How Long Should My Cat Eat Kitten Food

How Long Should My Cat Eat Kitten Food – Give your new kitten a strong and healthy start by making sure he gets the right nutrition with a proper feeding schedule and a healthy diet. But before you start thinking about your newest family member’s food, you’ll want to make sure your vet has evaluated her health and identified any nutritional issues.

During the first few weeks, breast milk is your kitten’s primary food source. When your little cat is ready to be yours, she will most likely be ready for real kitten food.

How Long Should My Cat Eat Kitten Food

How Long Should My Cat Eat Kitten Food

Good nutrition, including the right nutritional properties and type of food, is essential when your kitten is home. A mixture of healthy wet and dry food is recommended for the first eight to 12 weeks. As your kitten develops his taste, experiment with different flavors and textures to find what he likes best.

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The most important aspect of your kitten’s diet will be on the label. PetMD recommends feeding “a high-quality, high-fat, high-protein cat food in a variety of flavors.” At this early stage of her life, a diet rich in fat and protein is important for your kitten as she grows and develops rapidly.

Foods like BLUE Recipe™ Healthy Growth Chicken and Brown Rice Dry Food and BLUE Wilderness® Kitten Salmon Recipe Wet Food are specially formulated to give growing kittens the nutrients they need without any fillers or byproducts. Both formulas contain nutrients that help promote brain and eye development, healthy muscle growth and the vital energy your kitten needs to play.

Plus, all BLUE™ dry formulas contain a precise blend of nutrients and antioxidants exclusive to Blue Buffalo pet food, called LifeSource Bits

Is Your Cat Obsessed With Food

Keep in mind that the suggested serving size on the kitten food labels may need to be adjusted depending on your cat’s specific development.

Although the ideal feeding schedule varies from family to family, it is important to establish it early. PetMD recommends organizing a schedule that fits your routine, but keeping it consistent from day to day. Your new kitten will appreciate the routine as much as you do, and feeding her will be an integral part of her daily routine.

Three to four meals a day are recommended for your kitten’s first six to nine months. Young cats need more food because they are very active and develop quickly.

How Long Should My Cat Eat Kitten Food

Growing kittens need three times more calories and nutrients than adult cats. Their small stomachs cannot hold the amount of food they need for energy each day if you only feed them once or twice a day.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Natural Kitten High Protein Grain Free Chicken Dry Cat Food, 5 Lbs.

When your kitten is a year old and her growth has slowed significantly, reduce feeding to twice a day, again on a reliable schedule.

Fresh, clean water is as vital to your cat’s health as it is to your well-being. Hydration keeps her body developing and running smoothly as she grows and matures. Rinse and fill her bowl with water at each feeding and clean it well at least once a week.

Lots of love, proper veterinary care and a healthy, delicious diet will help your kitten grow into a healthy adult and lifelong companion. Sharing your life with a cat is truly rewarding. There’s nothing like snuggling up to your four-legged ball after a long day at work.

But being a pet parent also comes with a lot of responsibility, especially when it comes to deciding how much food to feed your cat. Feeding cats is more complicated than just putting a few bits here and there; There are several factors to consider, especially if you decide to feed your cat wet food. Deciding how much wet food to feed your cat can be complicated, but we’re here to help.

Feeding Your Kitten Dry Food: What You Need To Know

You may be wondering why it is important to determine the right amount of wet cat food to give your cat? As of 2017, approximately 60 percent of cats in the United States are classified as clinically overweight or obese. There are approximately 56.5 million cats who are overweight, and the extra weight has a dramatic, negative effect on cat health.

Obese cats are at increased risk of heart failure, skin diseases, infections, diabetes mellitus, complications related to anesthesia and surgery, hepatic lipidosis (a potentially fatal liver disease), and certain cancers.

Feeding cats wet food is never as simple as opening a can and letting them eat until they’re full. Indoor cats in particular tend to burn few calories during the day and become bored, which we all know can lead to overeating and weight gain. Pet parents need to take a strategic approach to weighing cat food to prevent or manage weight gain in cats.

How Long Should My Cat Eat Kitten Food

For starters, have your cat evaluated by a veterinarian. He or she will weigh your cat, identify your cat’s ideal weight, and determine the number of calories your cat should eat each day to reach that goal.

Kitten Diet And Behaviour

A pet calorie calculator can also get you out into the field. If your cat is severely overweight, your veterinarian may recommend a prescription cat food for weight loss; otherwise, over-the-counter weight control cat food should be sufficient.

Next, look at the label on your cat’s wet food. At best, the feeding instructions will be a bit vague and they certainly won’t apply to all cats in all situations. It helps to do some math. The calorie content of wet cat food should be listed somewhere on the label.

For example, American Journey’s ground chicken and tuna recipe provides 73 calories per 3-ounce can. If you can’t find this information, look it up on the manufacturer’s website or call them.

Let’s say your vet has determined that your cat needs 240 calories per day. In this example, simply divide 240 by 73 to determine how many 3-ounce cans of American Journey’s Chicken and Tuna Recipe to offer your cat per day.

Kitten Development From 3 To 6 Months

Cats that have difficulty staying lean should be fed several measured meals of cat food throughout the day, rather than having access to food 24/7.

How often should you feed your cat? You and your vet can discuss the right frequency based on your situation. But generally speaking, cats do best when they eat several smaller meals throughout the day – at least two, but more can be better.

The math you just performed can help you make a decision. In the example we used, the cat should eat 3 1/3 cans per day. Doesn’t it make sense to feed three meals from a can with an extra third of the can for the last meal of the day? Whatever you decide, simply divide the number of cans you need to feed in a day by the number of meals you want to feed yourself and you’ll get the correct portion for each meal.

How Long Should My Cat Eat Kitten Food

If you’re watching your cat’s weight, you’ll also need to subtract the calories from any treats you give, as well as the dry food you offer. If it helps, keep a diary of your cat’s daily calorie intake goals and then track the food and cat treats you give throughout the day to keep your cat’s weight on track.

Kitten Feeding Chart: How Much To Feed Your Fur Ball

Foods that are already portioned into meal-sized portions, such as Sheba Perfect Portion Grain-Free Multipacks and Nutro Perfect Portion Grain-Free Multipacks can reduce the risk of accidental overfeeding at any time.

And if your pet’s food comes in cans and you have leftovers, the Petmate Kitty Kap fits four can sizes. It will keep wet cat food fresh in the fridge until your cat’s next scheduled meal. The nutrition you give your cat is the fuel for everything it does – including growth, development, skin and coat condition and exercise.

Choosing the right food for your cat is one of the first decisions you will have to make. Not surprisingly, as your cat ages, their needs will change – nutritional needs are not fixed and change with your cat. Making sure you always feed your cat the right food is an important part of supporting their health, and this may mean changing their diet several times throughout their lives. Your cat’s nutritional needs are affected by:

With so many cat foods that look the same and so many options to choose from, the selection process can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, your veterinarian can help you choose and also help you decide when and if you should change your cat’s diet in the future.

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Walk into any pet store or surf the Internet and you’ll be faced with hundreds of potential foods to feed your cat, as well as a wealth of opinions on which choices to make. With so many cat foods that look the same and so many options to choose from, the selection process can feel overwhelming.

Fortunately, your veterinarian can help you choose and also help you decide when and if to change your cat’s food to

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