How Can I Make My Ebike Go Faster

How Can I Make My Ebike Go Faster – Want your e-bike to go faster? Maybe by changing the drive system from a 20mph-max Class I engine to a 28mph-max Class III engine? Or fiddling with settings or other features? Well, hold on to your horses, because we’re going to explain why it’s a lot more difficult than just changing parts.

For this article, we spoke to experts from Bosch and Shimano (and the product manager for Marin Bicycles) for answers, but it seems that the information here translates far to Brose, Fazua, Yamaha and others. Hot-rodding about your special e-bike? You may forget that they use features and software on their electric bikes.

How Can I Make My Ebike Go Faster

How Can I Make My Ebike Go Faster

In an ideal world, you can upgrade your car to make it more powerful. Then add a larger, more powerful battery pack to maintain or increase riding times. After all, even Ford offers electric cars.

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The motor on my Yuba Spicy Curry is designed for its Bosch Class 1 Performance Line CX motor.

“There are laws in many parts of the world that prohibit the sale of aftermarket parts,” says Nick Murdick, Shimano Mountain Bike Product Manager.

“A rider’s parts must be prepared for the bike they’re riding, and the law doesn’t allow dealers to do that themselves, but in North America there’s a procedure where our office can work with the bike shop to do that.”

“Having said that, it is not easy to say that one can upgrade from an E8000 to an EP8 or from an E7000 to an E8000. Some boards only fit the drive units selected in the Pre- some may use new ones.The posts are in the same place, but the silhouettes are different.

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Custom frame parts, such as boat rails or screws, can make it harder to change cars, even if they have similar wheel patterns.

“A decorative frame or attachment can cause problems with some drive units, especially if they are too attached to the original drive unit. Sometimes the new drive unit will fit but leave a gap, but sometimes it won’t. You don’t have to go to the source to find out if a particular drive fits in an older frame. The bike brand may know, but in most cases, no one has checked whether a new drive fits in an old frame.”

“The Marin Alpine Trail E (which features the E7000, E8000, and EP8, depending on the model) is all based on the same engine, but you have to upgrade,” says product manager Matthew Cipes. “So since the bike is designed to run higher electric motors, there is no problem of upgrading, but the diamond increases, not faster … everything is ready and installed on the bike 1.”

How Can I Make My Ebike Go Faster

“Even though you can find an EP8 Class 3 motor, and it might be fine, Marin doesn’t accept this upgrade. And here’s the reason: Because we designed our bikes to handle the torque and power of a Class 1 motor, from so we can ‘I just don’t guarantee that it will be safe. The new car might have too much time in the frame. Or it might break the brakes.’

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Sensor, and it is very difficult to play on a new bike. Remember, the amount of assistance is pre-set by the bike brand via firmware and software based on the drive configuration (ie the equipment that comes with your bike).

In the best way in our experience. Our Yuba Spicy Curry has a 20-tooth chainring, but due to limited supply, the only replacement we can offer is an affordable 18-tooth chainring:

Now my bike is low, and the assist levels are a bit off. Sometimes it seems slow, but it bounces back. It’s accidental, although thankfully the product-correction lasts for a long time.

Apparently, putting on a bigger chain has the same effect as you change the chain of the system, because the driver determines your power level. its help version.

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So, the short answer is that it will change things, but maybe not well, it won’t change the speed of your bike.

If you want to improve the device you can change your tape, and since it is not directly related to the diameter of the drive unit, don’t worry. But it doesn’t change your speed.

Technically, yes. Since the speed sensor uses the rotation of the rear wheel to determine the speed on the wheel and the tire size parameters from the bike brand, then it is faster to increase the torque of your bike and your e-bike for higher motor output.

How Can I Make My Ebike Go Faster

But…if your bike comes with, say, 26″ wheels, but has room for a 29er wheel, then changing your wheel size won’t work…or even be possible. Bicycles are designed for a specific wheel size and cannot accept a larger wheel.

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Wheels there, though. Not only will it improve your speed (your steps will hit the ground), but it will also be better,

Moving the wheel speed sensor and magnetos in or out will make no difference as they will continue to move at the same rate. The wheel magnet moves faster, but does not move more or less than the sensor.

Now we’ve heard, but we haven’t tried, we don’t agree, and by reading this you agree that you are fully responsible for any consequences or damages that may arise from doing something like this. some people move that sensor forward and face it, then put a magnet around their neck and push it down, tricking the drive system into going faster. That said, Sese people may experience faster battery drain, less torque, and void your warranty.

The larger the diameter of the wheel system, the higher the speed. But the truth is, the gains are limited, and the extra weight of a bigger tire consumes the battery power at a higher rate, so your results will definitely suffer.

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Batteries, “Murdick said. “There are three sizes for external batteries – 418, 504, and the new 630 Wh models. If the big battery fits without touching the top tube or shock, it’s easy to replace.”

“However one important note is that the new 630Wh battery requires an upgrade to the battery pack to accommodate the extra weight (BM-E8016 and original BM-E8010). If someone wants to use that larger battery on the bike it came with. the smaller battery needs to be upgraded for a more powerful mount.

“The internal batteries can only be upgraded to a higher capacity in the same case. We make a battery that is a 504 Wh battery in 630 Wh. This allows the use of bicycle lights in the same frame for different price points without mechanical work. 504Wh The BT-E8035-L can be the 630Wh BT-E8036, but the BT-E8035’s battery is shorter and nearing renewal.

How Can I Make My Ebike Go Faster

All told, on properly priced e-bikes, switching to a larger battery will cost you more.

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. The key is that computers and motors are designed to run at a certain voltage and amperage, and your battery output needs to be balanced or you’ll damage the system.

I choose “e-bikes” because you work with your system, and yes, there are many ways to make your bikes super fast (and illegal). But you need to make sure that the frame, wheels and parts can handle the speed.

That’s important: If a bike brand doesn’t use the same frame on their low-end and high-powered models, their frame, chain, and drivetrain may not be able to handle the torque for long.

Payment speed is important. Many Bosch bikes offer it with their own 2A charger, which makes it more affordable. If you’re a product manager for a bike brand and you can save money on said rental and put that money into a better bike so it looks better at the showroom, right?

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In the middle For their popular PowerTube 500 battery, the charge dropped from 7.5 hours to 4.5 hours just by using a more powerful charger. (

It won’t make your bike faster, but you will get faster over time and add more laps in the fast parts of the day.

And regarding the batteries, if I upgrade from an E7000 engine to one of the larger engines on the Marin, I can’t upgrade to a larger battery because the bolts are welded in place specifically for the battery size indicator. on the bike. Therefore, large batteries will not be available.

How Can I Make My Ebike Go Faster

Designed for bicycles with external or tubular batteries

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