How Long To Leave Loreal Preference Hair Dye In

How Long To Leave Loreal Preference Hair Dye In – No, this is not a drastic change. And it actually turned out a little thinner than expected, but it’s still a change, hair coloring. I thought about it for a while but always thought it was too scary. Every time I go through a DM in Germany, I stop for hair dye. Then in a red tone. The red hair is so beautiful I don’t know where it came from. Red is probably my favorite color. I was ordered to do something. And finally I did it, I took the paint bag and put it in the shop. AAAAAAHHH!

I’ve never dyed my hair (one time at a hair salon) and I couldn’t find a good description online, so I’m blogging about it.

How Long To Leave Loreal Preference Hair Dye In

How Long To Leave Loreal Preference Hair Dye In

I chose the L’oreal Préférence Color Ombre Red, this pack is specifically for people with dark hair. I also found ombre hair dyes to be pretty safe. If it’s nothing, you can repaint it or crop it if there’s no other way. But I thought everything would be fine.

L’oreal Recital Preference 6.21 Opera Cool Iridescent Very Light Brown

It’s all in one package. Powder in a container, paint in a tube, brush, gloves, conditioner and instructions for use. Fortunately, I can call my friend because I don’t speak German. I don’t do more than order food.

I did an allergy test two days before the paint. I’m very sensitive myself, so I thought it was a smart thing to do. My cousin was once allergic to hair dye and I can tell you that you don’t want to experience that for yourself! The test is very simple. Make sure you don’t have earrings on and style your hair. Put some paint from the black tube on a cotton pad. Make a dime-sized circle on the head behind the ears. Allow to dry. Repeat this two or three times. Try not to touch it for 48 hours. If you do not have an allergic reaction to it, it should be washed off as soon as possible. After 48 hours I didn’t see anything crazy so it was safe to dye my hair.

I first laid everything out on the table so that everything was easy to get to. You’ll also need an old towel, brush, and tongs that can get dirty. It’s actually quite simple. You squeeze the paint out of the tube (it has a number on it) and pour it into a white bottle labeled empty.

You then put the cap on the white bottle and shake the bottle vigorously a few times. This way you ensure that the powder mixes well with the paint. Make sure there are no knots in your hair and if you want to create a natural flow, you can put the top of your hair back. As a result, you will not get a hard line between the end of the hair and the top of the colored hair.

L’oreal Paris Superior Preference Permanent Hair Colour, 70p Sydney, 100% Grey Coverage, Hair Dye, 1 Ea (packaging May Vary)

You can then wrap a towel around your clothes to protect them, and of course you can also throw on an old sweater or rain poncho. I let my hair down. What I recommend is to keep your other half in your head first. Divide the bottom half lengthwise in half so that you have an equal amount of hair on both sides of your head. Wearing gloves, remove the top cover from the black plate. Slowly pour the paint from the bottle onto the brush. Spread it evenly. After you have filled your hair with color, you can color your hair.

Start by applying the color to the underside of your hair. Work by placing the comb on the strand of hair so that you can let the hair down.

If you paint the bottom, you can paint the top. If your hair is long, it’s best to start with the best. If you have shorter shoulder-length hair, start just below the ear. Repeat to update (if you did). You start by coloring the lower part of the hair more. You do this to make the paint color lighter and you are actually creating an ombre effect. Then let the paint work for a minimum of 25 and a maximum of 45 minutes. I went for 45 minutes because I wanted to see as many results as possible, my hair is dark so it takes longer to straighten. You can check if your hair is red by rubbing a little dye with a glove. At the end of the time, wash off the paint with warm water. There are many colorings, so do it carefully. After the excess dye is washed from the hair, you can treat it with conditioner. It works like a regular air conditioner. It gives extra shine to colored hair. Then it’s time for the results! I was very excited!

How Long To Leave Loreal Preference Hair Dye In

It’s more red than the packaging says, but I think the results are great! It’s more mahogany-brown-red than true red, but in a good way. Maybe this is a more subtle step to true red hair, this could be the next step… My friend asked me to take a picture of the back so you can see the result better. By the way, in this photo I noticed the length of my hair for the first time. I like it!

Loreal Preference P67 London Very Intense Red Permanent Hair Colour Dye

If you accidentally get hair dye on your clothes, spray them with hairspray and wash them in the washing machine. Don’t ask me how it works, but it does! You can also remove hair dye from a rubber band with toothpaste.

Do you dye your hair? What do you think of the results? Do I go overboard with the ombre color for a stronger result?

Great that you read my blog! If you leave comments in the comments, of course, it will be interesting and useful for me. Who knows, maybe I’ll even learn something from you! Do you follow me on my social media channels for interesting things?

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