, it must be translated into English.

How To Apply Student Visa In Australia

National ID card: Any ID card issued by the local government can be provided. However, this is not necessary. But if you have any national identity card, you can leave it to be safe.

How To Apply To Study In Australia

Police Clearance Certificate: A police clearance is required to certify a student’s character and show that there is no criminal record. The document must be signed and verified by the local passport office.

Health Insurance Cover: International students and any student dependents must obtain Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the entire duration of study. Insurance covers doctor visits, some specific hospital treatments, ambulances, and limited pharmaceuticals.

There are many insurance providers in Australia. You can choose based on your convenience. For more information about health insurance and insurance providers, visit the official website.

Parental Identity: Proof of parental identity must be provided. It can be a passport or a national identity card. In the case of a deceased person, a death certificate can also be submitted.

Australian Student Visa Applications: Int’l Students Still Waiting For Visas

There are some additional forms that need to be filled out to submit online. These forms are not mandatory in most cases, but it is important to have them ready if the Australian Home Office asks.

Welfare Scheme: A welfare scheme is required if the student is under 18 years of age. This means appointing a legal guardian who is aged 21 and over and must have a valid Australian visa to stay until the student turns 18. any relative already in Australia can also be selected.

This form is called Form 80: Personal Vitality for Assessment, including Character Assessment. You must add your details and travel history for the last 10 years to this form.

How To Apply Student Visa In Australia

Form 1221: This form is a special request for research students and is almost identical to Form 80. This form is called Additional Personal Information.

How Long Does It Take To Lodge Australia Student Visa ( Subclass 500 )

Form 956A: You must submit this form if you are applying for your visa with a third party agent or legal practitioner. This form is used to appoint or remove authorized receivers.

Application Cover Letter: The visa application cover letter is a requirement that will vary from country to country and is usually provided by the Australian High Commission in the region. For example, in the case of Bangladesh, a cover letter is mandatory.

After you have prepared all these documents, you have to prepare your financial proof documents with the help of your sponsor. Funding is essential for a successful visa application, and is designed to show as much transparency as possible in the preparation of these documents.

We recommend that you check your document requirements with the Document Check tool provided by the Australian Government – Department of Home Affairs. This checklist is updated twice a year. So make sure you update your documents accordingly.

Australian Student Visa Extension 2022

For all international students, you must apply for this visa online. The process is simple once you have all the necessary documents at hand. There are three steps to follow here.

After you have completed the above three steps and successfully submitted your application, the next step to follow is the Health Test and provision of Biometrics.

Health Test: All student visa applicants must meet health requirements as Australia has one of the best health standards in the world. The medical examinations must be carried out by a board of doctors or hospitals approved by the Department of Home Affairs.

How To Apply Student Visa In Australia

The adviser can be found on the Department of Home Affairs website or you can get it from your nearest Immigration office. After you complete the health tests, the order will automatically update your health results on ImmiAccount.

Who Can Apply For Australian Student Visa?

However, if your results do not meet the health requirements, you will receive a letter with specific reasons. In this case, a student visa will not be issued. Depending on your result, you may need to reapply for the visa.

Provision of biometrics: After submitting the online application, you will automatically receive an email requesting biometric programming. All international students must provide biometric applications at an Australian Visa Application Center (AVAC) or an Australian Biometric Collection Center (ABCC).

During your Biometric, the authority will take a photograph of your face with a digital camera and a fingerprint.

This is the last step in your subclass 500 visa application process. You will receive messages in your ImmiAccount about all updates, including your Visa status.

Australia Student Visa Requirements

Australian visa fees for Subclass 500 are AUD630. For any dependent who is 18 or over, an additional fee of AUD470 must be paid. For dependents under 18, the additional fee is AUD155.

You can pay by Credit Card, Paypal, BPAY, and UnionPay. For more information about payment options and an overview, visit here.

Processing time often varies depending on the department you are applying for your student visa. For the Department of Higher Education, 75% of students receive their visa results within three months. It takes a maximum of 5 months to process a process

How To Apply Student Visa In Australia

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