How Quickly Can I Lose 60 Pounds

How Quickly Can I Lose 60 Pounds – I’ve always been a bit overweight, but after having my first child in 2012, my weight spiraled out of control. I gained 20 pounds during pregnancy and then an additional 40 pounds. I started working out when she was 3 months old and eating out every day.

How has your weight affected any aspect of your life? Shortly before starting my weight loss journey I experienced 3 miscarriages. I was convinced that being overweight was causing hormonal issues that prevented me from carrying a full term. I had high blood pressure and was always very tired. I knew I had to make a change if I wanted to finally have a healthy pregnancy. My doctor told me that I should consider losing some weight so that I can have a healthy pregnancy in the future. My blood pressure was high at the time and my doctor was concerned that I was developing pre-eclampsia.

How Quickly Can I Lose 60 Pounds

How Quickly Can I Lose 60 Pounds

What was the “turning point” that led you to embark on the journey you are on? I bought a beautiful dress to attend a family members wedding. I was so excited to wear this dress. I went to a wedding. I felt a little awkward and self-conscious, but overall I had a good time. The next day, I looked at photos from the event and didn’t recognize myself, and that’s when I realized that if I didn’t make a change, I would continue to gain weight. A few days later, on August 26, 2014, at the age of 28, I began my weight loss journey.

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How to start? When I started this journey I knew absolutely nothing about health and fitness, all I knew was that eating fewer calories would help me lose weight. I downloaded the free version of MyFitnessPal and started tracking my calories and protein intake. At the beginning of my journey, I started walking 5 days a week for 45 minutes with my 2-year-old son. It was perfect at the time because I could burn some calories while spending time with my son.

How long after you started did you start seeing results in your weight gain? I saw the biggest change in my weight journey in the first 6 months and this year 2020 after incorporating weight training into my workout routine. In the first 6 months I lost a total of 33 pounds and went from a size 18/2xl to a size 14/large.

What was the hardest part? During my trip I tried a really low carb diet. This low carb diet was not a diet for me and left me with a really negative relationship with food. I didn’t enjoy family events because I was so worried that once I ate carbs I would gain all the weight back. I thought this low carb diet would solve all my problems. I really wanted to give up. I realized that this behavior was not healthy and decided to take a diet break. This diet hiatus consisted of maintenance eating and enjoying everything in moderation until I was ready to go back into a deficit.

Ever want to quit? What kept you? My before and after picture was my biggest inspiration. I promised myself that I would not give up. I told myself that I will keep going until I reach my goal. I had my second child in 2016 and had to start over, but I didn’t give up. When I saw no change on the scale, I kept moving. When I saw no change in my body, I kept going. I realized that health and fitness will always be a part of my life. It started as a weight journey and became a lifestyle. This trip changed my life completely. I no longer suffer from high blood pressure, extreme fatigue or joint pain. I gave birth to a healthy second child. Now I can watch my boys and teach them healthy habits.

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Have you pumped any weights? How did you beat them? I didn’t hit a weight loss plateau during the trip, but I did have to take a few diet breaks. The diet break allowed me to lose weight very slowly.

How long did it take to lose most of the weight? I have been on a weight loss and fitness journey for 6 years now. It took me about 4 years to lose 60 pounds and I’ve kept it off ever since.

Do you have any personal victories? Tracking calories really taught me how to properly read nutrition labels. I learned how to make healthy choices. Tracking my calories allowed me to add fun foods to my daily calorie intake without feeling guilty. I am now more aware of calories and make better food choices without tracking.

How Quickly Can I Lose 60 Pounds

How does your daily diet compare to when you were overweight? When I was overweight, most of my meals were fast food. I was coming home tired and I was not in the mood to cook. A typical breakfast was 2 micro cubes, 2 hash browns, lots of ketchup and a very sweet iced coffee.

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How does your physical activity compare with your weight? After losing 60 pounds on cardio alone, I was still self-conscious and very unhappy with my body shape. I started weight training at home a year ago and it really changed my life. I was able to build muscle which completely changed my body composition. Weight training not only helps me build muscle, but also my confidence. I usually do 2 upper body, 2 lower body and 1 full body weights per week. I add 15-20 minutes of cardio such as jogging, walking or using the elliptical after my workout. I also like to stay active on my days off by going for short walks.

How have your sending habits changed? My goal was to eat as much as I could and still lose weight. I follow a balanced and non-restrictive diet. I started making healthier choices and eating mostly whole foods, but I also included fun foods like Tinkies and Oreos. I make healthy versions of my favorite fast foods like pizza and burgers. I also started cooking which really helped when I was super busy.

I recommend Jordan Syatt’s YouTube, mini-podcast and his Instagram page @syattfiness, his content has helped me a lot. I don’t have any specific books or websites, but I would say take advantage of all the free information out there. I googled everything. I get all my fitness and nutrition ideas from YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.

This trip taught me patience and that I was stronger than I thought. I continued even when I wasn’t seeing results because proper weight loss takes time. There are no deadlines when it comes to health and I had to trust the process and not rush the results. Like many parents, Sarep Baggott struggled to find time for himself. As the mother of a 6-year-old boy and a 6-month-old girl, Baggot devoted all her time and energy to caring for her young family, leaving little for herself.

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“For me, everyday life was literally worrying and taking care of my kids 24/7,” she says. “I wasn’t necessarily thinking about my own well-being. My day and life revolved around my children and their meals, naps, baths and bedtimes.

He remembers lunchtime being particularly busy. For his own meals, Bagot grabbed whatever he could find, usually pasta, fried food, fast food, takeout, or anything else that was quick and easy.

With little time for self-care and a health-first diet, Baggott began to lose weight. While there wasn’t a specific moment that made her want to change, she began rethinking her lifestyle in August 2015 when her husband committed to a new healthy lifestyle.

How Quickly Can I Lose 60 Pounds

As he began to eat better, exercise and later gain muscle, Baggett supported him, but he did not consider hooking up with her until he realized the difference these activities made in his mood. . Her husband was not only better, but much happier. He was really enjoying this new lifestyle.

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“It hit me then that I could and should join her on this journey, and that it wasn’t selfish of me if I wanted to take care of myself, not just the kids,” Begot recalled. done

“I wanted to feel good again,” she says. “I wanted to take care of myself again and I wanted to feel what it was like to love myself again.”

Baggett started doing some research and read an article about tracking calories to promote weight loss. He soon downloaded MyFitnessPal, which he used to track what he ate for the next two months.

“MyFitnessPal was a legitimate lifesaver for my journey,” she says. “It helped me learn the right part

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