How Much Is Verizon Internet Per Month

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UPDATE: Verizon’s “executive communications” team contacted me on my personal cell phone the day after this column was published. The rep couldn’t comment on Verizon’s policy, but offered a better deal on my personal service. I politely declined.

How Much Is Verizon Internet Per Month

How Much Is Verizon Internet Per Month

I have had gigabit fiber service from Verizon for two years and the service itself has been excellent. There’s just one problem: the big ballast brick that sits behind my entertainment center. No, a 5G set-top box isn’t a surprise; This is the biggest and oldest service that comes with Fios TV service.

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When I first signed up for Fios, I wanted gigabit service. At the time, the sales rep told me that gigabytes were only available for TV service. I found it very annoying but wanted better service so I agreed to the package.

After two years I was out of contract, but my bill went from $100 to $130. So it seemed like a good time to cancel the TV service. Internet only plans will certainly be cheaper.

It didn’t, and it was half an hour before it did. Because not only are Verizon sales reps being pressured into hard-selling packages, but if you try to break into that package, your account receives “discounts” and “rebates” to get a clear, informed pricing structure. ” The Byzantine system still exists. Almost impossible.

Here’s how the call went. I wanted to cancel my TV service, thinking that only gigabit Fios would be less than TV and TV bills. Verizon has a promotion for free Disney+ for a year, and it seemed like a nice bonus if possible, so I wanted to see if there were any promotions or incentives.

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Immediately, the rep began to lay out all the talking points so that I could keep the Fios and the TV package. I only asked the price per gigabyte. He said he will check the price of both. I said I only want gigabit. He said he understood and said he would check the price of both. Finally, after a few minutes, he said I was already getting the best price – $130 a month for gigabit Fios and TV service. I asked again for the price per gigabyte only.

A minute later he took her number. That’s $120 a month. That wasn’t the savings I was expecting to hear, so I asked how much the 400/400Mbps plan would cost.

A minute later he had a number. That’s $100 a month. Well, not great, but it’s a small savings every month, so let’s go with it.

How Much Is Verizon Internet Per Month

He prepared to fulfill the request and told me that it would be better to spend a little money and get a TV package with gigabit. At this point I started to get very frustrated and it was calling. The sales rep said he was just reading what the system was telling him.

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This is an important note. I don’t blame the sales rep. I don’t blame the low-level phone riders on the other end, because that’s their job and they’re tasked with running a few scripts on systems that give them very limited options. It’s a wasteful nightmare concocted by higher-ups with the intention of complicating the process.

I bounced between gigabit and low speed and wasn’t happy with either, but in the end decided to keep gigabit and save $10 a month. At the time, the sales rep mentioned a two-year commitment.

I’ve had no commitments for a year and I’ve met my monthly plan. Now, after half an hour of trying to get rid of my set-top box and TV service that I never use, I find out that if I don’t sign a two-year contract, my bill will be $140.

I was not happy. I wasn’t very polite, but in my defense, I didn’t dissolve into a maze of verbal abuse. I simply told the sales rep not to make any changes to my account, muttered, “You win for now,” and ended the call.

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I then opened this document and some Verizon tabs to do my own research. And you know what I found? It’s impossible to get a clear picture of what your Fios account will look like in the long run.

When you’re a new customer and shop, you’ll only see the promotional price (currently $79.99 for Gigabit Fios with a three-year contract). After that, the price will increase, but will not say what. Maybe you’ll get this number in fine print when you sign the contract, but it’s not an informed decision until the last minute with the tiniest text.

When you’re a long-term customer looking for value for your service, you’ll be presented with complex tiers and discounts that add up, subtract, and rotate until the final price you’re given is far greater than the price. one. It doesn’t look different. Other numbers you see before you start clicking. And even if you’re fighting a sales rep over the phone, it can take several minutes and multiple requests to get a solid number out of them.

How Much Is Verizon Internet Per Month

I don’t know where the $50 discount came from or how much these services cost before the discount. But saying, “You’ll get $50 off the promo discount” after I’ve gone through the bundle promotion discount phase is an arbitrary way to prevent me from switching services or getting a better price. Unless it allows for a serious downgrade of service, it will take me away from what I have now, at which point I’ll save maybe $10.

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Tell me, can I find any indication on Verizon’s site that the “real” price for a 400/400 Fios line is $120/month?

These aren’t the only hard sellers. They are basically anti-customer anchors attached to any package. Do you want a single service after getting a package? very bad! You’ll spend more because there’s so much wiggle room in this “great deal” that Verizon learns it can stick with you for what you’re paying, and finds a way to say you might as well pay more. you want to lose your top box.

There is no direct way to make informed, long-term decisions about services. The promise of a “discount” is not a small amount you pay now and a high amount you pay in a year or two. It’s a vague modifier that’s permanently attached to your bill, preventing you from knowing the true price of any service.

Because at the end of the day, no matter how much discount you get, they’re still charging you $12 a month for a box you never use and giving you countless excuses to raise your bill. up and away.

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I’ve been specializing in home entertainment for over 10 years, including TVs and anything you want to connect with. I’ve reviewed over a thousand consumer electronics products, including headphones, speakers, TVs, all gaming systems, and VR headsets. I’m an ISF-certified TV tester and THX-certified home theater expert, and I’m here to help you understand 4K, HDR, Dolby Vision, Dolby Atmos, and 8K (and to make sure you’re not us) for at least a few years. don’t worry about it. Verizon’s statement said the gigabit service was available immediately to more than 8 million homes, and did not say the $70 price was only available to some customers. The $70 price was only available today for customers without Verizon FiOS service. Existing customers who tried to upgrade yesterday were told the standard price is $200/month.

After exchanging several emails with a Verizon representative throughout the day yesterday, we now have a better idea of ​​what went wrong and what’s next. Verizon promises “revolutionary speeds and revolutionary prices.” But there is more than one price.

How Much Is Verizon Internet Per Month

The $70 price (plus router fees and other fees) is available to new customers, who can now order the plan online. Existing users can upgrade starting April 30, but will have to pay more than $70. Instead of giving all existing customers a standard price, Verizon said it will charge different prices based on each customer’s current service plan and price. Customers paying for the previous top speed of 750Mbps should receive a speed upgrade.

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