How Do You Add An Article To Linkedin

How Do You Add An Article To Linkedin – This is a comprehensive LinkedIn marketing guide written by me, someone with over 14,000 LinkedIn followers. Over the past four years I have published countless blog posts, videos, photos and status updates to generate millions of impressions on my travel content.

This guide to LinkedIn marketing will walk you through the entire process from start to finish. To create LinkedIn content, to create new connections, to beat the LinkedIn algorithm. If you miss any point in this massive 3,000 word guide, scroll down and check out the table of contents.

How Do You Add An Article To Linkedin

How Do You Add An Article To Linkedin

For the past five years, LinkedIn has been the internet’s secret place to grow your following. Creators like Quentin Allums, Finn Thormeier and more have grown a following of over 40,000 followers and created videos that have garnered hundreds of views.

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I too have seen such success. I’ve managed to grow my audience on Linkedin to around 14,000 followers, and I’ve made a few videos that have gotten 200,000 views. The truth is, creating LinkedIn content can be very rewarding for writers and video producers, and content doesn’t always have to be business or work-focused. It can be based on travel, relationship counseling or major life events.

If you want to succeed in creating content on Linkedin, here is a quick “How To” covering the basics.

After signing up for LinkedIn and creating your profile, you will be taken to your home page, which is:

See the “Start Sending” box at the top of the page? Here’s a closer look:

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From here you can start typing in the box to create a good “status update” message. I call them status updates because they are essentially the same thing as a Facebook status update. There is a 1,200 character limit, so be careful not to make your message too long.

We’ll cover how to share videos and images below, but know that this box is the starting point for posting on LinkedIn and the answer to the question “How do I post on LinkedIn?”

If you’re writing a status update and want to “tag” a LinkedIn connection in it, enter the “@” character in your message and type the name of the connection you want to tag.

How Do You Add An Article To Linkedin

For example, I typed @michael and my friend, Michael Thompson’s profile appears in the box below the @ character. Then I select your profile with my cursor. This way on Linkedin you will be able to quickly find and tag connections.

Linkedin Publisher Gets A New Look!

You can add an image to a LinkedIn post in a number of ways. Select the “Photo” button in the LinkedIn “Start a Post” box and you’ll be able to select an image from your computer to upload and share to LinkedIn.

After uploading the image, you can add alt text to it by selecting the “Add Alt Text” button at the top right of the upload window. I usually don’t care about this and just hit the “Done” button in the bottom right.

See how the image is below the text box? At the top you can add your text, click publish and search, so you can add an image to a LinkedIn post.

By the way, adding images to your LinkedIn posts is a great idea as the LinkedIn algorithm now favors them. Just food for thought.

Linkedin Featured Section

Sending a link from a website to LinkedIn is very easy. Copy the URL of any web page you want to share and paste it into the content box mentioned earlier.

You will then see a link to this website automatically placed below the text box in your post window. You can now delete your URL as the website preview has already been entered and saved.

The cool thing about LinkedIn marketing is the organic reach. “Who can see my LinkedIn messages?” when you are asking the answer to that is everyone. People you’re connected to and people you’re not connected to can see your posts.

How Do You Add An Article To Linkedin

But, there is a catch. In order for people who are not connected to see your posts, you need people who are currently connected to “like” your post. When a connection “likes” your post, LinkedIn’s algorithm actually puts your post on the home page of the people they’re connected to. In this case, that would be what is known as Level 2 connections.

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Secondary connections on LinkedIn are people you are not currently connected to, but are connected to one of your connections. So basically, a friend of a friend.

Level 3 connections on LinkedIn are people you are not currently connected to, but are connected to one of your connections. So to save an example, a friend of a friend.

See the image above. It’s a box that shows people who liked a recent post. As you can see, I can determine the level of connection these people have. Using this information, I can send these people a connection request and grow my following. More information about this in the “LinkedIn connections” section of this page.

Many people don’t know that you can also publish entire blog posts on LinkedIn. They’re called LinkedIn “articles” and they can drive some pretty significant traffic when done right, adding fuel to your LinkedIn marketing efforts.

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LinkedIn articles can help you rank higher in search engines given that LinkedIn has a higher authority. If you optimize for a specific keyword, you can probably rank in the search results, just like you can on Medium. Let’s go over how to blog on LinkedIn.

Posting articles on LinkedIn is quite easy. Go to the content box on your home page (discussed earlier) and select the “Write an Article” button.

From there you’ll be taken into a good blog post writing program where you can write a headline, upload a cover photo, and write body paragraphs.

How Do You Add An Article To Linkedin

When you’re done writing your article, click the “Publish” button at the top right and your first LinkedIn blog post will be live.

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When sharing something on Linkedin you may be asked what to write if you are just copying and pasting something from the internet.

The good news is that what you write doesn’t have to be so fancy. Remember that you only have 1,200 characters to make a statement, which means you can fit it into 8-9 pages at most. In total I split 3-4 sentences using this formula.

LinkedIn is a global audience of professionals who probably wake up early in the morning to attack their day. I post my content on LinkedIn usually 6-10 AM EST to make sure I catch business women and men early in their day.

That being said, you have to remember that LinkedIn has a truly global audience. According to an article on Hootsuite, nearly 70% of LinkedIn users live outside the United States.

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You need to think about who your target audience is. For a while I posted content about the Philippines, since I lived there for two years. Since my audience is Filipinos, I usually post between 6am and 10am in the Philippines. Consider the location of your audience and print it in the mornings when planning your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

The biggest difference between an article and a LinkedIn post is length. A regular article is usually 1,200 characters long, while an article can be 1,200-2,000 words in total.

See how short it is? LinkedIn posts are great for short lists and even mentions, but articles are perfect for when you want to go deeper.

How Do You Add An Article To Linkedin

All that LinkedIn advertising and LinkedIn blogging doesn’t matter if you can’t earn connections. LinkedIn connections are similar to email subscribers. You need to engage with them so they continue to see your great content in their feed every day. That’s LinkedIn marketing 101.

How To Manage Linkedin Connections

If you don’t attack to win serious connections, you’ll lose that person (possibly) forever and never see you again.

Think of “connecting” on LinkedIn as a friend request on LinkedIn. “Connection” on Linkedin is a fancy way of saying “friend”. They say connection because they want to sound more professional, I guess.

The main benefit of connecting with someone as a content creator is that connections can more easily find your posts in their feed. They’re more likely to see your crap, in other words.

If you want to learn how to grow your connections on LinkedIn, check out our existing content. If you click the button that shows how many people have “liked” your status update, article or video, a box will appear showing all the people who have liked it.

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Then you want to go to the bottom of the box because down here are all the people that you’re not currently connected to. You will see that they are all 2nd and 3rd connections.

See all the 2nd downs there? You are shooting for connections 2 and 3 because these are not

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