How Much Can You Send Western Union

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How Much Can You Send Western Union

How Much Can You Send Western Union

Western Union Singapore is the Singaporean branch of Western Union, a major money transfer company that helps local customers send money abroad in approximately 150 currencies worldwide. While not the cheapest provider for money transfers from Singapore, Western Union creates costs when it comes to service offerings and reliability.

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Learn more about whether Western Union Singapore really could be the right choice for your next global wire transfer by checking out our independent in-depth review below:

First of all, it goes without saying that Western Union Singapore, as part of its world-renowned parent company, is an excellent money transfer service trusted by tens of thousands of customers every year and offers competitive prices. banks do.

In addition, Western Union Singapore also offers worldwide money transfers to a wide range of countries and foreign currencies – all on an easy-to-use website and mobile app available in both English and Simplified Chinese.

Despite its size and reputation for excellent service, Western Union Singapore is slow when it comes to customer ratings and pricing as it is almost never the cheapest provider of money transfers from Singapore.

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Our independent assessment of Western Union Singapore is based on extensive research. Use our table of contents below to jump directly to the sections that interest you and learn more about how Western Union operates in Singapore. If you’d like to read our full in-depth review of Western Union in general, you can do so here.

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169 years on the market, started as a telegraph company. It is the largest money transfer service provider in the world.

How Much Can You Send Western Union

In Singapore, Western Union offers competitive online transfer rates and exchange rates compared to what you may have used from traditional banks in Singapore, for example, UOB, DBS, Maybank, and OCBC.

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Despite the low cost, Western Union Singapore is still usually more expensive than other money transfer services out there, as you will know by doing a search on our comparison engine below:

In general, Western Union is the average choice when it comes to global transfers to or from Singapore. Unfortunately, the high costs associated with transferring money abroad with Western Union Singapore are not obvious at first glance, it is further complicated by the fact that the exchange rate fees and the total amount you have to pay can vary depending on your goals. Country and currency.

To make it easier for you to understand, start by understanding the common fees you’ll have to pay when making a global wire transfer with Western Union Singapore:

When you send money from Singapore using Western Union, you’ll be charged a flat fee (referred to as a “transfer fee” in this forum), which can vary widely depending on the amount you’re sending and your target currency.

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While these transfer fees can usually be in Singapore dollars by wire transfer, most of the fees you’ll have to pay will come in the form of exchange rates, a hidden symbol that Western Union creates by charging a poor exchange rate. More than one between banks (known as the central rate). Therefore, although Western Union may give the impression that your transfer does not contain any fees, and marks the amount of the ‘transfer’ as S$0, you will still pay a high exchange rate. .

For example, if you send S$250 to a friend in the Philippines, Western Union Singapore will charge you a transfer fee, but will charge you an exchange rate of about 0.53%. This means that your friend will get ₱50 less than what he gets if you have to transfer at the average exchange rate and ₱35 less than he gets with the cheapest provider for this WorldRemit money transfer service.

Check out the chart below for a clearer picture of how Western Union Singapore stacks up against its competitors on some of its selected popular corridors:

How Much Can You Send Western Union

As you can see above, Western Union Singapore is generally not the cheapest provider when it comes to transfers from Singapore. Therefore, you may also be interested in other popular service providers in Singapore.

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Please note that actual costs and exchange rates vary and may differ from the last time we checked. The best thing to do if you want to find the cheapest money transfer from Singapore is to use a money transfer comparison engine that will give you up to the minute data and rates.

You can also learn about the three cheapest average providers for money transfers from Singapore, according to our analysis of tens of thousands of searches on our comparison engine:

Like the rest of the Western Union platform, Western Union Singapore offers the easiest and most convenient way to send money abroad, allowing you to easily and conveniently use a wide range of money transfer services.

Western Union Singapore Home is clear and easy to understand and the steps required to open an account with them are quick, straightforward and concise. In addition, setting up an online bank transfer with Western Union Singapore is simple, with services readily available on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

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If you want to transfer money from a Western Union agent branch in Singapore, the website also clearly shows the steps to do it and provides a clear list of places to go and what time each location is open.

All in all, Western Union Singapore’s service is one of the most trusted and secure institutions you can trust. As a company, Western Union is fully licensed and licensed both in Singapore and in all other countries where it operates. In addition, the service itself has received many positive reviews from customers, most of which show a high level of trust in the company.

Western Union has a large number of employees in Singapore, with the parent company transferring at least S$6.75 billion for its customers to date. In addition, Western Union Singapore and Western Union itself have been featured in a large number of local and international media, ranging from The Straits Times to The Wall Street Journal.

How Much Can You Send Western Union

Perhaps Western Union’s strongest point is its scope of service and coverage. Allowing you to send money from Singapore to more than 150 currencies in almost every country around the world, Western Union Singapore not only has many options but also flexible payment methods. This is because Western Union allows you to send money abroad via wire transfer, credit/debit card payments, cash transfers, and even some other methods, either online or in person at one of the agency’s locations. Many of its agents. In Singapore.

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However, one of the drawbacks of Western Union services is that you don’t have the option to arrange recurring transfers or standing orders, and you also need to transfer funds within or under the domain. Maximum transfer limit (usually S$5,000 per transfer).

Western Union has a positive rating (3.1 out of 5 stars) from nearly 18,000 customers on the online review site Trustpilot. Here’s a summary of what Western Union customers have to say:

Western Union gives you a lot of leeway, albeit to some extent, different ways to communicate with them if you have any questions or concerns.

For example, Western Union Singapore offers both telephone and email support to both customers and non-customers, and while the service does not have live chat functionality, the FAQ and Help Center are easy to understand and provide clear guidance on the differences of questions and to care.

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All things considered, Western Union in Singapore does not offer the level of transparency and clarity of fees one would expect when sending money abroad. Although the total fee is clearly stated, the percentage of your fee that increases with the exchange rate margin is not clearly shown to you. This is especially relevant as Western Union’s exchange rate margin on transfers from Singapore makes up the bulk of your total transfer fees in the first place!

In addition, while Western Union shows on their website that they charge exchange rates (something some providers don’t), it adds a note to potential markups.

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