How Much Biotin For Hair Loss Should I Take

How Much Biotin For Hair Loss Should I Take – Biotin is one of the most popular supplements in the hair loss community. If you’ve invested any time in hair loss research, chances are you’ve come across information about biotin, biotin deficiency, and claims about how this vitamin is essential for hair growth.

In 2007, when I was first diagnosed with male pattern baldness, I came across this very information. And like millions of other people, I inevitably started supplementing with biotin in hopes that it would improve my hair.

How Much Biotin For Hair Loss Should I Take

How Much Biotin For Hair Loss Should I Take

In fact, evidence shows that biotin supplements do not improve hair growth for the vast majority of people. For most hair loss sufferers in the developed world, biotin supplements are useless. For a select few, it is dangerous. And even for those with biotin deficiency

Biotin Deficiency In Women With Hair Loss

This article is here to outline the connection between hair loss and biotin. We will uncover the evidence, reveal the best arguments

By the end, we’ll have a solid understanding of what biotin is, its role in hair loss (and hair growth), and how this vitamin’s popularity is rooted more in clever marketing than solid science.

Biotin supplements for hair growth come from studies on children with genetic mutations that cause severe biotin deficiencies. Biotin deficiencies of this severity are extremely rare in the general population.

Hair loss In addition, 50% of women will develop a biotin deficiency during pregnancy. Ironically, this time period is also when women report

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There are studies showing that biotin can improve hair loss. But generally this is only true for people who are already biotin deficient. The prevalence of a biotin deficiency is debated; it varies greatly depending on which study you cite. But in general, only a small fraction of people are seriously deficient in biotin

People at greatest risk for severe biotin deficiency are those who have genetic disorders, are alcoholics, heavy smokers, abuse antibiotics, use medications (such as anticonvulsants or Accutane), and/or are pregnant.

Rather than spending money on biotin, a better investment of time and energy is probably to (1) test for a biotin deficiency, (2) identify the type of hair loss you have, and (3) target it.

How Much Biotin For Hair Loss Should I Take

Specific cause of hair loss with clinically proven compounds, rather than guessing in the dark with vitamins and supplements.

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Biotin, also known as vitamin B7 (or vitamin H), is part of the B-complex family of vitamins. Biotin plays a key role in hundreds of body functions and is considered essential for human health. In other words, we cannot function normally if we have a significant lack of this vitamin.

For US adults, the recommended daily intake of biotin is 30 mcg per day. Studies have found that in most developed countries the average dietary intake of biotin is 35-75 mcg per day. This, in combination with the amount of biotin produced by our gut bacteria, is usually more than enough to cover all of our daily biotin needs.

Like most B vitamins, biotin is responsible for a myriad of functions. Some of the most important roles that biotin plays:

Biotin is important for hair health. This is the argument most biotin manufacturers will make when trying to sell you a supplement.

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This argument and introduces an important nuance. In this way, we will reveal why biotin supplements are largely unnecessary for the vast majority of hair loss sufferers.

If you ask any biotin manufacturer if biotin is important for hair health, the answer is almost always “yes” and the reasons why

In a vacuum, this makes biotin supplementation sound incredibly promising. When I first read the same information in 2007, I saw the importance of biotin and immediately began supplementing.

How Much Biotin For Hair Loss Should I Take

If I had done this exercise, I would have realized that the participants in these studies are not like me, that biotin supplements only helped them because of their unusual circumstances, and that I should have done this exercise.

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(1) applied your situation to mine, (2) started supplementing with biotin, and (3) waited for similar results.

To prevent you from making my mistakes, we will do these studies together. In doing so, we will reveal why the findings from these studies are not necessarily applicable to the vast majority of people with hair loss. That way, you’ll be in a better position to decide whether biotin supplements can help you, hurt you, or just be a waste of your money.

