How Do Actors Lose Weight For Roles

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Actors often change their appearance drastically for film roles, often transforming into a completely different persona for each film.

How Do Actors Lose Weight For Roles

How Do Actors Lose Weight For Roles

, lost an astonishing 26 pounds for his Oscar-winning performance as HIV/AIDS patient Andrew Beckett in the film.

Actors Who Took Their Roles So Seriously It Got Out Of Hand

The film stars Hanks as a lawyer who is fired from his law firm because of his HIV status. The film follows his fight against the company in an unfair dismissal case.

Actor Anne Hathaway lost 25 pounds for the role of Fontaine in the 2012 remake of the Broadway musical.

Hathaway lost 15 pounds and 10 pounds before filming, saying in an interview that the idea was to look “near death” for the role.

Hathaway won a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role, so his commitment seems well-deserved.

Christian Bale Machinist Transformation: ‘black Coffee Fast’ Is Craziest Body Transformation Method

In the film, Jake Gyllenhaal plays a freelance photographer who follows accidents and murders throughout the night, filming and selling the footage to television.

Gyllenhaal’s character repeatedly pushes moral boundaries and is a little scary – a career-hungry freelance journalist who Gyllenhaal lost 30 pounds to accurately portray.

It sees Christian Bale play Trevor Reznick, a skeletal insomniac who obsessively pursues rapidly dropping weight.

How Do Actors Lose Weight For Roles

The film follows the passion and obsession of its characters as he becomes convinced that his factory colleagues are out to get him.

Korean Actors Who Underwent Drastic Weight Loss For Drama And Movie Roles

Bale lost an alarming amount of weight for the role, totaling 63 pounds.

‘Hunger’ cast Brian Mulligan, Michael Fassbender and Liam McMahon arrive at the Irish Film and TV Awards Philip Massey/Contributor/Getty Images

Fassbender lost a total of 40 pounds to play IRA hunger striker Bobby Sands in the 2008 film.

The film is set in Northern Ireland’s Maze Prison in 1981 and follows its character as he pushes his mind and body to the edge in protest.

Rosie O’donnell Reveals 50 Pound Weight Loss

Kravitz plays Marie, who falls in love with main character Vincent at an institution. The film sees the two traveling across the ocean with another character, Alex, to distribute Vincent’s mother’s ashes.

Chris Hemsworth changed his look from chiseled Lord Thor to a castaway in this period drama.

The film follows the remaining crew after their ship is attacked by a giant whale – and their struggle to survive.

How Do Actors Lose Weight For Roles

Hemsworth lost 33 pounds to play the role, which made him look “goofy,” according to an interview.

Celebrities Who Talked About Their Weight Loss Journey And How It Helped Them

Actor Matthew McConaughey won Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role for “Dallas Buyers Club” Getty Images/Jeffrey Mayer/Contributor

McConaughey stars as Ron Woodruff, a Texan who contracts AIDS in the 1980s. McConaughey said in an interview that he ate everything he did before taking on the role – just in smaller portions.

Liam Neeson plays a Jesuit missionary named Ferriera. In the film, two young missionaries go in search of their mentor (Neeson), who is mysteriously disconnected.

According to Neeson, the film was directed by Scorsese, who demanded “100 percent” from his actors during filming. The Northern Irish actor lost a total of 20 pounds for the role.

What Mark Wahlberg’s Weight Loss Says About Method Actors

In this spin-off of the Batman films, Joaquin Phoenix stars as troubled comedian Arthur Flake, who later becomes Batman’s villain, the Joker.

Phoenix lost 52 pounds to play the role. In an interview, Phoenix said he lost so much weight it drove him crazy, even though a doctor oversaw an extremely restrictive diet.

It was meant to look like a ballerina, which is usually on the petite side. Kunis said that in order to lose the necessary weight, she went on a strict diet and smoked a ton of cigarettes, “recognizing that I didn’t do it in the healthiest way possible.

How Do Actors Lose Weight For Roles

In his second appearance on this list, Tom Hanks lost 53 pounds for the role.

Celebrities Who Refuse To Lose Weight For Their Careers

Hanks plays FedEx operations manager Chuck Noland, who washes up on a deserted island after his plane crashes at sea. The film follows her struggle to survive on the island, completely alone.

Matthew McConaughey, Cate Blanchett, Lupita Nyong’o and Jared Leto pose in the Oscars press room Jason LaVeris/Contributor/Getty

Jared Leto, alongside Matthew McConaughey, lost a lot of weight for his role in the film.

