Get Rid Of Ads On Youtube App

Get Rid Of Ads On Youtube App – If you want to know how to block YouTube ads on Android in 2023, you are in my No Premium club. In this article, we will tell you 8 free and paid ways to block YouTube ads. Don’t regret coming here. In the second quarter of this year, YouTube’s ad revenue increased by $343 million compared to the same period last year. YouTube is increasingly becoming AdTube and has no desire to reward that attitude. The platform revolutionized video advertising by encouraging top bloggers to monetize their efforts wildly. This leads to mistrust bordering on pure hatred of advertising brands and YouTube itself. The team has done extensive research on how to make YouTube ad-free on Android devices by 2023. Let’s take a look at all the solutions and find out which one is right for you.

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Get Rid Of Ads On Youtube App

Get Rid Of Ads On Youtube App

Feeding users more ads is a strategy that YouTube has used for another important reason. In addition to making easy money by selling ad placements, the service encourages you to purchase a YouTube Premium subscription. Formerly known as YouTube Red, this plan is a paid plan that offers owners key features such as:

How To Block Youtube Completely?

At $11.99 per month, these various benefits seem like a fair deal. What is wrong is the way YouTube treats people who are unwilling or unable to pay this monthly fee. Would you like to remove YouTube ads for $12 while only watching them twice a week? If you’re still seeing ads on YouTube Premium, read our guide.

Last year, in August 2021, Google began testing new ‘Premium Lite’ subscriptions in the Nordic and Benelux countries. The new subscription was in response to complaints about the cost and questionable performance of the standard payment. For €6.99, you can watch without ads on all platforms. All other features like background playback, picture-in-picture (PIP) playback, offline download, etc. they are still only available to premium users.

A year has passed and there are no updates for Premium Lite. The area of ​​the new program has not been expanded, and users in countries where the program has been tested have reported that they are unable to register.

It is not known when Premium Lite will become a widespread option for watching YouTube without ads on Android or elsewhere. The test results are also unknown. You will probably hear honest opinions from users who were lucky enough to test the new subscription later. As of today, I cannot recommend it.

How To Block Ads On Android

We have a comparison table to help you choose the best YouTube ad blocker for your Android device. The residents of the table are equally integrated, taking into account performance, privacy, and price-quality ratios.

Many ad blocking solutions for Android are not available through Google Play. Also remember that there is no way to block ads in native apps (at least not yet). If you’re looking for a good YouTube ad blocker for Android, we recommend you try it because it has a lot to offer.

Do you think paying another premium is too expensive? We have come up with another way to watch YouTube without ads on Android without spending a lot of money. In fact, this method requires no investment at all. We are talking about using an ad-free web browser.

Get Rid Of Ads On Youtube App

The ad-free browser redirects all traffic through the server, preventing users from being targeted by marketers as they would during a regular browser. Apps of this type are available on both Google Play and third-party app markets, and there are many options to choose from. According to SimilarWeb, the most trusted and popular browsers are:

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What they all have in common is a variety of features including but not limited to tracker blocker, ad blocker, built-in VPN and incognito mode. The ad blocking capabilities of these web browsers are usually sufficient to enjoy YouTube content without ads and distractions.

Generally, these ad tracker blocking tools for browsers are easily accessible with a few taps. As an example, we will show you how to block YouTube ads on Android in the Brave browser.

Of course, there are also major limitations. These services only block ads within a web browser session, so they cannot handle ads in Android apps and games, including the YouTube app. Also, most of us already have our preferred browsers filled with bookmarks, saved passwords, add-ons, and other personal symbols. With an ad-free web browser, you have to configure everything, and to be fair, no browser offers as much customization as traditional web browsers.

It was once announced that Avast was selling user data to Jumpshot. Jumpshot has been closed to stop arguing about concerns.

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Aside from their primary function of redirecting your traffic through servers around the world, VPN apps can block ads. This is especially true for products that can filter DNS requests when loading online ads. But is it enough to install a VPN on your Android, always watch YouTube videos without ads?

The answer to that is no. However, some VPN services offer ad blocking as an add-on and not the main purpose you use it for. Besides, some VPN apps for Android only include ad blocking. Typically, apps redirect traffic through different servers, so users get closer to the same amount of ads. The only difference is that the ads are completely irrelevant and impersonal.

However, some VPN-related issues can arise and effectively make the user experience even worse. First, a VPN definitely slows down your internet connection. Also, if you use a virtual server in another country, the VPN will make the YouTube homepage, offers, and preferences specific to that country, not your preferences. Finally, if you are using a free VPN, you should ask yourself how to make money. Embedded malware and cryptocurrency mining scripts and private user transactions with the browser may be the answer. Are you still there? big. At the very least, use one of these suggested options.

Get Rid Of Ads On Youtube App

Looks like you made the right choice. Let’s get down to business because you’re here! is a unique solution for all ad blocking for the entire Android system. It runs silently in the background and sweeps ads from browsers, apps, games, messengers and other Android software. You won’t even realize it’s working; You will only enjoy the results of your work. Disable YouTube Ads with our custom ad blocker for Android. See how easy it is.

The Best Ad Blockers In 2023

Another option is to enjoy YouTube videos without ads directly in your preferred Android web browser such as Chrome or Opera. To continue doing everything. Another tip: You can add an icon for the browser version of YouTube to the main screen for quick access. Open YouTube in your browser, press Options and go to the Add to Home screen option.

Uncontrolled access to your data seems to be a big advantage. Telling an unknown developer everything about yourself can be very dangerous. Therefore, we recommend that you do not risk your privacy and install “another” YouTube client on Android. However, if you decide to do so, here are simple step-by-step instructions.

Are you suffering from tons of redirects piling up on your tab bar? Besides, redirects are annoying and can be caused by a hidden redirect virus. Read our article to learn how to disable redirects on your Android device. Third-party tools to watch YouTube without ads

You can watch YouTube videos on external websites. It opens the door to many third-party platforms that can attract traffic by offering viewers more convenience and features. And, viewers have reasons to leave YouTube because of these platforms.

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First, many people use YouTube at work and have to deal with walls that prevent employee access. If your firewall isn’t the problem, NSFW content in featured videos or comments can be. No one wants to show something wrong to their boss or the whole office during a presentation. This is where Quiettube comes in. Remove everything but the video from the view.

Another good reason to watch videos outside of YouTube is to make them suitable for families or classes. People often write horrible things in the comments that children should not see. The video suggestion algorithm can also disrupt the class by showing irrelevant material. To avoid this inconvenience, you can choose tools like Watchkin, View Pure or In addition to making videos safer to watch on YouTube, it blocks ads and offers special pricing plans for teachers or schools.

The third-party tools listed above are useful and great for removing ads, but we don’t recommend them for daily use. Your main concern is data privacy

Get Rid Of Ads On Youtube App

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