Can You Post An Article On Linkedin Company Page

Can You Post An Article On Linkedin Company Page – Separate from your profile, your Company Page is where you can tell the world about what your company does, gain followers and send updates, and even display job opportunities in your recruiting space.

You can also use a business page in your name to show what you do as an individual, especially if you wear more than one hat and have different areas of work, such as on the side. For example, you can be a writer and a digital marketer.

Can You Post An Article On Linkedin Company Page

Can You Post An Article On Linkedin Company Page

First, you can gain confidence with a permanent location that can be found anywhere.

Linkedin Users Can Now List The Services They Offer On Their Profile

Second, members can “follow” your company with one click, and you’ll be notified when you add updates to the site. A hassle-free way to stay in touch.

You can share company updates instead of your personal profile and they will appear on the company page.

BONUS: When someone accepts your link, the first thing they see is the option to follow your company page.

Now you can invite your contacts to follow your company page. Your invitations will appear alongside the standard connection requests.

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The link is oddly placed and can be accessed by clicking on the ‘Work’ icon as shown below – but there is also a short URL: https:///company/setup/new/

At this stage, you have four options for creating a website. For some reason, the company stops using the term Sites and now just uses “Sites”. You can add a small business page, medium for a large business, add a sample page, or add a page if you are an educational institution.

The image below shows the basic information you need to add for your business page. It is recommended that the size of the logo be at least 300 x 300 pixels, depending on availability you can choose a specific URL for your site.

Can You Post An Article On Linkedin Company Page

You can use free graphics tools like to measure and edit graphics and logos to add a branded header to your site.

How To Grow Your Linkedin Business Page

You can link three pages to the company page. Your page will be able to like, comment and reshare posts on these hashtags. So you can like, comment and reshare as a company, not as an individual.

You can also add a button to your website’s homepage, contact page, or login page and link your admin team to your website.

If you work internationally, there is an option to add page descriptions in different languages ​​to help with visibility and understanding.

In addition, the addition of diverse workplaces is a natural advantage for organizations that are in contact with customers. The presence of bricks and mortar helps convince people that this is a real live thing.

Linkedin Marketing Features To Promote Your Business

A new feature in 2022 is the ability to add a lead generation form to your website. This allows members to ask for more information or request a free demo, the details of which are pre-populated in a lead generation format and then sent to you.

Once you’ve created your company page, you’ll need to go back to your profile and edit or add your experience as a company member.

By entering your company name, the database will be searched and you can view and select your company. This means that the company logo will appear next to the practice logo, and with one click visitors will be taken to your profile on your company page.

Can You Post An Article On Linkedin Company Page

It’s much more efficient than a simple “grey building” that appears next to your exercise notes. It feels more like a filing cabinet than a building. Boring and plain vanilla.

Linkedin For Business

You can add additional pages to your company page with the name “View Pages”. You can use them to display specific services or products.

Another benefit of creating a showcase page is that you can give it a strategic title so that it will be found in search. So if you are a widget maker, you might want to consider using recycled widgets, eco-friendly widgets, low-carbon widgets, etc. You can add showcase pages for

It’s about visibility and branding and allows you to have different experiences in one “corporate” post. Even if the company name is just your name, a visible listing gives you extra clout as well as an identifying mark next to your experience listings.

For example, you might have a “job” with a company that showcases your writing experience. You can then add a second job that talks about your experience as a digital marketer (this can also be a current role).

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A good practice here is to be creative with job titles and include other keywords that are likely to be used in searches:

Of course, you can gain followers and gain better search potential by strategically using Showcase pages to highlight your opportunities or products.

Recruiters often look for a candidate with a similar job title to the one they are applying for. If you don’t have your current position, only your previous roles, this can be very negative.

Can You Post An Article On Linkedin Company Page

So log in to “Your company” with the job titles of the position you are looking for. In this work experience section, you can explain what roles you are looking for and what relevant experience you have. This ensures that you are found correctly when searching for employers.

Company Page Archives

You can also print newsletters from a company site rather than as an individual. A great way to stay in touch with potential customers is to send the first issue of your company newsletter to everyone in your company who you invite to subscribe.

A business page allows you to use ads to amplify the content you share on your page for a more precisely defined and targeted audience.

David Petherik helps you to be visible, clear and reliable. Follow David on Twitter to improve your health. LinkedIn is where two worlds meet. On one side are job seekers, teenagers trying to get ahead and seniors looking for better conditions.

On the other hand, there is a professional, non-professional atmosphere. They are real people or brands, organizations. In this regard, LinkedIn pages are one of the centers where these professionals meet and communicate.

How To Schedule Posts On Linkedin For Free

As LinkedIn grows and more companies show interest in having a presence in the digital world, LinkedIn company pages are improving in quality and quantity. This makes them more important channels for following the latest developments in specific topics and areas.

One of the most popular, reliable and effective ways to share updates and information is through articles. This basic, old-fashioned way of sharing information is an effective way to dive deep into events and bring your knowledge to a wider audience.

That’s why knowing how to post articles on your LinkedIn company page is key to maintaining healthy connections between professional actors and increasing engagement through your brand.

Can You Post An Article On Linkedin Company Page

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How To Write Linkedin Company Page Articles, And Why It’s A Pretty Big Deal

If you’ve decided that articles are the best way to be active on LinkedIn and reach the outside world, there are several solutions for publishing articles on your LinkedIn company page.

You can use third-party tools to manage multiple LinkedIn profiles and LinkedIn Company Pages. Circleboom Publish provides the best tools to create the best LinkedIn content in the simplest panel.

On the Circleboom Publish post creation site, you can write your articles and/or add URLs to articles you find valuable to share with your audience.

If you just don’t have enough creativity or don’t want to search the site for quality articles to publish on your LinkedIn company page, identify your interests and let Circleboom find you the best articles.

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All you have to do is choose the best article to publish on your LinkedIn company page.

You can publish the selected article immediately or publish it later on Circleboom Publish. You can also adjust the queue settings and create a continuous article publication schedule.

In addition to all this, if you want your LinkedIn Company Page to be constantly updated, but you don’t have time to produce or search for content daily, Circleboom offers another solution.

Can You Post An Article On Linkedin Company Page

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You can link RSS feeds to multiple LinkedIn profiles and LinkedIn company pages. So you can share articles

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