Cheapest Way To Get Personal Training Certification

Cheapest Way To Get Personal Training Certification – Trainees are provided with hands-on training and employment opportunities due to their respected, rigorous curriculum, accreditation, and internship program.

This accredited, fully online certification program is specifically designed for practitioners who want to learn and work online and includes useful online marketing training.

Cheapest Way To Get Personal Training Certification

Cheapest Way To Get Personal Training Certification

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Becoming a professional personal trainer requires the right certification, and finding the best personal trainer certification programs is looking for in-depth education and training in technical subjects like anatomy and physiology. More than just a profession for fitness enthusiasts, personal trainers must be able to motivate, sell themselves and their services, and provide personal physical and technical guidance and training to clients.

With our increasingly sedentary lifestyles, employment and demand for personal trainers is predicted to grow over the next decade. While working from home has been a popular trend for years, people are turning to home fitness as home offices become the new normal due to lockdowns and security concerns. Home fitness equipment, fitness trackers and home gym sales have increased as more people take up their workouts and fitness goals. Despite this change (probably

(From that), people need the advice of personal trainers to teach proper technique, prevent injury, develop training routines, and track fitness goals. The best personal trainer certifications will give you all the technical training you need to meet the needs of your clients, no matter where they choose to work.

We arrived at our selection by reviewing the seven highest-rated personal training certification programs. Specifically, we reviewed the National Academy of Sports Medicine’s NASM personal training certifications; Fitness Mentors FM; American Council on Exercise ACE; National Strength and Conditioning Association NSCA; Action Personal Trainer Certification APTC; National Federation of Personal Trainers NFPT; and the American Athletics and Fitness Association AFAA. For each certification we compared and considered the following:

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With no shortage of personal trainer programs on the market, it’s important to find a personal training certification program that not only has a reputation, but also fits your goals and lifestyle. Not all personal training programs are the same, so you should consider the following before deciding to sign up:

Why was it cut? NASM is our pick for the best overall personal trainer certification because of their excellent, rigorous curriculum, accreditation, and internship program that provides training and employment opportunities for trainers.

The National Academy of Sports Medicine, or NASM, offers several online personal trainer certification options ranked by price and features. The fee for certification can be paid in one lump sum or divided into an interest-free payment plan over 18 months, making it easy.

Cheapest Way To Get Personal Training Certification

Depending on your needs, you can choose a very affordable basic certification that gives you access to all training and an exam. If you’re looking for extra support and guarantees, you can choose a comprehensive package that includes retesting, a performance guarantee, CPR/AED certification, a “practice” program, and lifetime recertification. To maintain an active certification, you must complete 2.0 CE credits, equivalent to 20 hours of training, every 2 years, ensuring you stay up-to-date on industry innovations.

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All levels of this certification require online training; There is no option to go to class directly with the teacher. The test, however, is flexible. You can choose this online or in person at one of their testing sites.

Why was it cut? Fitness Mentors has designed this accredited, fully online certification program specifically designed for trainers who want to learn and work online and includes helpful online marketing training.

Fitness Mentors, or FM, is an affordable online personal trainer certification program. They also offer bundle packages if you want to add other online certifications like Virtual Nutrition Coach, Virtual Group Fitness or Virtual Health Coach. Compared to other industry leaders, FM has fewer tests and a higher pass rate than other accredited certification programs.

Although it is common to earn certifications online, this program does not offer in-person or internship options. This is a good choice for fitness trainers who want to work remotely or are comfortable without personal resources. The course includes online business training and marketing to help you get started with virtual customers.

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Why was it cut? NFPT is our top choice for a hands-on program, as you can choose to earn your certification (or CE credits) by attending a two-day workshop in person.

The National Federation of Professional Trainers offers students a comprehensive certification package that includes free continuing education credits, free exam testing, interest-free financing options, and the opportunity to attend two-day workshops and learn hands-on.

This certification program is flexible and can be completed online or in person. Some people learn best with practice, so this is a good option. Half of your personal workshop will be in the classroom and the other half will be hands-on, which is essential for developing personal training skills.

Cheapest Way To Get Personal Training Certification

In terms of cost, this program is very reasonable compared to other leading certification programs. The Basic Online plan is one of the cheapest we’ve reviewed. However, one-time training and certification will cost you more. Workshop locations are limited, so travel may be required, which will increase overall costs.

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Why was it cut? The National Strength and Conditioning Association NSCA is our top choice for the best personal training certification with an athletic focus because the organization offers comprehensive resources focused on athletic development.

The National Strength and Conditioning Association, or NSCA, is a membership-based professional network that provides training and educational content. Although they don’t require an annual membership, if you’re going to certify, it makes sense to join as your prices are lower and the membership fee is refunded. There are three membership levels that offer different levels of access: Student, Professional or CPI (which includes liability insurance). Membership gives you access to professional development and educational content and to NSCA TV, where you can stream educational videos, watch clinics, conferences, career videos and member-generated content.

NSCA offers a unique selection of certifications with a narrow focus on career-related tasks and knowledge. For example, if you want to work with the military or law enforcement, you can earn a tactical force and contingency support certificate.

The focus of NSCA content is primarily training athletes and career coaches. The certification fee is split between exam registration and preparation materials, where you have different levels of study options. They provide helpful tools to help you decide which certification makes sense for you based on your real-world career goals.

Cheap Personal Training Course

Why was it reduced? Action Personal Trainer Certification is our Best Budget pick because the program is the least expensive of the ones we reviewed. APTC allows you to register for the basic course for a low $99 fee and/or register for the exam separately for a low $99 fee.

Action Personal Trainer Certification is a budget-friendly option. The company only allows you to register for the NCCA Accredited Action Personal Trainer Certification Exam for $99 without purchasing any study guides. There are no guarantees, so it only makes sense for those who have been educated and trained for the exam through other methods.

All Layered Education courses are self-directed with no in-person or telephone support. They are very affordable, ranging from $99-$250. The company provides affordable insurance for personal trainers who work with clients in multiple locations, including at home, at gyms, online or outdoors.

Cheapest Way To Get Personal Training Certification

Personal training certification costs can vary greatly between organizations, depending on the amount and type of exam preparation you need and the additional resources and guarantees they provide. The most expensive we reviewed was the Action Personal Trainer Certification, where an exam with minimal preparation costs around $200 and there are no guarantees associated with this certification. Most other certifications cost between $400 and $1,000. Make sure you understand what is included. Not all programs include an exam registration fee, and some have an additional retake fee if you fail the certification exam the first time. Many certifications offer tiers where you can decide which features and benefits are important to you and take advantage of interest-free payment plans. Continuing Education CE is required every two years to maintain active certification; Some outlets offer membership levels where these additional classes are included in the overall fee structure.

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NASM personal training certification can cost between $674 and $1,889 or $32 to $99 per month with their finance plan. They offer four options that vary in price and benefits: Basic, Premium Self-Learning, Guided Learning, and All-Inclusive. These were current rates at the time of publication

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