How To Add White Background In Photoshop

How To Add White Background In Photoshop – On a white background, it looks gray instead. You know what I’m talking about, it’s like this:

No matter how white your background is, or how much natural light you have, this is what your camera sees. A little dull, it will have gray edges

How To Add White Background In Photoshop

How To Add White Background In Photoshop

Fortunately, there’s a quick fix that will give you a studio-grade white background, without any expensive equipment. All you need is a camera (even an iPhone works!), a white background (I use this $7 foam core ), natural light, and Photoshop. If you haven’t invested in the latter, I highly recommend it and you can try before you buy with their 30-day trial.

How To Change Background Color In Photoshop

It might seem complicated at first, but I promise that after a few tries, you’ll be a 5-minute Photoshop pro.

1. Open the original image in Photoshop and add a background layer. You can always go back to the original image if you want. Note: Always duplicating the background layer when you’re editing will save you a lot of pain. Believe me.

2. Adjust the level. You can access this panel via the shortcut Command/Control+L or Image > Adjustments > Levels.

Whites are on the right, blacks on the left and grays in the middle. I usually move the white slider to the left to raise them and the black slider to the right to lower them. There’s no science here – I just pick what looks good, so I’ll set it with the “Preview” button.

How To Make An Image Black And White In Photoshop

3. Color your gray edges white. This is a step where I feel a lot of the real work is done because you can wipe your gray into white. My only words of wisdom here come with power, and the dot tool is essentially a paint brush that brightens up your image. As such, it is very important

You can play around with different exposure levels and adjust the distance between shadows, midlines or highlights. I find that setting the mid-range exposure to around 75% works well for my editing style. I usually use the hat tool around the edges, where the gray is most prominent. I also try to make short, sweeping motions that are easy to undo (Control/Command + Z) if I accidentally miss something I’m supposed to.

4. Set the selection color. Sometimes I skip this step, but it’s an easy way to get rid of the rest of the gray. To access this panel, choose Image > Adjustments > Color. Reduces the black or gray tones found in the white areas of the image by setting the selection color to “white” and adding a negative number to the blacks.

How To Add White Background In Photoshop

5. Saturation adjustment. Sometimes with all these edits, you’ll find that your image looks a little too bright. You can easily adjust this by turning off the saturation. Open this panel with the shortcut Command/Control+U or by going to Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation. Nothing beats a clean and crisp background that focuses the viewer’s eye primarily on the subject of the image.

How To Make A Background Transparent In Photoshop

So knowing how to change the background color in Photoshop is a great skill to have!

In this quick Photoshop tutorial, I’ll teach you an easy way to change the background color of an image in just 5 minutes!

Click here to watch the video to learn how to change any background to white!

Next to the currently selected tool, click Remove from Selection Tool to remove the subject from the background.

How To Extend Backgrounds In Photoshop With Content Aware

Press the Q key on your keyboard to enter Quick Mask mode. This step applies a red overlay to the unselected areas.

On your keyboard. To edit the mask, use black or white to paint the areas you want to select.

Note: Painted areas will then appear in red and anything in that area will be hidden and recolored later.

How To Add White Background In Photoshop

You will then notice that the newly painted areas are now selected, giving you a more precise selection of your subject.

Learn To Remove The White Background From Line Art In Photoshop

When the color picker window opens, choose any color you want, and you can change it later

Change it by clicking the layer mask icon as you want the color to be on the background.

First your background looks completely solid and flat, so we need to make the solid color background more realistic and blend with the original background and its shadows.

Multiple Blending mode looks at the color information in each channel and then multiplies the base color with the blending color, resulting in a darker color that is always darker.

How To Add Color To A Black & White Image With A Layer Mask/photoshop Layers Explained

If it multiplies any color with black, the result is always black. However, multiplying color by white does not change the color.

So when we select a specific red color and use multiple blending modes on a white background, the color will be the same.

I mentioned earlier that you can change the background color without repeating this process.

How To Add White Background In Photoshop

To do this, hover your cursor over the Layers panel and double-click the solid-colored thumbnail that will bring you back.

How To Remove The Background From A Picture

It allows you to adjust the color or intensity by clicking and dragging on the palette until you find a color that suits your theme.

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Have you ever taken a photo, only to slightly frame the sky, grass, or background in your photo when you retouch it later in Photoshop?

How To Add White Background In Photoshop

In this tutorial, I’ll teach you a very simple, 3-step process to quickly and easily enhance your background in Photoshop.

How To Create A Pure White Background In Photoshop

In this example, I want to enlarge the right side of my original photo in Photoshop, so my subject is slightly to the left of the center of the image than it is now.

Moving it slightly in the frame, about a third of the way down from the vertical focal point, will give the image better composition and create a more balanced and attractive image.

This will bring up a popup window that you can resize vertically or horizontally in any direction. In my example, I want to stretch the image to the right, so I increase my width from 75.25 to 80. Then I’ll select the left-pointing arrow to “take a picture” and put more space on the right. . Click OK when it’s done.

There should now be an open area to the right of your image, or the area where you chose to enlarge your image.

How To Remove The Background Of An Image In Photoshop

Select the Magic Wand tool from the Photoshop toolbar on the left side of your screen. Then, click and select the newly added area of ​​your image.

Edit > Fill. When you do this, the “Fill” dialog box will appear. Make sure the Usage option is set to Content Aware, then click OK.

Remember that Photoshop’s context-aware tool draws the background from the immediate area you want to zoom in on. This easy technique works wonders when you want to enlarge parts of your image that have a matching pattern or background.

How To Add White Background In Photoshop

You should also keep in mind that it may not work well in every situation. For example, if I wanted to zoom in on the left side of this image, I wouldn’t have a good enough background to work with because my subject is already near the left edge.

How To Add Color With Fill Layers

The pictures below show the before and after, with a little background on the right side of the picture.

Now go ahead and if you feel like you can’t capture enough of the background in your photo, you can use these three simple steps to easily enlarge the background in Photoshop and improve the texture of your photo. be

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