How Much Should A Beagle Puppy Eat

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If you’re looking to perfect your beagle’s cooking but don’t know where to start, or maybe you’re new to cooking homemade meals for your dog, this article covers every aspect of making dog food at home.

How Much Should A Beagle Puppy Eat

How Much Should A Beagle Puppy Eat

From breed-specific risks, benefits and nutritional advice to our favorite beagle recipes, we cover everything so you can create the perfect meal for your pup. Let’s go inside!

Possible Reasons Why Your Beagle Won’t Eat

Certified Veterinary Nutritionist and American College of Veterinary Nutrition Board Certified, Jennifer A. Larson, DVM, MS, Ph.D. and Joe Bartjes, DVM, Ph.D. But agree that switching to homemade dog food has many benefits, such as diet management, satisfying picky eaters, bonding, dealing with food intolerance and allergy issues, and avoiding the fear associated with picking up food.

Other benefits include the prevention of many conditions associated with a poor diet, such as obesity, poor skin, coat conditions, pancreatitis, diabetes and low immunity.

Beagles are susceptible to both seasonal and food allergies, which often manifest with rashes, dandruff and peeling, hot spots and other skin irritations.

Unfortunately, commercially produced dog foods contain fillers, animal by-products (animal parts), food coloring, and other chemical preservatives that can cause allergies in beagle dogs. If neglected, skin allergies can develop to yeast or bacterial infections due to chronic itching and scratching.

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Another diet-related health concern that Beagle parents should keep in mind when cooking for the breed is that chondrodystrophic dogs like the Beagle are prone to joint and bone diseases such as hip dysplasia, disc disease, and sprained knees.

Diet can influence these conditions as they relate to body weight. Overweight beagles are more likely to develop these conditions as well as arthritis and other joint problems. Why? The extra pounds put more stress on your dog’s bone structure, causing the bones to swell or crack over time.

It is very important to avoid overfeeding your Beagle so that he stays fit and well cared for. However, if you’re feeding him kibble, sometimes even high-quality dog ​​food can have high levels of starchy carbohydrates, including beans, peas, lentils, and bad carbs that contribute to the growing obesity epidemic in pets.

How Much Should A Beagle Puppy Eat

Beagles often have serious dental problems, they suffer from glaucoma and cherry eye. While these conditions are not entirely diet related, inappropriate foods (preservatives and fillers) can make things worse.

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. This disease causes toxic levels of copper to build up in the dog’s liver, leading to liver failure if not treated in time. This is why a high-quality or home-prepared diet under veterinarian supervision and approval is important for this breed to prevent future copper build-up and other food-related problems. A good tip is to have your Beagle’s liver checked early in life to look for any abnormalities.

A home-cooked diet can help your beagle avoid food allergies. Unlike kibble, cooked meals do not contain harmful chemicals such as additives, preservatives or other potentially harmful ingredients that can cause allergies in your dog. Homemade recipes for dogs are fresh and healthy.

You also have control over the ingredients in the recipe, which means you only choose ingredients that you know are safe for your dog. If you do not know what foods your Beagle is allergic to, we strongly recommend that you perform a home allergy test for your dog before choosing ingredients for his next meal.

What’s more, homemade dog food is easier to digest and more digestible food means more efficient absorption of nutrients. Fresh homemade dog food absorbs nutrients better, so the minerals, vitamins and amino acids work quickly to reduce inflammatory reactions, helping to prevent or soothe skin allergies.

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If your beagle is on the stronger side, consider switching to homemade dog food. Remember that obesity in beagles can increase the risk of bone and joint problems. Unlike kibble, homemade food allows you to determine the amount of vegetables, carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals your dog needs to maintain a healthy weight. If you notice that your beagle is gaining weight, you can easily reduce the percentage of carbohydrates and fat and provide more protein (29%) than average. Maintaining a healthy weight also reduces stress on your dog’s joints, which helps prevent the health problems mentioned above. Studies show that dogs that maintain their ideal body weight live about 2.5 years longer (and have significantly fewer diseases) than their overweight siblings.

