Earl Nightingale Think And Grow Rich Audio

Earl Nightingale Think And Grow Rich Audio – Earl Nightingale was a famous radio host in the 1950s who achieved great financial and professional success before the age of 35. He is the most listened to in the history of the broadcasting industry. However, his meteoric rise to the enduring and legendary status he achieved came from his dedication to personal development, motivation and business success; which happened by repeating his desire for the secret of success. Undoubtedly, he is one of the greatest storytellers of all time, unrivaled to this day as a reader in terms of success and motivation. So, if you’re wondering “Who was Earl Nightingale?”, this is who he was in a nutshell.

Of course, there are many other factors in the titan of success. So, if you want to know who Earl Nightingale was, and why you should learn more about him and his wise words, read on as we want to outline his inspiring story, along with some of his best kept secrets.

Earl Nightingale Think And Grow Rich Audio

Earl Nightingale Think And Grow Rich Audio

The story of Earl Nightingale is a history of wealth. Nightingale was born in 1921 in Long Beach, California. He was a child of the Depression, who at the age of 12, during the height of the Great Depression, had to move into a makeshift tent when his father abandoned his family. His mother took the family to a tent town, a type of government housing built to help families during the Great Depression.

Think Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill

Nightingale’s experiences of poverty and watching her mother struggle to make ends meet to care for her and her two brothers made her angry. In fact, it really bothers him, so he decided to find out why some people have money, and a lot of money, while many others struggle to get the minimum.

This started Earl Nightingale’s quest for the secret of success. And from 1933 to 1950 he went on a journey to find out how people can get out of poverty and prosper. He read every book he could get his hands on and asked every adult he suspected had “that special knowledge” of the key to success.

But when he turned 29, he finally had his “ah-ha” moment. At 29, he finally cracked the code while reading Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich.” The words that appeared in his face and hit him like a ton of stones were these:

Now, before Earl Nightingale did his main research, he continued to live his life by joining the Marines. Shortly after his employment, he will eventually settle in Hawaii.

The Boss: Why Your Customer Is In Charge By Earl Nightingale

In fact, he was on the U.S.S. Arizona during the Battle of Pearl Harbor, and was one of only 334 sailors to survive the onslaught of 1,511 other ships.

Before her career ended in the war, Nightingale got into radio by volunteering as an evening and weekend announcer. He volunteered for this job for the sole purpose of picking up something he thought might be a good skill once he got back to civilian life. And his intentions were rewarded.

Earl Nightingale would enter the media industry shortly after his time in the Marines ended, and he took the industry by storm. He started his radio career in Phoenix, AZ, and after a few years an opportunity presented itself and soon he was working for one of the most popular radio stations in the country. WGN radio from Chicago, IL.

Earl Nightingale Think And Grow Rich Audio

Soon after, Earl Nightingale really made his mark. In fact, by 1957, at the age of 35, Earl Nightingale had done well and successfully retired. There is no doubt that Earl was able to achieve such success by applying the secret of success that he only discovered 7 years earlier.

What The Declaration Of Independence Really Means By Earl Nightingale

Earl Nightingale turns to the other side of his life as an insurance company owner. He invested his money in buying an insurance company and most of his newfound wealth came from his success in the media industry.

And it was this experience that would eventually lead to Earl Nightingale’s true legacy. As the owner of an insurance company, Earl regularly gave motivational speeches to his insurance agents. One day he was preparing for a tour of the city, and a salesman asked him to record one of his famous speeches to motivate his team while he was away. Nightingale agreed, and the result was one of the personal development industry’s first audio recordings.

Words from Nightingale inspired a recorded speech to sell, and shortly after he was asked to record his collected advice on how others can achieve the same success, and how to make the best inspiration/self-help records of all time: “The . A strange secret.”

Once “The Strangest Secret” was completed, how insightful and exciting the work was became known, and a strong desire overwhelmed Earl Nightingale. Once Nightingale teamed up with his friend Lloyd Conant to resolve the frustrating legal issues, the audio recording would go on to become a national bestseller.

The Strangest Secret

Amazingly, the wisdom from that record still affects hundreds of millions of people around the world to this day. Fragments of this classic can even be found all over the internet; Here’s an example:

Earl Nightingale achieved many notable achievements during his lifetime. His life and achievements are a prime example of his success and privacy in practice. Here are just some of his other notable achievements:

Below are just some of Earl Nightingale’s success lessons in his own words. These sayings come from both his many works and little bits of wisdom contained in his old books and the best-selling audiobooks “The Strangest Secret” and “Lead the Field.”

Earl Nightingale Think And Grow Rich Audio

“Anything we plant in our subconscious and feed it by repeating that emotion will one day become.” – Earl Nightingale Tweet Quote

Strangest Secret In The World

The above statement is the most important part of his discovery of the secret of success; that is, let’s be what we think. So be careful what you put in your head (news / media / etc.) and be careful what you think (because you often get it).

“We will not get what we don’t want, but what we deserve. Our reward will be in direct proportion to our mission.” – Earl Nightingale Tweet Quote

There is no doubt that this understanding of success comes from his experience through life, and his careful consideration of the wealth you receive often comes down to the exact value you provide through a product or service you offer.

“Whatever a lot of people do in any situation, if you do something other than that, you’ll never make a mistake again as long as you live.” – Earl Nightingale Tweet Quote

Earl Nightingale Reads Think And Grow Rich

If success were easy, everyone would have it. So the best way to make sure you aren’t successful is to listen and follow the crowd. This bit of wisdom from Earl Nightingale is still true.

“Don’t give up on your dreams just because of the time it takes to achieve them. Time will pass anyway.” – Earl Nightingale Tweet Quote

One of the keys to success, other than being aware of what we’re thinking, is perseverance. Many people also give up the doubt (negative thinking) to avoid the effort because it is almost always an uphill battle. Pro Tip: All efforts are an uphill battle.

Earl Nightingale Think And Grow Rich Audio

This is the great wisdom of Earl Nightingale, because many people think that success is what others say it is. But this is not true. Success is what you decide it will be, as long as you have decided in your mind what your success is, and you commit to continuously making progress until you are on your way to success.

Discover Earl Nightingale

There you have the answer to the question “Who was Earl Nightingale?” We hope this brief overview from one of the world’s most influential motivational speakers, authors and success scientists has given you the insight you’re looking for.

Undoubtedly, he is a person to study as his philosophy of success is as important and true today as it has ever been. So we hope this profile of Earl Nightingale has at the very least made you dig into the teachings and insights provided by the “Dean of Personal Development” himself.

PS – If you’re interested in Earl Nightingale’s bio, you’ll find an inspiring collection of Earl Nightingale quotes.

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