How Single Moms Can Make Extra Money

How Single Moms Can Make Extra Money – After a breakup, there are a lot of things that you will suddenly be fully responsible for and your cash situation will get weaker by the day. If you’re smart, you’ll spend the extra time you have when the kids are with your ex to figure out how to make more money.

One thing I realized when I left my ex: I had a lot of “stuff”. Normally I would send it to a local charity, but in this case, I was the charity. I sorted everything I thought was worth it and put it on the local garage sale board. I made a few hundred dollars this way. During my walks, I used to collect the garbage with my children. My neighbors put unwanted items at the end of their driveways. If it looked like something I could get money for, I’d put it on the wagon and take it home. It might take a little elbow grease, but once I’ve cleaned it up, I can sell it online (Facebook groups are a great area to buy and sell) or take it to my local shop . I found the store selling all kinds of things: a barbecue, a dog cage, several large items for children, such as an exercise machine and a stroller.

How Single Moms Can Make Extra Money

How Single Moms Can Make Extra Money

With everything else, I had a garage sale (with items donated from friends who didn’t want to go through the process themselves) and made another hundreds of dollars that way. Things I didn’t even think were worth selling.

I Have To Do This To Survive’

This may sound extreme, but if you take your time and do your homework, it’s actually a safe and easy way to make extra money. There are thousands of studies that interest women in your age range and will pay you to participate.

While waiting for the divorce to be finalized, I conducted two research experiments. The first was an actual medical experiment. I had to take a pill every day and write in a journal. Before starting the trial, I had to confirm that I was not taking any other daily medication and that I was generally fit. During the two months I was on the medication (or it could have been the placebo), I went in twice for a check-up. I won a few hundred dollars for participating.

The second essay was a mental health essay. I had to be in a soundproof booth and look at the photos so they could judge my reaction. It was actually kind of scary, but they paid me more than my regular salary at the time, and it was only two hours of my time. And a bonus for me: the research involved schizophrenia, a disease I’m passionately determined to fight because it runs in my ex’s family and puts my children at greater risk of developing it.

Medical research in this country is required by law to be conducted ethically. This study must protect your health and privacy. Researchers must provide information about possible side effects and other potential problems before agreeing to participate. You also have the right to withdraw at any time.

The Unspeakable Cost Of Parenthood

(*I do not recommend participating in any medical research trial without research. If you decide to participate, do your homework and make sure it is conducted in an ethical, legal, and safe manner.*)

You have skills Sites like Fiverr and Esty allow you to exploit these talents in your spare time. Are you an editor or writer? Can you create beautiful presentations or graphics? you can knit You can start building your clientele with smaller businesses, and if you put in enough time, you can even turn it into a full-time gig. Find your niche by doing things you love and don’t even feel like working at. My side hustle (blogging) as the editor of RealityMoms.Rocks has grown into a bigger program and continues to open more doors for me. Some days I wish I had found it as a single mom – I would have had fewer lonely nights when the kids were with their parents and I could have started my business sooner.

Divorce or separation can mean a significant drop in income, but it’s not the end of the world. With a little budget and a little extra work, anyone can make extra money in their spare time.

How Single Moms Can Make Extra Money

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As a mother, you have access to many people, from your children’s teachers to their friends’ parents. Use your network and try direct selling. Find a company like Mary Kay or jewelry retailer Azuli Skye that promotes entrepreneurial opportunities and allows people to sell their products for a percentage of the cut. Lisa Nicole Cloud of Married to Medicine became a self-made millionaire through direct sales.

Even if you work full-time during the week, parenting says there may still be childcare opportunities to supplement your income. Parents whose jobs require them to work odd hours often need quality childcare. If you like children, offering to babysit for a few nights or weekends can be a good option.

The advantage of freelancing is that you set your own working hours and can work from home. More and more magazines, blogs, and newspapers are cutting back on in-house staff and hiring freelancers to provide their reporting and editing services. There are also other professions that hire freelancers for tasks like helping, which can be done at home.

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According to About Parents, cleaning just one house a week can add an extra $300 to your wallet. Cleaning can take about three hours on average, but that still leaves plenty of time for childcare and a full-time job. Parent Resource suggests advertising your services on local grocery store bulletin boards.

While your neighbors or friends are on vacation, taking care of your furry family members is a great way to earn extra cash. If your child likes animals, this could even be a fun sideshow that will involve your whole family. A pet sitter on Hub Pages visits pets two to three times a day and earns an additional $1,000 per month, averaging $12-$17 per visit. Looking for lucrative side hustles for single moms? Here is a list of jobs that can help you earn money from home or online.

As a single mom, you know that every little bit of extra money helps. Whether you’re struggling to make ends meet or just want some extra spending money, finding the right job can make all the difference.

How Single Moms Can Make Extra Money

Fortunately, these days, there are many legitimate ways that moms like you can earn extra income or even a full-time income from home.

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Since starting this blog, I have learned hundreds of ways that stay at home moms or single moms can make money! I was actually able to turn one of my side jobs into a full-time source of income.

It’s truly amazing how many opportunities we have these days, which is why I encourage you to check out these money making ideas here. They are not only very cost-effective, but also flexible. You can test the waters first and see how it goes!

If you’re willing to look deeper, you’ll find that there are actually plenty of opportunities for single moms to make more money.

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These are my top recommendations because they are very flexible and can also be cost effective. You can make these side tables from home or anywhere in the world, on your own time or at the day job.

Working as a virtual assistant is one of the best jobs for single moms. If you are organized, meticulous and have excellent communication skills, this could be the job for you!

As a virtual assistant, you will be responsible for a number of tasks. Your client can assign you content creation, social media management, calendar management, data entry, customer service, and more.

How Single Moms Can Make Extra Money


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