How To Add Klarna To Apple Pay

How To Add Klarna To Apple Pay – For almost two years I worked at Klarna Card: our answer to the credit card. Klarna’s setup allows designers to work closely with product managers and engineers. You will have the opportunity to truly own your part of the Klarna product, while being supported by analysts, marketing experts and – if you’re lucky – researchers. As a product team, most of the initiative is in your hands, so here’s a high-level overview of what we’ve accomplished as a team. ❤️

I was the lead designer of the Klarna Card experience in the Klarna app and the lead designer of related experiences from August 2018 to May 2020. During this time the Klarna Card team grew from 8 people to several separate teams. Most of the time, I was the only product designer for the product (there was a brief period when another senior product designer supported me).

How To Add Klarna To Apple Pay

How To Add Klarna To Apple Pay

While I was the sole designer of the Klarna card, I was part of the Klarna app design team and worked together with our design lead and 6 other designers within the app. We are also supported by a comprehensive planning system built by our planning systems team.

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The Klarna card is the flexible Klarna VISA credit card. It allows you to choose whether you want to pay immediately or Klarna’s ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ for everything, allowing you to pay after 14 days. The Klarna card connects to your existing bank account and gives you full control over your purchases in the Klarna app.

Get the user’s perspective: You can read this blog post about signing up for the Klarna card we launched in Germany!

The Klarna card was launched early and as our feature set grew, so did the settings a cardholder could customize. Initially, I cleaned up the settings page by grouping similar functions (actions vs. settings). We also launched Apple Pay and Google Pay.

At the same time, our brand and design team have worked hard to update the Klarna style, resulting in a more elegant and contrasting user interface. The Klarna card also received a visual update, moving from a large K design to a vertical design in different colors with different quotes.

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In September 2019, the Klarna Card team officially split into several teams, and at the same time, we can work on more things at the same time. The new ‘Card Home’ was a big initiative to give our customers more insight into their card usage as more and more people use it as their primary or secondary payment card.

We gave the card its own transaction view and moved the settings to its own page as the list grew. Analytics helped us determine the important actions we should keep at the top level.

Signing up for a Klarna card is definitely one of the most important things we’ve worked on. Apple Pay Later may make shopping easier for consumers, but it may cause problems for other buy-now, pay-later merchants. While rumors of the new service have been circulating for months, the digital giant announced at its developers conference on Monday that the Pay Later function will officially become part of its Apple Pay offerings with the new iOS 16.

How To Add Klarna To Apple Pay

“Apple Pay Later will present some pretty stiff competition for existing purchases and pay later,” said Annie Millerbrand, personal loan expert at Nerdwallet. Apple’s new feature, created with MasterCard and part of the Apple Wallet mobile offering, allows customers to split payments into four interest-free deferred payments, similar to existing options.

Klarna, Pay Afterwards In Your Web Store

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Existing buy-to-let, pay-as-you-go brands like Klarna, Afterpay, and Affirm have seen usage surge in the U.S. over the past 18 months, with each marketing dollar pouring in to build awareness for their brands. A recent report by Student Beans working with Brand Student Loyalty Programs found that Buy Now Pay Later is a leading trend among Gen Z students, with 30% of US Gen Z students using the service and UK-based Gen Z 21% of students use it.

The top five buy-now, pay-later apps in the US generated 11 million App Store and Google Play installs in the first five months of 2022, up 26% from the previous period, according to data intelligence services provider Sensor Tower. has gone

But Millerbrand noted that Apple’s offering is especially compelling to consumers because of its ease of use.

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“Before, you had to choose between multiple buy-nows, and then the companies had to pay,” she said, noting that consumers also had to do their research — some buy-now, then-pay brands. Some charge late fees, and some have return policies. various. “If working with a merchant or retailer, you have to decide, open an account and agree to the service code,” she added. “Now, you will have one source.”

Even before Apple Pay Later, however, the category was showing signs of slowing amid major economic turmoil. Swedish brand Klarna recently laid off 10% of its global workforce, affecting 700 employees. A recent story in the Wall Street Journal noted that rising interest rates and delayed payments by consumers are causing investors to think twice about the fast-growing space.

“Consumers, especially now, are looking for more transparent and flexible alternatives to credit cards,” an Affirm spokesperson said in an emailed statement. He said the 10-year-old brand’s personalized payment plans help both consumers and merchants. When more suppliers join the business than when we started, the reward remains huge and we don’t think anyone can do what our team and our technology can do,” he said.

How To Add Klarna To Apple Pay

Some brands are already diversifying their offerings to move beyond buy-now-later. For example, Klarna recently rolled out a virtual shopping feature for its retail partners, asking them to emulate the personalized service of personal shopping in the digital realm.

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Clarina later declined to comment on Apple’s new payment proposal. Afterpay and Zip did not immediately return calls seeking comment.

Millerbrand said it’s hard to know how each established brand will respond to Apple’s competition, but some could increase email marketing to past users.

Adrienne Pasquarelli is a senior reporter for Ad Age, covering marketing in retail and finance, as well as travel and health. She also hosts the Marketer’s Brief podcast and leads special reports including 40 under 40 and Hot Brands. Pasquarelli joined Ad Age in 2015 after writing for Crain’s New York Business, where she also focused on the retail industry. Apple’s “buy now, pay later” product has a distinctly different delivery strategy, meaning it doesn’t directly threaten Affirm, Klarna and Afterpay.

Apple’s entry into the “buy now, pay later” market was one of its best-kept secrets: analysts predicted the company would launch a post-paid service as early as 2020. To crush the competition. The company has a track record of jumping into new sectors late and still managing to come out on top – the iPod came out when there were tons of MP3 players on the market.

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But some analysts have a completely different opinion. When you look under the hood, Apple Pay later emerges as a different product than what Klarna and Affirm offer.

“This is an opportunity to greatly expand buy-now-pay-later services to people who haven’t used them before,” said Ian Rasmussen, head of Fitch Ratings’ North American asset-backed securities rating group.

This is for two main reasons. First, Apple markets its postpaid offering to consumers in a completely different place than the competition. Second, the customers Apple is targeting have markedly different habits than traditional “buy now, pay later” users.

How To Add Klarna To Apple Pay

The most popular pay-as-you-go providers have a simple primary marketing strategy: partner with retailers who typically display their logos at checkout, incentivizing customers to pay over time. Many of these partnerships are exclusive, allowing a company like Klarna, for example, to be the sole payment provider for customers checking out at Macy’s. Tight integration is designed to increase conversions. Harry Kohl, director of Fitch Ratings, said reducing or eliminating “friction” is a “huge factor” in getting customers to sign up.

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Pay-as-you-go companies are trying to expand their reach with SuperFinancial apps, which allow customers to apply for payment plans even when they don’t have a transaction with a retailer, but that takes more steps than clicking a button at checkout. Other tools are virtual and physical cards that allow customers to pay online or in-store, such as the Affirm Debit+ card or the Klarna card.

Apple Pay then lives in Apple’s digital wallet, an iPhone feature the company is trying to build into. Users may be prompted or set to check Apple Pay later each time they use Apple Pay

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