How Do You Get Tickets For Ellen

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How Do You Get Tickets For Ellen

How Do You Get Tickets For Ellen

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You can request free tickets to an Ellen DeGeneres concert! Just go to select an available date and fill out the online ticket request form. You will then receive email confirmation within 2 weeks if you received your ticket. You can also try your “day” ticket by calling 818.954.5929 before 12:00 PM PT. Show a date with one of the options. Print an invitation confirmation Find your ID Yours with a picture. And get ready for the show! The Ellen DeGeneres Show

This article was co-authored by our team. Our team of skilled editors and researchers review the article for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Our content management team carefully reviews our editorial work to ensure each article is backed by reliable research and meets our high quality standards. This article has been viewed 266,181 times.

To get Ellen DeGeneres concert tickets, please visit to view the calendar for the next two months. Select the days of the week you want to attend the show and click “Tickets Available” to select. Then fill out the card application form. And check your email in the next two weeks to confirm your order. Reply to emails within 3 days to secure your order. and bring your photo ID and concert confirmation email with you to pick up your tickets. Want to learn more about gifting concert gift cards? Please keep reading! If I’m having a bad day a guaranteed way is to watch the Ellen show. Ellen is the funniest, funniest Funny and the cutest. Which I know because I had the chance to meet her! People ask me all the time how to get tickets to The Ellen Show, and I’m always excited to tell them it’s possible! Not only did I get the chance to be on the Ellen Show tapings and be on Ellen’s show , I was also on her stage and interviewed her.

There are two main ways to get tickets to Allen’s shows that actually work: 1) Go to her show calendar page and “Request Tickets” 2) Go to A. Allen’s “Write to Allen” page and then submit the story.

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All this happened in 2016 when the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. I was on The Ellen Show website and noticed on their home page that they were looking for baseball fans. Not just a baseball fan but fans who have teams that are in the playoffs and may make it to the World Series. I thought to myself, it’s me!

I took the time to write Alan a paragraph about myself and how I made Kobe Blue bleed. I also included in the game a picture of me, a mother and a 7 week old son. I didn’t expect to hear anything. But a few days later I heard from one of the producers of The Ellen Show that she told me that I might be most interested in going to Murphy’s Bleachers on Wednesday at 4:00 p.m. I didn’t ask any question. I knew I had to be there. When someone who works for Alan suggests, go!

I gathered a group of friends and family with me. I don’t know what to expect when I got there several other women were also advised to go to a bar in Wrigleyville.

How Do You Get Tickets For Ellen

Then I realized that the producer of the Alan Show, who was at the bar, was looking for excitement. One of the best things you can do to get tickets to an Alan show or an Alan show is to get excited. Much of this comes naturally to me. People around me think I drink eight cups of coffee every morning.

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Ginny suddenly entered the bar. Then she called my name and there’s a girl named Julie in front of the bar. That’s when the pizza was brought out.

We quickly learned that our faces would soon be on these pizzas. We don’t know what gambling is. All we know is that we are looking for pennant flags. They put glasses on us and told us to put our hands behind our backs. Ellen appeared on television. And she made us even more excited. time to go

I’m in it, that’s me in the picture above, with my face in a deep palette. I want that flag and I want it, yes!

Guess what? I have this flag! Ellen came back to the camera and told me I had won a ticket to the race. Then she asked if I would share a ticket with Julie. And I said yes (of course!) Ellen gave both Julie and I a set of field experience cards. We are both crazy excited! Ellen sends us to Cubs World Series Game 4!

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Game 4 comes just days after the Murphy’s Bleachers Pizza extravaganza, Julie took her pop. I also took my husband. We have to go to the field to watch soccer practice, that’s not true! We have a lot of fun when the camera follows us.

The Cubs lost Game 4, but you should know the end of the story. They went to game 7 and won the world championship. It was amazing!

Shortly after winning I got a call from the Ellen Show Producer to see if I would be willing to leave LA to do some Ellentube filming. Hmmm, YESSSSSS!

How Do You Get Tickets For Ellen

Ellen took me to Los Angeles to shoot the movie. I really don’t know what to expect. My parents were in Hawaii all this time. But my aunt can travel with me. (Which makes this trip even more fun!)

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We stayed at a nearby hotel. With The Ellen Show filming location, it all took place at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California. On the day of the recording, my aunt and I hung out in the dressing room backstage. Again I didn’t know what to expect. And I don’t ask questions about the relationship to maintain an element of doubt and surprise.

We were backstage for about an hour and suddenly the producer came in and said they were ready for me. She immediately took us to what looked like a tape of The Ellen Show. Warren Beatty on stage. And quickly they took us to the audience. Within seconds we were walking backstage to front row seats to The Ellen Show, looking like they were on tape.

After that everything blurs. I started to black out with excitement. Ellen called me down to her stage. It’s not true that it happened.

I was sitting in my chair talking to Allen about the Cubs winning the World Series. She is truly blessed. She asked where we were and what we were doing. She asked about my son. Then she told me I would get change to win “something else.” I can’t get over the fact that I’m on the Ellen Show stage!!!

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They cut to an ad. But when they come back Ellen told me to dive into pizza again. What Alan wants, Alan has! Before I went in, Chris Bryant and David then Ross came out on stage. I have to hug them both! Again, I’m excited and can’t believe what happened in just the last eight minutes.

Backstage, I spoke to Chris and David again, they were great, everyone I met today was absolutely amazing. Ellen has an amazing staff member working for her. It seems like a complete dream job to do what these people do every day.

Although I was very lucky to be chosen for this opportunity. Everyone can have the same opportunity. All you have to do is visit ellentube frequently and check out the different games. which she operates throughout the year. This is not my first talk show experience. I was in the audience to record Oprah’s last tape. And won a trip to Arizona with my best friend Mirval.

How Do You Get Tickets For Ellen

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