How Can I Clean My Computer To Make It Run Faster

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Dirt, dust, and fingerprint smudges won’t do any long-term harm to your monitor, but they can definitely distract you while shooting Tracer in Overwatch. Look straight ahead. The monitor is dirty. Now it’s time to clean.

How Can I Clean My Computer To Make It Run Faster

How Can I Clean My Computer To Make It Run Faster

You might think cleaning your monitor is easy, but you are right. However, the process is more complicated than wiping with the edge of a t-shirt. Even worse, paper towels. Here are some do’s and don’ts.

How To Clean A Laptop

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Before we begin, accidentally damaging your monitor is an expensive mistake you want to avoid, so let’s go over some big bans.

First, avoid abrasive materials! This means no alcohol or ammonia-based detergents (such as dilute rubbing alcohol or Windex). These cleaners remove the anti-reflective coating, which can damage the screen, cause fogging, or make it worse. The monitor is far from the giant glass bulbs of old-school CRT displays, but that means it’s much more sensitive.

Next, pay attention to what you use to clean the screen. Paper towels may seem like a good choice, but at the microscopic level they are actually quite abrasive. The same goes for t-shirts or other household cloths that contain dirt, metal, or other substances that can scratch the screen with a single wipe.

How To Clean Your Filthy, Disgusting Laptop

Finally, you don’t want to spray the cleaner directly on the monitor. Excessive liquid risks pooling in the corners of the screen and can seep through small weak spots and damage sensitive materials inside.

With those cautions aside, let’s get down to cleaning that monitor. For simple dust removal, you’ll need to blow dry it quickly with a blast of compressed air (the same thing you use to blow the dust off your case fan) and then remove it.

When it comes to cleaning, microfiber cloths are your best friend. Microfibers are very soft (on a microscopic level) and are known to attract dirt and absorb oil. Most importantly, the screen is not damaged. We like these (opens in a new tab) or if you want more fancy options we love these (opens in a new tab).

How Can I Clean My Computer To Make It Run Faster

Of course, make sure the fabric is clean before use, and especially take care not to get any foreign matter into the fabric. A single speck of dust or sand can do more damage than all careful preparation. Depending on the environment, the same fabric may be used for several weeks or may need to be replaced after only a few uses.

How To Clean A Computer Screen Or Laptop Screen

For a little extra cleaning power, lightly dampen the cloth in distilled water (there should be no dirt that could cause accidental damage), but not enough to squeeze out the water. Remember, we don’t want the liquid to flow along the screen and pool at the edges and corners. If water alone does not solve the problem, mix a cleaning solution of 50% distilled water and 50% household white vinegar. Same as before – apply the liquid to the cloth, not the screen.

When wiping the screen, avoid drawing circles or wiping specific areas. Instead, use broad, sweeping strokes side to side or up and down with light pressure. It may seem trivial, but again these sensitive electronics are what we are cleaning and it’s better to know your craft than be content with expensive repairs.

As former Head of Hardware at PC Gamer, Bo was responsible for helping readers better understand and use PC hardware. He also ran a buying guide that selects the best peripherals and components to spend his hard-earned money on. He is usually seen playing Overwatch, Apex Legends or more with cats. He is currently IGN’s resident technical editor and PC hardware expert. If you’ve been using your laptop for a year or two, it may be full of dust. Dust can block the fans, vents, and heat sink, preventing proper cooling of the computer. Even if you can’t open your laptop, you can remove a significant amount of this dust.

Accumulation of dust can prevent the computer from cooling properly, and this heat can also damage hardware. Your laptop’s fans may run at full speed and drain the battery. Laptops can also slow down for cooling.

How To Clean Your Laptop The Right Way

Most laptops, especially newer ones, are not designed to be opened by the user. This indicates a serious problem. On desktop computers, turn off the computer, open the case, blow air with a can of compressed air, and close the case. Just as there is a way to open a laptop and get inside, you can dust off a laptop in a similar way.

Your laptop may have a bottom panel (or multiple bottom panels) that you can remove to access internal components. Check your laptop documentation or search online for a specific “service manual” for your specific laptop model. Turn off the notebook, remove the battery, and unscrew the panel to access the inside of the notebook. If a service manual for your laptop is available, it will guide you through the process. Depending on the laptop, opening the panel may or may not void the warranty.

If the laptop is open, take it to a dust-free area, such as a garage or outside. Use a can of compressed air to inflate the inside of the laptop. Make sure you are dusting off the laptop case and not moving it inside. For example, you can blow more forcefully into the vents of the laptop, causing dust to blow out of the vents through the vents. Be careful when blowing air into the notebook fan. Rotating the fan too quickly can damage the fan. Blow the fan from different angles using a short blow of air.

How Can I Clean My Computer To Make It Run Faster

Compressed air (also known as canned air) is recommended for a reason. Do not use a vacuum and be very careful if you decide to use an air compressor instead of a compressed air can.

How To Clean A Mechanical Keyboard

When done, you can re-tighten the panel, insert the battery, and turn the laptop back on. It runs cooler and the fan needs to spin less often.

Whether you’re upgrading your laptop’s hardware or simply wanting to dust it off, manufacturers don’t want to open most laptops. However, dust builds up inside the laptop whether or not you can directly open it.

Even if you can’t open the laptop, you can still try to remove the dust. First, take your laptop to a dust-free location. You don’t want to dust all over your desk or bed.

Take a can of compressed air, point it at the laptop’s cooling vents, and give it a few short jets of air. If you’re lucky, the airflow will pick up some of the dust and get it out of the hole in the laptop. You can’t remove all the dust from your laptop, but at least it will prevent clogging of the fan, fan, and anything attached to the laptop. This is not an ideal way to remove dust from your laptop, but it can be all you can do.

How To Clean Your Computer Screen Safely

Be careful when doing this. Blowing compressed air directly to the cooling fan inside the fan may cause the cooling fan to spin too quickly. Do not direct the wind to the fan or run it for a long time. Instead, blow air for a short time, waiting in-between so that the fan doesn’t spin too fast.

If your laptop has a serious overheating problem and you cannot clean it yourself, you may need to contact the manufacturer for service. If you are still under warranty, that would be helpful.

If you’ve been using your laptop for a year or two, you’ll likely have accumulated a lot of dust inside the case. It’s a good idea to clean your laptop regularly, but you don’t always need to over-clean it. How often you need to clean your laptop depends on the laptop itself and how dusty the environment is.

How Can I Clean My Computer To Make It Run Faster

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How To Clean A Computer Keyboard And Mouse

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