. In the study, overweight beagles lived an average of 13.3 years, while normal-weight beagles lived 15.4 years.

, so you will need to work with your veterinarian if you are concerned about copper hepatopathy in your beagle. Your vet can recommend the best diet for your dog. Home-cooked diets are a great option because they offer the flexibility to customize ingredients that do not contain copper. Homemade diets are also ideal for the prevention and/or treatment of copper hepatopathy because all the ingredients are natural, free of toxins and chemicals, reducing stress on your dog’s liver.

How Much Should A Beagle Puppy Eat

It is recommended to avoid giving beagle copper mineral supplements and to check the water supply as copper in water can contribute to copper accumulation in the dog’s liver.

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While spending time in the kitchen can be fun, it can be dangerous for your pup if you don’t know what you’re doing.

A study conducted by the University of California, Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine found that most homemade dog food recipes lack key nutrients. Other recipes used dangerously high levels of certain nutrients. Further research published in The Journal of Nutritional Science found that 48% of homemade dog diets had inaccurate ingredients and amounts, and 71.3% of dog owners knew how much to feed per meal. More alarmingly, 30.4% of pet parents admitted to knowingly altering recipes, 40% of owners underestimated ingredient amounts, and 28.3% did not use any of the recommended vitamins, minerals or amino acids.

We strongly recommend speaking with a veterinary nutritionist. They should be able to provide you with reliable recipes, advise on your beagle’s nutritional needs, and/or recommend a home-based dog food delivery service.

The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AFFCO), the organization that regulates the nutritional value of dog food in commercial dog food, states that dogs need six essential nutrients to survive and function.

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When cooking for your beagle, follow AAFCO standards and be mindful of your dog’s health, activity level, size, breed-specific needs, and weight; Because these are the factors to consider while making a diet plan.

It builds and repairs muscles and other body tissues. Essential for new skin cell formation, hair growth, hormones, enzymes and more.

A source of energy for dogs and provides the glucose necessary for the brain, nervous system and other vital organs to function properly.

How Much Should A Beagle Puppy Eat

Responsibility to provide high quality energy. Essential for proper growth and function of body cells, nerves, muscles and body tissues

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Typical functions include bone and cartilage formation, nerve and muscle function, fluid balance regulation, oxygen transport in the bloodstream, and hormone production.

Hydration is crucial in dogs. A dog that loses too much water (10% to 15% of its body water) can become seriously ill and even die. Make sure they have access to water throughout the day.

It maintains healthy skin and coat, strengthens bones and teeth and provides the overall energy they need to function.

Use a multivitamin supplement, such as Zesty Paws Multivitamin Chews, as homemade dog food may lack one or more of these nutrients. You may also consider supplementing your beagle’s food with glucosamine and chrondotin for joint support and cartilage repair.

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Always talk to your vet; He or she can help create a personalized diet for your dog. For more cooking help for your beagle, Donald R. Check out Homemade Diets for Dogs and Cats: A Healthy Alternative by Strombeck, DVM, PhD. He is a veterinary expert, and pet nutritionists consider his book the bible of canine nutrition.

Some conditions in beagle dogs can be managed through diet. Attack these conditions with fresh food and use the following tips to combat specific conditions.

Avoid foods containing tryptamine and histamine, such as dairy or fermented vegetables and meat (yes, this includes bacon); Try a simple food test with ingredients

How Much Should A Beagle Puppy Eat

Enrich your diet with vitamin E, B vitamins, zinc, omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil; Add a dog probiotic; Try a simple food test with ingredients

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Adjust the level of EPA and DHA in the diet (fish oil is often added); Try foods with added zinc

If your Beagle’s coat is damaged due to skin problems and allergies, you can also add a few drops of fish oil formulated for dogs to soothe and nourish the affected areas. Fish oil is an ideal source of fatty acids that can help your Beagle overcome food allergies and keep his skin and coat in excellent condition.

A dog’s calorie requirement depends on its weight. Adult Beagles typically weigh between 20 and 35 pounds, so most Beagles need to eat 587 to 892 calories a day.

Make sure you follow the 10% rule while giving the treatment

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