How Do I Get A Google Voice Phone Number

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You probably have a phone number for your mobile phone where you make calls, send and receive SMS, and do other things. But sometimes you can use the second number for personal and professional phone calls and SMS. Or maybe you prefer a different number to use your accounts on websites.

How Do I Get A Google Voice Phone Number

How Do I Get A Google Voice Phone Number

There are many options for getting a second phone number, some free and some paid. But one option worth trying is Google Voice.

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With Google Voice VoIP service, you are assigned a dedicated phone number that may use the same area code as your phone number or a general location. All calls made to a Google Voice number are forwarded to a regular number to be answered directly.

Missed calls go to voicemail, where Google provides voice and text transcripts for reading and listening to messages. In addition, you can use this second number not only on the phone, but also on Google Voice.

On the downside, Google Voice and all its features are free for personal use. On the downside, the private service is currently only available in the US. However, Google Voice is available to business and education users in the US and other select regions of the world with paid Google Workspace accounts.

To use Google Voice, you need a Google Account and an existing phone number. Now let’s see the steps to use this phone as a second phone number.

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To set up your number on your computer, go to the Google Voice website (Opens in a new window) and sign in with your Google account. You can use any major browser like Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Safari. The page will ask you to search for a number by entering the city or area code. You can choose any city or area code, but you’ll probably want to choose one or the one closest to your location, especially if you plan to share the number with friends, colleagues, and others.

Enter the area or city code to view available numbers. If you want to see additional numbers, click the Show More link. Then click the Select button for the phone number you want to use.

Now you need to verify your existing phone number. Click the Test Screen button. Enter your phone number and click the Send Code button.

How Do I Get A Google Voice Phone Number

Enter the code you received and click the Confirm button. They said your number is linked to your account. Click Finish and click Finish again.

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You can now use your Google Voice number on the web and on your mobile phone. Let’s test the site first. Your Google Voice page displays a toolbar with icons for calls, messages, and voicemail. Click the voicemail icon to read a message from Google Voice that welcomes you to the service. Click the play button to listen to the message.

To call from the website, click the appropriate numbers in the dialog box to call. If you save the address book in Google, you can start typing the name of the contact and choose the person to call them. Either way, your Google Voice number will show up on the other caller ID, so your phone number won’t be revealed. During a call, you can mute your phone, end the call, and access the keypad if you need to dial numbers to answer the call. When done, tap the phone icon to turn off the phone.

If you call a Google Voice number, you can answer it on the website, but remember that it will be sent to your mobile phone. Click the green phone icon to answer the call. The caller is required to provide their name as announced by Google. If you want to answer the call, open the keypad and press 1. Press 2 to send the caller to voicemail. Otherwise, the essence.

Next, you can review all voicemails. Click the Voicemail icon on the left. Select a specific voicemail. The text transcript should appear automatically, although you may need to wait a few minutes for a new voice message. Click the Play button to listen to the message.

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To send an SMS from the website, click the Messages icon. Click Select to send a new message. Scroll down the list of contacts to select the person you want to send an SMS to, or enter the person’s number or name. Write your text below and submit. Any texts you receive will also appear on the messages screen.

You can manage phone calls, SMS and voice mail. Select a specific call, text or voicemail for this. Tap the Call or Message icon in the upper right to respond to the caller by phone or text, depending on the subject.

Click the three dots icon to display a menu with various options. Select People to add a person to your address book. Select “Archive” to send to the Archive folder. If the invitation is spam, choose to mark as spam. Select Block Number to block future calls or texts. For a voicemail, select Download to save the message as an MP3 file. Select Delete to remove it.

How Do I Get A Google Voice Phone Number

You can also view Google Voice settings on the website. Click the audio settings icon on the top right to adjust the microphone, tone, and speakers.

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Click the settings icon at the top right. On the Settings screen, you can delete and unlock your Google Voice number. You can also change some settings for phone calls and voicemails, check any payment history, and enable security to filter out spam calls and messages.

If you are sitting in front of your computer with the Google Voice website in your browser, it is certainly possible to use the web page to handle calls and SMS messages. Otherwise, you can download and install the free Google Voice app on your mobile phone.

Download the app for iOS (Opens in a new window) or Android (Opens in a new window). The Google Voice app works the same way on both platforms. Before you start receiving calls, you need to decide whether you want to use mobile data and Wi-Fi or your operator (opens in a new window) for calls. Click the hamburger icon in the Google Voice app. Settings > Calls > Receive calls.

The first option to prioritize Wi-Fi and cellular data allows you to make calls over the Internet like any VoIP service, but it uses a small amount of data from your cellular plan to make calls. The second option to use a carrier is to use your mobile carrier to make the call, but if you don’t have unlimited minutes, there may be a charge. If you have a good Wi-Fi connection and limited minutes, go with the first option. Otherwise, choose the second option.

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To make a call, click the Call icon at the bottom and select the number pad icon. From there, select the person’s name from the suggestions or type in a phone number to call. Or tap the Contacts icon, select the person you want to call, and tap the phone number.

Entering the Google Voice number will call your cell phone. The process is the same as on the website. The caller will be asked to show you their published name. Press 1 to answer the call on the phone or 2 to send it to voicemail. Click the Voicemail icon below to access your messages. The transcript shows the text. Play to listen to the message.

To send a text message, tap the Messages icon at the bottom, then tap the pencil icon or tap the contacts icon, select the contact you want to send a text message to, then tap the text icon. Write your text and send it. All the texts you receive will appear in one place.

How Do I Get A Google Voice Phone Number

Finally, to adjust your Google Voice settings on the mobile app, go to Settings and you’ll find the options for Messages, Calls, Voicemail, Payments, and Security.

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