How Can I Make My Mac Faster

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Matt Elliott, a tech writer for over a decade, is a PC tester and Mac user based in New Hampshire.

How Can I Make My Mac Faster

How Can I Make My Mac Faster

Has your once bright and fast Mac slowed down? If you constantly see the beach ball rolling as your Mac struggles to keep up, then it’s time to do some maintenance to put it back a little further.

Reasons For A Slow Mac Computer And How To Fix It

In the previous version of this article, I recommend replacing your MacBook ($ 549 on Amazon) with a traditional hard drive with a solid state drive (SSD) and adding more RAM, but these two techniques have become obsolete. For starters, MacBooks for most of the last decade have carried SSDs, so you probably already have one unless your MacBook is old. Second, MacBooks in recent years contain RAM and SSD soldered to the motherboard, making it nearly impossible for users to upgrade. Therefore, the following five tips will help you speed up your Mac without modifying its hardware.

Before we begin, give me a word of caution: back up your data before diving. For Macs, it’s easy. Grab an external drive and run Time Machine. With the backup of your Mac’s new location, you can continue.

Sometimes, all your MacBook needs is a data cleanup. The busier an SSD is, the slower its performance. You can check how much free space is left on your MacBook drive by clicking the Apple logo in the upper left corner, selecting About This Mac, and then clicking the Storage tab. If you are close to the maximum capacity, click the Manage button to free up space. Here you will see four tips on how to restore your free driving position.

The first allows you to use iCloud to store files, photos and text messages. You can move all files stored on your desktop and the Documents folder on your Mac to iCloud. And you can store full-resolution photos in iCloud and store them in what Apple calls “upgraded” versions of your Mac that take up very little space.

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If you put a lot of photos on your iPhone ($ 500 Best Buy), using iCloud Photo Library is probably the largest storage space on your Mac. Keep in mind that you’ll probably run out of 5GB of free iCloud and start paying for the space. cloud from Apple. Upgrading to 50GB will set you back $ 0.99 per month, and the two larger plans offer 200GB for $ 2.99 per month or 2TB per month for $ 9.99. It’s cheaper than buying a new Mac.

The second option allows you to optimize the storage space of the TV app by removing downloaded movies and shows after watching them. The third option automatically cleans the trash, removing items that have been in the trash for more than 30 days. The last option, Clutter Reduction, lets you review large files, unsupported downloads and apps, and manually delete the ones you don’t need.

So, let’s clean up the apps you have. When you install an app on your Mac, the software comes as part of a package of files, including permissions that tell MacOS what users can do with certain files.

How Can I Make My Mac Faster

Over time, these permissions can change, causing your Mac to freeze, freeze, or crash. Repairing this license plate, in basic terms, means shuffling and returning these licenses to their rightful place.

How To Speed Up Mac? 11 Tricks To Make Your Mac Run Faster

To solve this problem, MacOS has a built-in tool called Disk Utility which allows you to run the emergency disk on your Mac. It can also fix disk partition problems and boot processes. You’ll need to boot your Mac into recovery mode and then follow Apple Support’s instructions to repair the disk using Disk Utility.

If your Mac acts like it needs a nap every afternoon when you’re at the height of multitasking, there’s an easy way to see which of your open applications are using the most system resources. Open Performance Monitor by searching for Spotlight (keyboard shortcut: hold down the Command key while pressing the space bar).

The numbers you will see are constantly changing, but show the amount of CPU and memory resources each app is using. Look at both the CPU and Memory tabs to see which apps are using the most resources. You could start using Safari instead of Chrome, for example, if you see that Chrome consumes more than its fair share of system resources.

If your Mac is slow to start, the problem may be that there are too many applications to open on startup. You probably never set them to start from scratch – they start by default.

New Macbook Pro Vs Earlier Macbooks

Go to System Preferences> Users & Groups, then click the Access tab to see the list of apps that open when you shut down your Mac. Highlight the apps you don’t want to open on startup and click the icon below the app list.

Apple releases new versions of MacOS as free updates, so there’s no reason to stick around. New versions of MacOS contain performance and security improvements to keep your Mac running smoothly and safely. To install updates automatically, go to System Preferences> Software Update and check the Automatically notify Mac box.

Using the Advanced button, you can choose to directly download the update or install it. There is also an option to automatically update apps from the App Store. After years of programming macOS applications, we have created a tool that anyone can use. It’s the easy speed of the MacBook.

How Can I Make My Mac Faster

So here’s a tip for you: Download CleanMyMac to quickly fix your slow Mac. But to help you do it yourself, we’ve rounded up our best ideas and solutions below.

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Remember the feel of a new Mac? A Mac without rainbow wheels. A Mac that doesn’t cause headaches or depression. Below we’ll show you 15 ways to brush up on your system and get any Mac running faster. All it takes is to stop a little thing here and there.

These simple steps presented below won’t take you long but will greatly help improve your Mac’s performance. If you do these tasks regularly, you won’t have to worry about speeding up your Mac again.

Some programs are more power hungry than others and can slow down your Mac. To see which apps are consuming your system resources, use Activity Monitor. You can open the Utilities folder in the Applications folder or use Spotlight to find it.

Maintenance scripts are internal service functions of macOS itself. MacOS works to fix various system errors and incompatibilities. For example, they reprogram specific databases to simplify Mac performance.

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If your Mac responds late, you can force it to run maintenance scripts. It’s easy to do with the free CleanMyMac X tool. It has a special feature called Repair. In the regular maintenance list, you will find the order you need.

It goes without saying that a clean boot helps speed up a slow Mac. When your Mac starts up faster, it takes less time to get things done. No waiting for Safari, Chrome or Firefox to start – they open immediately. How do you get that speed? Well, when your Mac starts up, it runs a lot of unnecessary programs. But it is very easy to control. Go to your System Preferences> Users and Groups and then click on your user. Now click on the Login item and immediately select a program that you do not need when starting your Mac, then click on the “-” button at the bottom.

A great tip to help you when wondering how to speed up your Mac is to turn off the visual effects. Sure, they’re nice, but who cares if your Mac is running slow? Disabling some features can greatly speed up your iMac or MacBook.

How Can I Make My Mac Faster

Slow internet can interfere with your productivity. It can also make you think that your Mac is running slowly, which is not the case. So, if you’ve run out of ideas on how to make your Mac faster, try checking your internet connection.

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Run diagnostics and see if there are any problems with the network connection. Once done, follow the prompts to try to fix any issues you may be experiencing.

When Wireless Diagnostics detects problems, it tries to restart the router. If none of this helps, contact your network provider for assistance.

Remove physical barriers between your Wi-Fi router and your Mac. Here’s a simple rule to follow: Make sure the router is always visible in your workspace.

If you have recently updated your operating system, you will notice a slowdown when Spotlight is pointed. It will take a few hours and then your Mac will be fine. But sometimes, the index is blocked and you need to speed up your Mac. For

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