The evidence against widespread biotin supplementation A review of the use of biotin for hair loss (Patel et al., 2017)

This 2017 literature review examined all available case reports showing an association between biotin supplementation and hair loss: 18 reports in total. In all 18 studies, every study participant had some degree of biotin deficiency. And in every report, biotin supplements

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In principle, this is encouraging. If you only read the summary of this review, you will walk away believing that in the presence of a biotin deficiency, supplementation can help hair grow back.

Unfortunately, this summary does not tell the whole story. Why? Because when we look more closely at the participants in these case reports, we realize that most of them do not represent the average hair loss sufferer. For example:

In other words, this review could only find evidence that biotin supplementation improves hair loss in children, and more specifically children with rare genetic mutations and/or diseases that caused their biotin deficiency in the first place.

How Much Biotin For Hair Loss Should I Take

Therefore, the evidence from this review cannot be applied to modern adults who are losing their hair. But ironically, this literature review is what supplement manufacturers refer to in their marketing materials to try to achieve

The Science Of Biotin For Hair Loss

Hair loss? Is there any evidence that this group may be disproportionately deficient in biotin and that biotin supplementation may improve their health and hair?

Ralph Trüeb, one of the most prolific hair loss researchers of the 21st century, conducted a study to determine how many women with self-perceived hair loss were also biotin deficient. The study was robust: 541 women were included in the study. And the results were surprising.

Of all the women who complained of hair loss, 38% of them had a biotin deficiency. That’s a high number, and lends credence to the idea that perhaps a large percentage of women struggling with hair loss should start supplementing with biotin.

In other words, 62% of the women with hair loss in this study had at least normal levels of biotin. In addition, 13% of these women had optimal levels of biotin…suggesting that hair loss can occur even without biotin deficiency.

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Of the women complaining of hair loss who were also biotin deficient, 11% of them had health factors that greatly increased their risk of developing a deficiency in the first place. This included medication use, antibiotic use, genetic mutations and more (more on this later).

3. Of the women who underwent scalp examinations, hair loss was detected in the same percentage of women with and without biotin deficiency.

This study was conducted on a group of “women complaining of hair loss” – or in other words, women with perceived thinning hair. So part of this study was to perform a scalp examination on a subset of these women to determine if they actually had detectable markers of hair thinning or a diagnosable hair loss disorder.

How Much Biotin For Hair Loss Should I Take

So a subset of the women underwent what is known as a trichogram. A trichogram is a lens-like device that is attached to the scalp to strengthen the skin and hair. It is about determining the characteristics of the hair shaft, the percentage of hair in growth versus resting phases, the presence of dermatitis (flaking on the scalp) and much more.

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Of hair loss. For example, one of the most common causes of hair loss in adult women is telogen effluvium. This is characterized by a high number of hairs in the hair cycle phase of the hair cycle versus growth. A trichogram helps calculate these ratios and thus diagnose this specific hair loss disorder.

Interestingly, in this study, trichogram screening was performed in both a subset of women with optimal biotin levels and a group of women with biotin deficiency. The findings?

Deficient biotin levels had exactly the same percentage of a diagnosable hair loss disorder: 24%. For the rest of these women, no diagnosable hair loss disorder was present.

Indicates that a trichogram is not a sufficiently sensitive or specific test to diagnose mild hair loss due to biotin deficiency. At the same time, we can also interpret these results to suggest that hair loss severe enough to meet a diagnostic criterion occurs in

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If true, this suggests that a biotin deficiency is of very little relevance to most women with hair loss in general, and that the presence of a deficiency (in the vast majority of cases) may be coincidental.

The practice of treating women complaining of hair loss indiscriminately with oral biotin supplements should be rejected unless biotin deficiency and its relevance to an individual’s complaint of hair loss can be demonstrated. It should be noted that hair loss in women can be multifactorial in origin, including female androgenetic alopecia, other nutritional deficiencies (eg iron deficiency) and/or endocrine disorders (eg thyroid disorders). Treating the patient exclusively with oral biotin carries a risk of neglect or delay in appropriate treatment

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