How Much Calories Do I Need To Eat To Gain Muscle

How Much Calories Do I Need To Eat To Gain Muscle – It is very easy to calculate how many calories you should eat in a day. You just plug in your age, gender, weight, height and activity level into our online calorie calculator and you’ll get an estimate of how many calories you need to eat each day to maintain your current weight.

The problem with calculating how many calories you need for weight loss is that each person has unique needs.

How Much Calories Do I Need To Eat To Gain Muscle

How Much Calories Do I Need To Eat To Gain Muscle

There are some general equations and calorie charts that can be used as a guide, and they can be helpful tools as a starting point.

An Rd Says This Is How Many Calories You Should Eat To Lose Weight

The average woman needs to eat about 1800 calories a day to maintain her current weight. When it comes to men, the average man should eat about 2500 calories per day to maintain his weight.

For example, women aged 31-50 who are moderately active need almost 2,000 calories per day compared to 1,800 sedentary calories per day.

Sedentary activity level describes activities of daily living. Moderate activity equals walking 1.5-3 miles per day at about 3-4 MPH plus activities of daily living.

The active category is equivalent to walking more than 3 miles per day at approximately 3-4 MPH in addition to activities of daily living.

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As mentioned above, one of the easiest and most effective ways is to find out how many calories you need to eat in a day to maintain your current weight or calculate how many amount of calories to lose weight, is to use our calorie calculator below.

These numbers are included in the equation that calculates resting energy expenditure (REE) or also known as basal metabolic rate (BMR).

REE or BMR are the calories your body uses to maintain normal functions such as: heartbeat, energy for brain activity, creation of new cells, etc.

How Much Calories Do I Need To Eat To Gain Muscle

From this REE number, the factor of weight, height, age and sex, the activity factor is added. By moving the body releases extra energy.

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Therefore, people with higher activity levels have higher caloric needs. As age, weight and activity level change, calorie needs will also change.

Knowing your daily calorie intake is a good place to start, but there are other factors to consider when it comes to health and weight management.

The quality of calories is as important as the quantity, and research studies also suggest that eating can affect weight management.

Calories are a way of measuring the energy that comes from food. The body uses energy from food to provide energy to all body cells. A pound is equal to t0 3500 calories.

Calculating How Many Calories You Need To Eat

So simply put, if you want to lose a pound, you need to reduce your calorie intake to save 3500 calories. For every 3500 you save, you lose 1 pound.

Children and teenagers have high calorie needs because they are growing. As we get older, the need for calories balances because growth stops.

As adults age, calorie needs decrease. This is because the body does not replace body cells as much, and the level of activity usually decreases as we age. Maintaining a high level of activity throughout adulthood can keep caloric needs higher.

How Much Calories Do I Need To Eat To Gain Muscle

This is generally true because males, above all, tend to be larger in body size and generally have more muscles than females. However, this generalization can be different.

How Many Calories Should You Be Eating On A Weight Loss Diet?

One of the biggest factors within our control that affects our calorie needs is our activity level.

For example, a 50-year-old woman will have very different caloric needs compared to a 50-year-old woman training for an IRONMAN triathlon.

Their BMR levels may be similar, but women training for a triathlon will need more calories because they expend more energy while swimming, cycling and running. run for training.

If someone wants to lose weight, the general recommendation is to include between 250-500 calories from the recommended calorie level.

How Many Calories Should I Eat Per Meal To Lose Weight?

For example, if your estimated caloric needs are 1,600 calories per day, it is traditionally recommended to lose your weight to 1,100-1,350 calories per day.

But, keep in mind, sustainable weight loss can take more than just aiming for a lower number of calories per day. There is concern that reducing calorie intake is too low to help with weight loss.

In general, a combination of cutting out low-nutrient foods (soda, sweets, etc.) is recommended for weight loss while increasing nutrient-dense foods (fruits, vegetables, lean protein, etc.) ).

