How Much Does Western Union Cost To Send Money

How Much Does Western Union Cost To Send Money – Western Union is a global company that offers international payments directly to bank accounts and cash pickup at representative locations.

This guide will give an illustrative example of typical costs to consider when making an international payment, as well as Western Union fees when transferring money from Singapore to Indonesia and India.

How Much Does Western Union Cost To Send Money

How Much Does Western Union Cost To Send Money

We also highlight an alternative service for online remittance comparison, which is already used by more than 10 million people. It offers convenient international online payments directly to the recipient’s bank account, as well as other receiving methods.

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Western Union allows you to send money using several different methods.

When you use a credit card to pay, you may receive a cash advance fee from your card issuer. Western Union recommends using a debit card instead.¹

You can then choose how your recipient will receive their payment¹; often this will be a direct transfer to your bank account or a cash pick-up from a Western Union agent near your home.

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It’s good to know that not all services are available in all locations and the price you pay depends on the payment type you choose.

In this section we will discuss Western Union Singapore remittance rates and currency exchange rates in general.

The cost of international remittances depends on both the fees you pay and the exchange rate used for currency conversion.

How Much Does Western Union Cost To Send Money

Getting a good exchange rate can make a big difference to the overall cost of your international payment.

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When modeling your Western Union payment online, it’s worth comparing the exchange rate used against the average market exchange rate.

The average market rate is a good reference because it is the rate that banks and exchange services typically charge when they buy currency.

However, most international payment providers do not offer this type of exchange to their customers. Instead, they add a margin or margin to the rate they use and keep the difference as profit. This can make it difficult to see the true cost of your cross-border payments and could mean paying more than you need to.

“Western Union also makes money from currency exchange. When choosing a money transmitter, carefully compare transfer fees and exchange rates. Fees can vary by brand, channel and location based on a number of factors such as exchange rates and taxes.²

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Here’s the easiest way to compare services with different pricing structures: Compare what your recipient would get for paying each provider exactly the same amount. You will find that providers who advertise “no fees” will end up costing you more because they have increased their fees due to the exchange rate.

For example, suppose you are sending money to a relative in India. If we send a payment of SGD 1000 to INR, here are the charges you may incur.¹

Western Union does not charge an advance fee. However, you may pay a surcharge on the exchange rate. More on that later. Payments sent directly to a bank account may also be subject to SWIFT fees charged by the intermediaries involved in the transfer or by the recipient’s own bank.

How Much Does Western Union Cost To Send Money

There are no upfront fees, but a surcharge may be added to the exchange rate. Depending on your card issuer, you may pay a credit card advance fee or an interest fee. Intermediaries involved in direct payment transfers to bank accounts or the recipient’s own bank may also charge SWIFT fees.

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There are no upfront fees, but you may pay a surcharge on the exchange rate. Depending on your card issuer, you may pay a credit card advance fee or an interest fee.

Payments are set up online: to be collected in cash by your recipient in India, to receive funds in cash, to pay at an agent

SGD 5 Western Union transfer fee + possible exchange rate surcharge ❗️Payments initiated at agents instead of online may have different fees

When making a Western Union payment, you’ll want to look at the fees that may be involved. The cost of an exchange depends on the country and currency you’re sending to, how you want to process the transaction, and the amount you’re sending.

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You can model your payment using Western Union’s online fee calculator to get an idea of ​​the cost.

Let’s look at an online transfer to Indonesia for S$400, which is funded by a wire transfer and sent to the recipient’s bank account.¹

*Exchange rates consulted on 14 April 2021. For an accurate quote for your money transfer, please check exchange rates with the provider at the time of payment

How Much Does Western Union Cost To Send Money

Looking at the comparison above you can see that even though Western Union says it has no fees, you can get more money with another provider.

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By comparing the exchange rates available from various providers, you will be able to find the best service for your needs. It’s worth looking into alternative providers, such as our comparison example.

It uses a new approach to international payments that lowers costs, and all currency conversions use the mid-market exchange rate without adding a spread or margin.

You can also get a multi-currency account to hold, pay and receive dozens of different currencies and manage your money using an app. It’s a simple, safe and cheap way to send money home and make any international transfers you want.

Researching different international payment options is the best way to find a low-cost service that’s right for you. Don’t forget to compare the rates and exchange rates available at Western Union with other options to get the best deal available.

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Western Union SG – Send Money Page Payment/Receipt Methods, Exchange Rate Information, Fees Based on Payment Methods, Stated Information Western Union has on your Exchange Rate (Bottom of Page) Sources Checked 14 April 2021

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How Much Does Western Union Cost To Send Money

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Send money to the Philippines with Kabayan Remittance? Find out how to transfer money at Lucky Plaza or online and what the fees and charges are. 1 Information sheet on money transfer services: sending, receiving, fast payment, fast cash, money to mobile and direct to the bank 1 I Name of the intermediary company Corporate address Postal address Information on the registration number (in the Register of payment entities , subject to the supervision of the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ireland, 385/1993, operating under the Italian art Unit 9, Richview Office Park, Conskeagh, Dublin 14, Ireland Via Virgilio Maroso, Roma C55075 For further information, the customer can speak to an authorized representative of Western Union, write to the postal address above or call the toll-free number Central Bank of Ireland to monitor II. Information about the obliged agent associated with the name or company name of the customer: Address of the operational headquarters: Number of the agent’s registration with the EU paying entity: Customs agents are assumed not to be able to charge additional fees or costs beyond what is expected. II of this Western Union fact sheet. Features of money transfer service and general definition of risk and economic operation Western Union has developed and made available to the public a fast, safe and convenient money transfer service available worldwide.

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