How Long Should I Wait To Drink After Taking Tylenol

How Long Should I Wait To Drink After Taking Tylenol – Although information in this area is limited, it is important to provide accurate information about the effects of alcohol consumption on breastfeeding mothers.

However, we know very little about the effects of alcohol consumption on breastfeeding mothers and their babies. In the clinic, we regularly ask women about tobacco, alcohol and other substances during the medical history examination and advise women about the harmful effects of these substances when taken during pregnancy.

How Long Should I Wait To Drink After Taking Tylenol

How Long Should I Wait To Drink After Taking Tylenol

However, there seems to be a big difference in what is recommended for breastfeeding women. When it comes to alcohol consumption by breastfeeding mothers, some health professionals say that it should be avoided, while others say that alcohol consumption by breastfeeding mothers is not dangerous.

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In a recent review, Hastrup and colleagues reported a higher prevalence of alcohol consumption among breastfeeding women.

Epidemiological studies show that women who breastfeed are less likely to drink excessively, but there is no difference in drinking between 1 and 3 months postpartum between women who choose to breastfeed and women who do not.

Although information on the effects of alcohol consumption on breastfeeding women and infants is limited, it is important to have accurate information about the risk of exposure to alcohol during breastfeeding.

Alcohol that a mother freely drinks passes into her breast milk; Alcohol levels in breast milk are similar to those measured in the mother’s blood and 30 to 60 minutes after high alcohol intake.

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The amount of alcohol absorbed by a nursing infant in breast milk is estimated to be 5% to 6% of the mother’s weight-adjusted intake.

After consuming one drink, alcohol can be detected in breast milk within 2 to 3 hours. However, it should be noted that the detection time of alcohol in breast milk increases with the amount of alcohol consumed by the mother. Alcohol from 1 drink can be detected in breast milk within 2 to 3 hours, but 4 to 5 hours after 2 drinks, 6 to 8 hours after 3 drinks, and so on. Other factors that affect the amount of alcohol in breast milk include how quickly it is consumed, whether it is taken with food, the mother’s body weight, and individual differences in alcohol absorption and metabolism.

The amount of alcohol in the blood of newborns depends on the amount of alcohol in the mother’s milk, but on the ability of the baby to absorb alcohol. Alcohol consumption in newborns ranges from 25% to 50% of the amount seen in adults.

How Long Should I Wait To Drink After Taking Tylenol

Breastfeeding women are sometimes told to drink alcohol to increase breast milk production, and ingredients in dark stout beer such as Guinness can help nourish the baby. In the early 1900s, brewing companies marketed low-alcohol beers, or “tonics,” specifically for nursing mothers in an effort to increase stamina and increase breast milk production.

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Like many old wives’ tales, there is a grain of truth in this advice. The barley used to make beer contains polysaccharides that increase the production of prolactin, which in turn stimulates the production of breast milk.

Alcohol is a strong inhibitor of oxytocin. Because of this effect, it was used clinically in the 1970s to stop congestion and prevent premature birth. However, in nursing mothers, the release of oxytocin associated with drinking alcohol stimulates milk ejection, which reduces the amount of milk available to the nursing baby.

The higher the alcohol content, the greater the effect; However, one study found that consuming just 0.3 grams of alcohol per kilogram (which is less than the amount recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics) reduced milk production by 10 percent.

Studies have shown that babies of mothers who drank alcohol before breastfeeding drank about 20% more milk in the first 4 hours after consuming alcohol than mothers who drank alcohol.

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However, it has been reported that if the mothers do not drink alcohol, the babies nurse more often and take larger amounts of milk in the 8 to 12 hours after the mothers drink alcohol.

Although some speculate that this decrease in milk consumption by infants may be due to a change in the taste of milk, it is likely related to a decrease in supply. In fact, Menella noticed that when babies are bottle-fed, they consume more alcohol-fortified milk than regular breast milk.

2 studies reported that total sleep remained unchanged after consuming alcoholic milk, but these studies showed that sleep was more fragmented.

How Long Should I Wait To Drink After Taking Tylenol

In contrast, another study found that after babies drank alcohol-containing milk, total sleep duration was reduced by an average of 25 percent.

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The long-term effects of alcohol in breast milk on infants have not been well studied, and only a few have considered the neurodevelopmental effects of exposed infants. However, this can be a particularly difficult area of ​​research. Not only do we need to consider the direct effects of alcohol exposure through breast milk, but alcohol consumed by the mother can affect the developing child by changing the mother’s behavior or parenting skills.

In a study of 400 infants, Small and his colleagues examined the children’s development at one year in relation to the mother’s alcohol consumption during breastfeeding.

Maternal alcohol did not affect cognitive development, as measured using the Bayley Mental Development Index (MDI). However, indices of motor development as measured by the Psychomotor Development Index (PDI) were significantly lower in infants regularly exposed to alcohol in breast milk (even after controlling for prenatal alcohol exposure). The researchers observed an inverse dose-response relationship between frequency of maternal alcohol consumption and PDI scores. Breastfed infants who consumed 1 or more drinks per day had a mean PDI score of 98, compared with a mean score of 103 for infants with less alcohol in their breast milk (95% confidence interval 1.2 to 9.8). This association persisted after controlling for more than 100 confounding variables, including smoking and other drug use. In addition, the results were more pronounced when formula-fed mothers were excluded from the analysis.

However, in a similar study from the same cohort, there was no relationship between Griffiths Developmental Scale scores and alcohol exposure in the 18-month cohort.

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When researchers compared the ability of the Bailey and Griffith scales to detect neurodevelopmental deficits, they noted that these tests were limited in their ability to detect low scores when used in infants and young children. Studies in the elderly suggest that it is more important to assess the effects of drinking while breastfeeding.

More recently, Growing Up in Australia: A Longitudinal Study of Australian Children analyzed data on 5107 Australian infants and their caregivers recruited in 2004.

Information on breastfeeding, alcohol use, and other demographic variables was collected at baseline, and children were assessed every 2 years. Heavy maternal alcohol consumption at first assessment was associated with dose reduction in breastfed infants aged 6 to 7 years. This association was not observed in non-breastfed infants, suggesting that exposure to alcohol in breast milk, rather than psychological or environmental factors associated with this exposure, is responsible for the decline in cognitive function observed in breastfed infants. This finding was independent of prenatal alcohol use, baby sex, maternal age, income, birth weight, and duration of breastfeeding. Smoking during breastfeeding did not produce research results.

How Long Should I Wait To Drink After Taking Tylenol

Although these studies highlight the risk of alcohol consumption in infants, there are many different patterns of alcohol consumption and it would be a mistake to assume that occasional drinking poses the same risk as chronic, heavy drinking or binge drinking. Our understanding of the effects of alcohol use is further complicated by the presence of genetic, psychological, cultural, and economic factors that accompany and influence alcohol use. These factors can have a significant impact on children.

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All pregnant and postpartum women should be asked about previous and current alcohol use. About 1 in 2 women aged 18 to 44 drink alcohol, and 18% of women in this age group drink alcohol. Many women with alcohol addiction problems can avoid drinking during pregnancy, the recovery rate is high after childbirth.

Screening for problematic alcohol use patterns in mothers and providing treatment when necessary can help reduce risk behaviors in infants.

Before giving birth, all women should be given information about the use of alcohol during breastfeeding. Although data is incomplete, current data indicate that maternal alcohol consumption affects milk production and infant sleep. In addition, recent studies show that alcohol passing through breast milk can have negative neurodevelopmental effects.


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