How Much Calories Do I Need To Eat To Gain Muscle

Exercise can not only limit your calorie burn, but it can also keep lean muscle mass from being lost during rapid weight loss.

Figuring Out How Many Calories You Burn Every Day

Fitness apps, calorie counters and weight loss plans generally follow basic guidelines for determining calorie estimates. Your basal metabolic rate, as well as your activity level and including your desire to lose weight.

The Harris Benedict equation is a common method of obtaining basal metabolic rate (BMR). It takes into account age, sex, height and weight.

Many fitness websites and apps use this equation, or a similar one (such as the Mifflin-St Jeor equation), to get a basic calorie count. From this, you multiply the activity factor by the amount of exercise you do.

The higher your training level, the higher the activity factor. Sedentary is usually an activity of daily living, moderate exercise is equal to walking about 1.5-3 miles a day and active is walking more than 3 miles a day.

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People tend to overestimate the level of their fitness factor. Make sure you calculate your fitness amount correctly as it will affect your accuracy. This will give you an estimate of your body’s calorie needs.

The final piece adds to the weight loss factor equation. Since you want to lose weight, your intake should be less than your needs. Regardless of how much your body needs, the general practice is to reduce between 250-500 calories per day.

The number of calories that should be reduced for weight loss depends on your basic calorie count, how much weight loss you want and the health of the individual.

How Much Calories Do I Need To Eat To Gain Muscle

However, weight or health goals do not stop at just hitting a certain number of calories per day. The quality of their calories is just as important.

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For example, the body treats 500 calories from fries and soda differently than 500 calories from lean chicken, sweet potatoes and a side salad.

Regardless of your caloric intake, it is recommended that you limit your intake of added sugar and foods that are low in nutrients.

Research shows that not only the number of calories, but also when you eat these calories can be an important factor in losing weight.

For example, a 2013 study (2) put research participants in two different eating patterns but both had the same number of calories. The only difference between the groups was that one group ate most of their calories in the morning and the other group ate most of them at night.

How Many Calories Should A Man Eat To Lose Weight Revealed

After 12 weeks, the group that ate most of their calories earlier in the day had lost more weight and a lower waist circumference compared to the other group.

Another study in 2013 (3) found similar results. When the research participants were put into two different groups, the only difference was that when they ate the most food, the group that eat most of the calories the day before.

Researchers concluded that weight loss efforts should include not only calorie intake recommendations but also timing of food recommendations.

How Much Calories Do I Need To Eat To Gain Muscle

An important consideration for weight loss is what can be done in the long term and is considered healthy. Starvation or starvation diets cannot be sustained for long-term weight loss and can have a negative effect on your body.

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Remember, this is not about calorie count. The amount of nutrients you get and the calories are just as important. There are other things to focus on besides your daily calorie count. Are you getting the recommended amount of fruits, vegetables, antioxidants, fiber, omega 3, etc.

Finally, no matter what calorie level you start with, it’s important to remember to adjust if necessary. If you follow a calorie guide and it doesn’t help you lose weight or if you’re always hungry, something needs to change.

As you progress with your weight loss, your BMR will change. Therefore, as your weight decreases, your body’s calorie needs decrease.

The exact amount of calories you need each day can vary widely. There is an equation that we need to estimate your BMR, which is added to the activity factor. That’s an estimate of how many calories you need.

How Many Calories Should I Eat When Working Out?

For weight loss, anywhere from 250-1,000 calories will be subtracted from this amount. So you get fewer calories than your body needs which should translate into weight loss.

If you get an estimate of the number of calories you need, make sure to change if necessary according to your health or if it is not working for weight loss.

Remember that there are many more important factors in health and weight loss than the number of calories you eat each day.

How Much Calories Do I Need To Eat To Gain Muscle

Holly Klamer, RD Holly is a registered dietitian (RDN) with an MS in nutrition and exercise science. She teaches culinary nutrition classes in Kalamazoo

How Many Calories Should I Eat A Day To Lose Weight?

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