Leto plays a transsexual living with HIV in the 1980s and lost nearly 40 pounds to play the role. Leto explained

The 6 Most Extreme Batman & Joker Body Transformations

In 2012, it wasn’t about losing a lot of weight, it was “more about representing the character”.

That some nights she thought she was “literally going to die” from a diet of carrots and peanuts.

British actor Ben Kings played Gandhi in the film of the same name in 1982, but the role of a lifetime was not without sacrifices.

How Do Actors Lose Weight For Roles

He lost a total of 20 pounds for the role, changing his diet to vegetarian, in Gandhi’s own reflection. To land the role, Kingsley also studied yoga and meditated.

Jared Leto’s Weight Loss: Actor Shed Pounds For ‘dallas Buyers Club’

Driver played a Jesuit priest in the film alongside Neeson, which came in at number 9 on this list.

Driver lost 51 pounds for the role, which he says he lost before and during filming to reflect the effects of his character’s ongoing travels around the world.

Actors Keanu Reeves, Carrie Preston, Lily Collins and ‘To the Bone’ writer/director Marty Noxon attend the 2017 Sundance Film Festival in Rich Polk / Stringer / Getty.

During the Netflix drama, Collins’ character meets a doctor who challenges her worldview and helps her cope with her condition.

Times Christian Bale Dramatically Transformed His Body For A Role Before Ford V Ferrari

Collins, who has suffered from an eating disorder in the past, found it difficult to lose weight but felt it was necessary for the role.

In 2011. Jonah plays Peter Brandt, a Yale economics graduate who helps baseball player Billy Beane (played by Brad Pitt) increase his team’s chances of winning.

To lose weight – he actually ate a lot. He consumed 4,000 calories a day to gain the muscle needed to play the role in this action movie.

How Do Actors Lose Weight For Roles

The film saw him play a footballer suffering from cancer. 50 Cent was unfamiliar with the role and dropped 50 pounds to play the part.

Stranger Things’: David Harbour On ‘struggle’ Of Weight Gain And Loss

Lawrence had to lose a lot of weight to look like an authentic Russian ballerina for the film, which she called “really brutal” because she doesn’t usually restrict her diet.

James wore a very tight and tiny corset in the role. James didn’t lose weight before the role, but the restrictive corset restricted his digestion – which meant he lost weight to stay in the corset for filming.

To achieve the lean look of a long-term junkie, Pfeiffer said he largely existed on a diet of “tomato soup and Marlboros.”

Pfeiffer talked about how stressful the experience was afterward, noting that filming for the film took six weeks longer than it should have.

Actors Whose Eating Disorders Worsened Due To A Role

Fox plays a cage-fighting assassin in the film and underwent a grueling five-month training program for the role. Artists have a proud tradition of suffering tremendously for their art. For the best researchers of the craft, there is no cross they bear, no darkness they cannot fall into, and no task too difficult if it means creating a role for themselves that will live long after they shuffle this mortal coil. . For example, Daniel Day-Lewis’ strong insistence on wearing clothes that only existed in the 1860s when he played Bill the Butcher in Gangs of New York saw him come down with a serious bout of pneumonia. His devotion and commitment almost cost him his life, especially as it is rumored that he initially refused all modern medicine to treat his condition.

However, it’s not just the mental and emotional changes that actors must endure to create a compelling portrayal of a character that can leap off the screen and into our imaginations. Sometimes the wizardry and wonder of a good makeup team or CGI department isn’t enough and a tired and aching actor is called upon to undergo an equally difficult physical transformation.

Losing weight to gain credibility is a strange equation, but when actors lose weight for a role, it commands a strange kind of respect. Losing weight has never been easier, even with a personal trainer and chef on hand. It expresses discipline, dedication and respect for their craft and their audience. So why not grab a bag of popcorn and a size soda or two and wonder how these actors slimmed down for their movie roles.

How Do Actors Lose Weight For Roles

“The Machinist” is a tough watch, especially following the frail frame of psychologically challenged factory worker Trevor Reznick (Kristen Bell) as he seems to waste away on a steady diet of insomnia, madness and murder. Bell is a master of yo-yo dieting and body transformation. He packed on the pounds for “American Hustle” and became a fan of “The Dark Knight” trilogy. However, he could never surpass the weight loss alchemy he wove with Reznick’s character in the director.

Joaquin Phoenix Joker Transformation

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