How Many Calories Burned In 100 Steps

How Many Calories Burned In 100 Steps – I work from home in a small office up a flight of stairs from the main floor of our house.

So I’m constantly walking up and down the stairs for a bathroom break, lunch or just to stretch my legs. I will even excuse myself to walk up and down the stairs so I can burn a few more calories!

How Many Calories Burned In 100 Steps

How Many Calories Burned In 100 Steps

My office climbs up to 13 steps, but yours can climb 100 stairs or 1000 stairs. Of course, burning more calories is better exercise than standing on an elevator or escalator, but what kind of exercise is it really?

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(And scroll down for a nifty calculator that tells you roughly how many calories you burn every time you climb the stairs).

The best and easiest way to track your calories burned off the stairs is with the FitBit Versa (Amazon link).

It records all your steps, floors climbed, exercise, and calories burned every day – not to mention sleep, heart rate, etc. Check it out!

To know how many calories we burn on the stairs, we need to know a simple value: MET, or Metabolic Equivalent of Work.

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MET is not specific to climbing stairs; It’s just a general value for any physical activity that measures how much energy it takes to do it based on metabolism and oxygen consumption.

The simple reference point for MET is this: sitting still is 1 MET; more or less metabolism, and 1 MET is equivalent to the heat of about 1 kcal per kg of body weight per hour.

Climbing the stairs has a MET of up to 4, so if you know how long it takes you to climb a flight of stairs, you can easily find out how many calories you burn.

How Many Calories Burned In 100 Steps

Let’s say you weigh 150 pounds, and you want to know how many calories you burn climbing a flight of stairs: about 13 steps or so.

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I just figured it out myself, and on a regular basis it took me about 7 or 8 seconds to climb 13 flights of stairs.

8 seconds = 8/60 of a minute = 0.13 minutes = 0.13/60 of an hour = .002222 hours

Now let’s use our formula to find out how many calories we burn while climbing a flight of stairs:

There you have it. The average person burns somewhere between half a calorie and one more calorie walking up a flight of stairs.

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That doesn’t sound like much, but remember, that’s only 7 or 8 seconds of work! And it is 4 times that you will burn just sitting on your stomach.

Again, these are based on a 150 pound person… If you are heavier, you will burn more calories going up the stairs:

Walking up the stairs is just the beginning! You can also run, run or lift the stairs to burn more calories.

How Many Calories Burned In 100 Steps

You can plug the following MET results into our handy tool to find out how changing your approach to climbing can increase your calorie burn. Try it!

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For example: A 150 pound person running normally up the stairs (should take about 3 seconds) burns about .85 calories.

Just enter your weight in pounds, how fast you walk up the stairs, and roughly how long, and viola! The calculator will tell you (approximately) how many calories you burn.

Hope this helps 🙂 And if you find any mistakes with my math, please let me know. let me know in the comments below!

(Again; if you’re trying to trim – check out my top picks for fat loss.)

Stair’way To Fitness

Climbing stairs actually burns more calories than walking flat, but maybe not as much as you think.

Given the MET value listed above (a simple estimate for caloric burn per activity), climbing stairs burns somewhere around 1.5-2 times as many calories as travel, depending on the speed of each operation.

You can find this out for yourself the next time you are in the gym. Walk for 10 minutes or so at a moderate clip on the treadmill and record the calorie count, then spend 10 minutes on the stair stepper and compare the numbers.

How Many Calories Burned In 100 Steps

(Although the calorie count on cardio machines is known to be inaccurate, you can still get the idea).

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The important thing to remember about weight loss is that the main driver is your net energy, or calories in calories out (CICO). There are many other factors, but generally if you are eating a calorie deficit on a basic basis, you will lose weight.

Climbing the stairs, whether it’s a long run at the gym on a machine, or just taking the stairs every now and then with the elevator, can help you burn off all your energy throughout the day.

If you’re on top of your diet and nutrition, climbing stairs can help you manage your calorie intake and help you lose weight.

It is important to remember that just walking uphill alone does not burn fat. You have to eat right for results, but exercise will help you. It’s also great for your health and well-being, which is more important than losing weight.

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On the contrary, climbing stairs can help build the muscles around the knee that help stabilize it, as well as strengthen some of the ligaments and cartilage in the area. Stairs are a recommended treatment for bad knees.

Although you should consult your doctor if you have problems in the joints or knees, because climbing stairs too much can make the problem worse.

It is also important that if you have knee pain, you should not go up or down stairs too quickly. A nice slow motion will impact lower and better at protecting and improving your knee area.

How Many Calories Burned In 100 Steps

It really all depends, and it mostly depends on the style of the house you live in.

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For an easier and more accurate way to track your calories burned, get the FitBit Versa on Amazon! It’s fun, easy to use, and really motivates you to move more during the day – try it yourself!

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The truth is that walking can be a great solution for losing weight, but it is not an overnight solution. So even if you get thousands of steps a day, you can ask yourself:

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In this article, we will answer these questions briefly and then give some practical tips so that you can get the most out of your regular walks.

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Let’s start with a quick answer to your question and then I’ll do some math to provide more details:

How Many Calories Burned In 100 Steps

Of course, this is not really science. There are many factors that increase or decrease the total calories burned on your walk. This includes:

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Do you want to create a schedule in the morning to lose extra pounds? Then watch this video to see 11 habits to lose weight and feel good:

Yes, I admit that 70,000 steps seems like a lot of walking to lose a pound.

But think about it, if you challenge yourself to get an average of 10,000 steps a day, that’s one pound a week – just by walking.

On average, a 170 pound man burns 500 calories in a 10,000 step workout. This number increases when a person speeds up, or because of climbing a steep hill.

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This number can also be reduced for lighter men, women or someone with slower control. If you follow the goal of 10,000 steps a day, it will burn about 3,500 calories more in a week.

In total, you will lose one pound per week with these numbers. One pound a week is not a huge amount of weight loss, but it is a firm, realistic and achievable goal. (Read this article for more examples of SMART goals for weight loss.)

Although these are not numbers, because of us

How Many Calories Burned In 100 Steps

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