How Much Iron Should An Anemic Take

How Much Iron Should An Anemic Take – People are tired these days. Although stress, lack of exercise, and the complete loss of “eight hours of sleep a night” are the reasons, many people do not think that their blood is to blame. But for 3.4 million Americans, fatigue is one of many symptoms — including headaches, pale skin, rapid heart rate, shortness of breath, not to mention fatigue and irritability — It refers together to the “fatigue syndrome,” which is better known as low blood pressure. .blood in the body. .

From the Greek word anaimía, meaning “lack of blood,” anemia occurs when a person’s blood is low in healthy red blood cells. Although there are more than 400 types of anemia, iron-deficiency anemia (IDA) is the most common, accounting for about half of all anemia cases, and is more common in women than men. man

How Much Iron Should An Anemic Take

How Much Iron Should An Anemic Take

Anemia occurs when a woman’s iron stores are insufficient, which helps the body make hemoglobin, an iron-rich protein that helps red blood cells carry oxygen. in all parts of the body. Said Dr. Cynthia Beeler, chief physician of Hamilton Family Medicine. “They are small and gray in color.” Therefore, air does not flow easily from the lungs to the muscles of the body, which causes fatigue and many other problems associated with anemia.

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Dr. Tracy Dozier, who works in Academic Internal Medicine at Erlanger Health System, said: “Women of childbearing age who are breastfeeding have a higher risk of developing IDA.” According to the Centers for Disease Control, 9 to 16 percent of pregnant women in the United States have iron deficiency. Dr. Beeler says:

Another common cause of IDA is not eating enough. The amount of iron a person needs depends largely on age and gender. Children need more iron because of their growth, and girls and women need more iron than men because of menstruation. Women whose diets include iron-deficient foods such as eggs, meat, and green leafy vegetables are at greater risk of developing the IDA. This means that people who eat the food are at risk of getting sick. Increasingly, IDA is found in adults with drug addiction. The incidence of IDA is also increased in the lower socioeconomic group, who may not have the means or ability to obtain food.

Pregnant women are also at risk of IDA, because their bodies need more iron to support their blood. Most experts agree that pregnant women need twice as much iron as normal during pregnancy. According to, 20 percent of pregnant women in the US. he has anemia.

Finally, IDA can be caused by iron malabsorption. If a woman has undergone stomach surgery, such as gastric bypass, or has a stomach disease, such as Crohn’s disease or celiac disease, regardless of the amount of vegetables Greens, fish, or other foods that have a lot of iron to eat: his body eats. . inability to absorb and produce enough iron to make healthy red blood cells.

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Fatigue and fatigue are the most common symptoms of IDA, if both symptoms are known. In most cases, the anemia is less serious, the symptoms begin gradually until the woman does not know.

“Who isn’t tired these days?” said Dr. Beeler. “Most people blame themselves for their thyroid or depression, or say, ‘I didn’t sleep well.’

But over time, if the disease worsens, women may notice headaches, dizziness or lightheadedness, cold hands and feet, pale skin, difficulty breathing, swelling of the mouth. or the tongue and even irritability.

How Much Iron Should An Anemic Take

In extreme cases, a woman can have obsessive cravings for negative things, a condition called pica. Dr. Brooke R. Daniel, a hematologist at Chattanooga Oncology & Hematology Associates, says: “Some people with anemia want ice water.

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Women who think they have IDA should not self-diagnose. The common symptoms of IDA are accompanied by many other diseases, and it is impossible to know if a woman has IDA without a test. A common mistake is to treat yourself with extra iron, which can overload and damage the liver.

Dr. “Doctors or hematologists can help someone with IDA,” Dozier said. “If the cause is high blood pressure in the body, sometimes it is necessary to consult a doctor.” According to Dr. Daniel, if there is evidence or concern about bleeding in the stomach, the patient is referred to a gastroenterologist.

The doctor usually begins a physical exam and reviews the woman’s health history. Tests may look for pale skin, swelling of the mouth, irregular heartbeat or breathing, enlarged liver or gallbladder or blood clots.

If the symptoms indicate anemia, the doctor will order a blood test. “The only way to know if a woman has anemia is to get what’s called a complete blood count, or CBC for short,” said Dr. Beeler. “It measures the amount of red cells and white cells. It also checks the color and shape of the red blood cells to see if they are healthy.

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“On a CBC, the total body count, or MCV for short, is the number of red cells. Red blood cells are small compared to red cells,” said Dr. Daniel. “The CBC can also detect a low hemoglobin level, which indicates anemia.”

Treatment for anemia usually depends on the cause. For example, if anemia is caused by bleeding, a woman needs to treat the cause of her bleeding.

Most IDAs require a change in diet. Dr. “Anemia is often treated and prevented with a healthy diet, good food rich in vitamins and iron,” said Dr. Dozier. Adding iron-rich foods to any diet, such as meat, eggs, nuts, legumes, kale, and beans, can help four combats the symptoms of iron-deficiency anemia.

How Much Iron Should An Anemic Take

Daily changes in diet and use of vitamins are also effective in restoring damaged cells, and can leave a feeling of well-being. IDA people within a week. However, the problem cannot be solved quickly. It may take several months after ovulation for a woman to have normal bleeding.

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In addition, the doctor can recommend the treatment every day. However, when using iron pills, it is important that a woman uses more than prescribed. “Most people do not need more iron than they need in a multivitamin; however, those who are deficient in iron may need to supplement orally,” said Dr. Daniel. To ensure absorption, a woman can be advised to take pills on an empty stomach or vitamin C. Vitamin C, found in fruits and vegetables including kiwi, strawberries, tomatoes and potatoes, is help the body absorb iron. Dr. Daniel added: “If the blood does not respond to the oral iron, the patient can be referred to the hematologist and evaluated for IV iron. In this way, the iron into your body through the breath.”

Quality of life should not be sacrificed, and good care is always important. A few iron-rich foods throughout the day are very effective in preventing anemia and strengthening the “weak blood.” IDA patients, fatigue and weakness! read, or CBC for short,” said Dr. Beeler.

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Feelings of lack of desire, irritability, anger and confusion may seem like youthful behavior, but dig deeper and the answer may be in the blood. Especially the amount of oxygen that is transported around the body and the brain, all of these things depend on the amount of iron in the body, and the reason This is what many of our young New Zealand women are suffering from. Women and girls are among the most vulnerable groups when it comes to iron deficiency. The best way to maintain healthy iron levels and prevent iron deficiency is to regularly eat iron-rich foods.

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Symptoms of iron deficiency are subtle and can be mistaken for a ‘busy spot’. If you have any of the following symptoms, you may be iron deficient and should see a doctor:

If you are young, pregnant or breastfeeding, you may be at risk of iron deficiency. Women have increased iron needs because:

Girls and women are one of the most vulnerable groups when it comes to iron deficiency and it definitely affects their performance in school. . More than 40% of respondents to a 2018 study on iron deficiency in girls reported having problems with their balance,

How Much Iron Should An Anemic Take

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