How Do You Post Something On Pinterest

How Do You Post Something On Pinterest – When it comes to Pinterest, one of the main things you need to know is how to post something on Pinterest. Remember, the name Pinterest comes in part from what we call what we put on the platform – Pin. How to create a pin on Pinterest is something we all need to understand in order to be successful on the platform.

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How Do You Post Something On Pinterest

How Do You Post Something On Pinterest

Let’s start with how to create a pin on Pinterest, because it’s more than just taking a picture.

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Finally, our pin description is almost like a blog post meta description, but with more space! You can have a pin description of up to 500 characters. This means that you can write using only natural language, you don’t need to do anything special to match what you want in the description field. You can use hashtags in your pin description.

When you have the full 500 characters, remember that the first 50 are the ones that appear in the Pinterest feed, so read the beginning!

Now that we know what goes into creating a Pinterest pin, let’s look at how to post it.

Then, click the plus button in the upper right corner of your screen, and select Create Pin.

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After that, we will be taken to the screen that we will use to create our pin. It has everything listed above.

Personally, I like to map out my pin in advance in a spreadsheet or document, so when I get to this screen I just copy and paste everything.

You can drag your image into the gray box, or click the arrow to open an import dialog box and view the pin image on your computer.

How Do You Post Something On Pinterest

In the upper right corner, next to the Publish button, you’ll see an empty drop-down box. This is where you select the board where you want to post your pin. Discover your secret game plan for growing and growing your online business and blog. Take the Quiz and Find Out Now!

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Do you want to learn the easy way to post on Pinterest? Today, I’m going to show you how to upload a photo from your computer or phone to Pinterest to create a Pin.

So there are many ways to create or add a pin to Pinterest, but now we’re going back to the basics. First, I’ll show you how to post to Pinterest using your laptop and then using your phone.

Also, how to use Pinterest + Tailwind Chrome Extension to post on Pinterest. This tutorial will be very easy and perfect for any newbie getting started with Pinterest.

P.S. If you need help designing your own Pinterest pins, check out my Pinterest templates here.

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My template pack includes 57 different templates for you to use. I designed them all, with Pinterest best practices in mind so you can get more clicks to your site!

To give you a quick overview of your Pinterest status, in the “Created” tab, you’ll see all the boards you’ve added in chronological order.

After that, in the “Save” tab, you will see all the boards you have created. I have a full video of how to do that for you to watch as well. Boards are like folders on your computer. They help you organize your cables.

How Do You Post Something On Pinterest

Every pin you add to Pinterest needs to live on at least one of your boards. You can also click on other boards, but now we go to the front of the game. Just remember that every pin needs to be plugged into the board.

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Ok, so to create a Create Pin on a computer, you can click on the top and click create “Create Pin”.

Now here is an editor where you can add your pins. To add a photo, just drag and drop it into the field.

If you want to work and upload more than one pin at a time, you can do so, just click the plus icon here on the left and upload your other pins. As you can see, this is the same installation method. video and photos. You can create 15 pins at a time.

Now you can choose where this pin takes people. It can be your blog or website, your store, your youtube, or Instagram. Of course it’s up to you. So what you want to do first is add your URL so that people go to it when they click on that link.

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Now we need to help Pinterest understand what this pin is about. Pinterest can read the text on your pin and understand what the image is about, but we still want to give Pinterest more information about what it’s about, so always add a title and description to your pin. .

This is very important for Pinterest SEO so that when someone searches for a keyword, for example, your pins will appear as a result.

The description should be just a brief description of what people can expect from your post or video. And make sure you include keywords here and in the title.

How Do You Post Something On Pinterest

Alt text, as far as we know, has nothing to do with the algorithm at this time. But it helps visually impaired people to describe what they see in the song.

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First, you can click on the little pin icon, and it will open the Pinterest pin editor. Here you can add text to your pin or make other changes. The truth is I don’t use it.

There is advanced free software like Canva, which I will link you to in the description, that makes it very easy to create beautiful images like this, so you don’t need to use this tool here , but you can also. if you want to make last minute changes.

If you have an eCommerce store, you can tag relevant products for that pin here. So, for example, if we have a gift guide pin here, we can tag this guide with product-related pins from our Pinterest account.

You can find your latest product threads on Pinterest and tag them here. Now, this is a very advanced technique that I plan to do a video on soon so let me know in the comments if it’s something you’d like to learn more about.

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You can then publish the pin image immediately or you can use Pinterest’s scheduling tool to save your pin for later.

Time is set to your time on whatever you have on your Pinterest site and desktop. For example, I’m in Switzerland, but most of my audience is from the US, so I focus when I write when my audience is alive.

Once you’ve chosen a posting time, we need to decide where this pin will live on your account. And it should be on one of your boards. As I mentioned at the beginning, Boards are like a folder that you can use to organize your pins.

How Do You Post Something On Pinterest

So you should have a board for all the main groups you talk about on your blog, store, or community so you always have a related board where you can pin your pin. .

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If none of the boards you made fit the pin, it’s a good idea to create a new board and add the pin.

So choose the board you just created; If you have multiple boards you can use the search function to find a suitable one or create a new one and click “Publish” this will add your pin to your board and make it live for your followers you didn’t see it.

It looks good. You will see it saved on the board you selected earlier and when I click on it, it will redirect to your site.

Let me quickly switch to my phone and show you how to enter a pin from your phone. It is very similar, so it will be very fast.

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Open the Pinterest app on your device and sign in to your Pinterest account; make sure you update the app to the latest version. It might look different to you here.

I have a separate tutorial on creating thought threads but for now, choose a pin that you can always upload photos and videos to.

You can take a photo directly from your phone and upload it. If you get a message that the app can’t find your camera or contacts, you’ll need to allow access to your iPhone’s privacy settings.

How Do You Post Something On Pinterest

Second, you can also search the internet and, for example, go to your blog, and to the blog post, and then save the pin that you added to your post. For this, click on the red save button, and it shows all the pin images included in that post of yours.

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It should also work for social media and your store. So if we go, for example, to my Instagram,

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