How Do I Know my Coach Bag is Authentic?

So you finally decided to get a new Coach bag, and you’ve just received it. But something doesn’t quite feel right; you don’t know what it is. Could it be? Could you have a counterfeit in your hand even though you paid full price?

These cases are the most common that you might think. People get an awesome price, run into a flash sale with unbelievable prices, or buy from an international page that promises to sell at factory prices. There are many causes, but let’s see how you can definitely and conclusively know if your brand new Coach bag is authentic.

How do I know my Coach bag is authentic?

How do I know my Coach bag is authentic?
The left bag is fake – look at the signature canvas
Look at the logo and zipper.

The Coach logo is well-drawn, the brand is proud of it. Also, be mindful of the position of the logo, and lining. If something doesn’t quite feel or look right, it may be one of the main signs of a counterfeit in your hands.

The zipper is also a definitive sign since an authentic Coach bag should unzip easily. Also, Coach uses YKK and Ideal zippers so don’t panic if you see these brands on the hardware. be present in a Coach model. If you can’t find these letters, you’re holding a counterfeit.

Look for the bag online.

Go to the Coach official website and look for official photos of your bag. They usually do a pretty good job of showing details that should be present in your bag. Compare the color (even if there’s always a slight difference, it should be pretty close), metallic details, closures, zippers, etc. No matter how good it may be, a counterfeit will always miss important details present in the original bag.

Use your senses.

Leather Coach bags smell and feel a certain, unmistakable way, more so when they’re brand new. So if a bag you own feels cheap, it’s probably an imitation.

Try to analyze the bag inside and out. Feel the stitching and give it a little scratch to see if the leather is well painted with a quality product. Pass a slightly damp cloth over it and see the reaction. If something funny happens here, then it’s bad news for you.

Serial number.

Did you know that most original Coach bags have a serial number printed in a beautiful leather authenticity tag with perfect stitching, you can validate this number with Coach customer service (check the phone number on Coach website).

For an authentic Coach Bag, the serial is located inside the bag. This is a pretty good method to answer the big question once and for all. Call Coach customer service directly; they’ll be more than happy to help you.

As a note, small items like wallets do not have a serial number.

Purchase from a trusted site. like My Small Store or us.

This is the definitive foolproof method to authenticate your Coach bag. There are thousands of sites claiming to be authorized resellers to have personal contacts on the factory or similar stories. Truth is a quick Internet search online that can tell you a lot about a website using false information to get sales.

An authorized seller has to meet certain requirements and has a strong, trusty presence on the Internet, often using other sales channels such as Amazon. The person purchasing a bag can safely get a bag or ask for a refund is something goes wrong.

Of course, there is a lot of interest in good-looking counterfeits, so the market will always be full of these models waiting for a new home. But if you’re looking for an authentic model, please do your research and stay informed of the latest in Coach bag models, so you know exactly what you’re getting beforehand. Even if you’re purchasing one on-site, you can follow the above easy steps to authenticate the bag and take it home with you with the confidence of having a new, genuine Coach model in your possession.