Host Your Own Minecraft Server For Free

Host Your Own Minecraft Server For Free – Paying to host servers for any game is an expense that some players cannot afford for one reason or another. At the same time, You can host your own server for most video games without putting too much stress on your computer. Competition-based servers for today’s games take away this basic player privilege from you, and perhaps even in the future, Minecraft will no longer officially support giving players the tools to host their own servers. Game fans will love this article. Here’s how to host your own Minecraft server for free.

Making your own Minecraft server isn’t too complicated; But it’s a process that takes some time to stop. We will take care of each step to help you.

Host Your Own Minecraft Server For Free

Host Your Own Minecraft Server For Free

Although some players prefer to play older versions of Minecraft for one reason or another. We use the latest version. A fresh install or update option from the Microsoft Store or Minecraft Launcher should do the trick.

How To Make A Minecraft Server

If you want to host your own Minecraft server, You’ll need to run the server on your local machine (PC), whether it’s the computer you use to play Minecraft or a dedicated server machine. It is recommended that you have a separate computer that can host Minecraft.

Minecraft server files can be downloaded officially here. Versions are updated as game updates so we can’t actually link to the file.

Hosting a Minecraft server takes up some disk space, so you should have a separate folder on your SSD or HDD to store all your server files. You can make a folder almost anywhere you want. However, since you have to use the command prompt, make it easy to use. In Windows, you can open the Command Prompt by pressing the Windows Key + R and typing “cmd” or by pressing the Windows key and typing “cmd” to open Search.

Then type this command to start the server. Do not use quotes; Enter the file name of the downloaded .jar file.

Best Minecraft Server Hosting Services Of 2023

After running it, In the directory you will find a text file called “eula.txt”. Strangely enough, You should accept the EULA by opening the file with Notepad or Notepad++ and changing eula=false to eula=true. When finished, save the file.

You’ll also notice a file called You can edit it and change things. Because the line called query.port is the port your friends need to connect to you. And in many cases, You have to move on. The default value is 25565. Regarding port forwarding, People use multiple routers these days so we can’t really help you, but provides step-by-step instructions for multiple routers. As a rule, You should contact your Internet service provider or consult your router’s user manual.

In general, You should be able to access your router’s settings through a browser by entering the IP address assigned by the router. Then you should change the required settings in the settings.

Host Your Own Minecraft Server For Free

An important note is that you should not share your public IP address that you do not fully trust as a cyber attack vector. If you experience DDoS attacks or anything similar, report it to your ISP and local authorities.

Create Your Own Minecraft Pe Server For Free

Since you’re (hopefully) hosting your Minecraft server for your friends, you should be fine if you share your server’s IP with them. You can find your IP address by going to Google and typing “What is my IP address?” So let’s say your IP address is (which is a localhost address). Give your friends as the address they will join to play with you.

To use the Minecraft server again; All you need to do is enter the .jar command above.

Anyway, here are some official Minecraft resources and unofficial Minecraft Wiki resources that should be of further help.

Yes,, Prima Games hosts a number of Minecraft articles that you can check out by clicking on the Minecraft tag below, so if you want to read more about Minecraft (or anything else we write about), you’re always welcome.

How To Create A Minecraft Pe Server (with Pictures)

Prima Games has been a staff writer since May 2022. In the early 90s he was gaming because he could hold the Amiga 500 joystick by itself (remember when he was gaming?). He made a different video; Board and card games have been played by the thousands, and it looks like tens of thousands of them will soon be made. Current Favorites: Vampire Survivors; SMITE Marvel Snap. He has been involved in organizing dozens of gaming events and tournaments and has been professionally involved in gaming since 2009. Minecraft has sold over 200 million copies worldwide. Children and adults everywhere are mine, Craft and Minecraft together in multiplayer worlds. Players improve their social skills; Improve their problem-solving skills and practice their creativity while building together online. There are many reasons why Minecraft is good for you; It is wonderful.

On a public Internet server; Players can work together to build bigger and better things than they could do alone. However, Who connects to public servers? So you can’t control exactly how your child interacts online. Good news! By setting up your own server; Know exactly who your child is connecting with and playing in their worlds.

We’ve created some guides to get you started hosting your own Minecraft server for your student. They were created using iD Game Plan, a learning management system that students use at camp.

Host Your Own Minecraft Server For Free

Before trying to do this at home, these guidelines help parents with their children. Therefore, children must choose a time when they can have parental consent and supervision. Setting up and running an online server means that anyone with an external IP address can join your server and play in your Minecraft world. Be careful who you invite to play on your server.

Custom Free Domain For Your Server (freenom)

Be sure to keep track of who you and your kids invite to play on your server. The best way to keep your server safe and happy is to only invite players you know in real life. A lot of people on the internet are nice, but by limiting your server to the people you meet, you won’t be surprised what your kids meet.

Below is a video explaining how to create a Minecraft server, along with written installation instructions. Congratulations!

Since Minecraft is a Java based game, the first step is to make sure you have the latest version of Java. Otherwise, download Java here.

Need help troubleshooting? See the Minecraft Web Server Setup Wiki article. Note: Some solutions to server problems require adjusting critical computer settings. Doing so incorrectly can damage your computer.

Best Minecraft Server Hosting Providers (2022)

2. When the download is complete, Copy minecraft_server.1.11.jar to a new folder on your desktop and name this folder “Minecraft Server”.

Note: Over time, Minecraft will update to a new version, So “1.11” – the version for which these instructions were originally written – refers to an older download. However, Note that the instructions above and below will still apply, but “1.11” will be replaced with any new version number.

IMPORTANT: If you are using a different version of the server, change “minecraft_server.1.11.jar” to match the version name you are using.

Host Your Own Minecraft Server For Free

You will see a license agreement that you must accept before starting your Minecraft server. You need to edit the eula.txt to show acceptance.

Top 5 Free Minecraft Server Hosting Websites In 2022

A window will appear with information about your server. As long as this window is open, Your server is up and players can connect.

Your server provides information that allows you to keep track of what’s going on even when you’re not in the game.

Server commands allow advanced users to better manage their server. You can find all possible commands here.

You should now be able to play on your home server. Then we will configure the internet connection so that we can connect with other players.

Free Minecraft Server: How To Make A Private Server

The next step in the process involves adjusting your router settings so that other users can access your computer through it. Depending on the type of router you have, this process is different for everyone.

If you can’t find your router listed on that site, Try the following.

Your external IP address is either IPv4 or IPv6 and looks like one of the following examples:

Host Your Own Minecraft Server For Free

When you find your external IP address; Save this number – other people will need it to connect to your server.

Best Minecraft Server Hosting Service Of 2023

Your connection has been forwarded to other players.

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