Can You Have More Than One Facebook Page

Can You Have More Than One Facebook Page – Apparently I have two Facebook accounts with the same email address. How do I remove the ones I don’t want?

Facebook actively prevents the same email address from being used for more than one account. So on the surface it looks like what you think is happening isn’t actually happening.

Can You Have More Than One Facebook Page

Can You Have More Than One Facebook Page

Facebook does not allow the use of email on more than one Facebook account. However, Facebook pages can be made to look like accounts, making you think they are separate accounts when they are not. You may have created a site without realizing it, or you may have been the victim of some form of impersonation.

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. If you try to create an account with an email address already associated with an account, Facebook will treat it as a request to reset the password of the existing account. If you try to add an email address to your account and the email address is already associated with another Facebook account, you will receive an error message.

There is one scenario where you could end up with what looks like two Facebook accounts linked to the same email: when you have multiple emails

See: What is the difference between an email account, an email address, an email program and an email service?

That means you might be able to sign up for services like Facebook twice: once with the dotted email address and once without. One email account, two different email addresses, two different Facebook accounts.

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Similarly, so-called email aliases offered by some services are additional email addresses that point to a single email account. Sometimes they are completely different, and sometimes they are variations of the original, such as systems that use a hyphen, for example: “[email protected]”.

Facebook still allows the use of an email address with only one Facebook account, but your email provider may allow you to create additional unique email addresses for your unique email account. Facebook accounts and Facebook pages are two different things

Now back to why it’s easy to get confused about your Facebook account. Facebook supports two distinct entities: accounts and pages. They are for different things. Accounts represent people

Can You Have More Than One Facebook Page

You log in to Facebook with an account. It has a username and password. It is intended to represent a real, individual person.2 Each account represents one person and each person is assumed to have only one account. However, it is not uncommon for people to create multiple Facebook accounts with different email addresses, and Facebook appears to enforce the restriction only on complaints.

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Your account can be used to friend someone else’s account, or you can “follow” their account without becoming a friend to see what they post. You can also create posts from your account. Pages represent other things

Pages3 can be created to display other things. For example, in my Facebook profile I have a page for ! — a frequent use of pages is to separate your personal presence from your professional one. Many news outlets, publications, fan groups, pets, celebrities, and even places or events have their own pages.

Pages are managed by accounts. I can’t login to facebook if !; I can only log in as myself. Instead, I manage mine! Facebook

You can name a page almost anything, so it’s entirely possible to have a page with the same name as yours

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If that happens by accident, I might even believe I have two accounts with one email address.

You can use Facebook “as” a Page you manage. When you do this, the site behaves somewhat like an account. All likes, shares and comments come “from” the page rather than your account.

For example, I can like a post on Facebook and “like” me and “like” my Ask Leo! page Interact with Facebook as yourself: your account

Can You Have More Than One Facebook Page

By default, you communicate on Facebook as you do – that is, from your account. If you’ve never created a page or become a page admin, the only thing you can do is pretend to be yourself. However, if you are a site administrator, you have a few more options. Interact with Facebook as a page

The New Facebook Page Experience

When you visit one of the pages you manage, you may see a small pop-up message that will disappear after a few seconds.

This indicates that while you are on that page, everything you do is attributed to that page,

. All comments, likes or shares are made “by” the page. My example page, “Walter the Wonder Corgi”, can “like” or comment on someone else’s Facebook post. That’s the name and icon of that page that would appear as the source of the comment or something.

Every time you interact as yourself on Facebook, you have the opportunity to act as one of your Pages. For example, you see an icon to the right of the comment box.

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Clicking the icon displays a list of sites you can interact with in addition to your account. Once you make a selection, that action will be attributed to that page. (Note: this choice is sometimes “sticky” – meaning that once it’s changed, all further interactions will also use that choice, rather than automatically returning to your account. You may need to check “who” you’re communicating with for to be sure .) Find your pages

To see the pages associated with your account, start from your Facebook home page (click the Facebook logo or home icon). Somewhere in the left column there is an item called “Pages”.

You asked about deleting the other account. Now we know that you cannot have an account with the same email address. To delete the other account, you must first sign in to that account with the email address associated with it.

Can You Have More Than One Facebook Page

However, if you find that you have a Page (not an account) that you want to delete, you must first be logged in to an account listed as a Page Administrator. If you are not an administrator, you do not have the right to delete it.

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In the same list of pages we saw above, click on the page you want to delete under “Your Pages”.

If you think you have two accounts with one email address, the first thing you should do is check if they exist

Associated with your account. If there are, you can choose to manage or delete the page as you see fit.

If you can’t find a page, but still see an account or other entity in your name that you didn’t create, you may be a victim of impersonation. See Can someone set up a fake Facebook account in my name? about what to do next.

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1 : I expect a lot of protests here, but Facebook prevents it. If you think there are two accounts with the same email address, a) read the article carefully and b) realize something else is going on.

2: A human being, no less. In years past, people created accounts for their pets, giving them a unique identity on Facebook, but had to turn them into pages in the fight against Facebook.

Can You Have More Than One Facebook Page

3: Groups are another thing – places where you “check in” and have discussions with other group members. They are beyond the scope of this article because they are unlikely to be confused with a bill. If you’re part of a marketing team or have done any kind of advertising on Facebook, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ve heard of or used Facebook Business Manager. This nifty platform makes it easy to take control of your company’s Facebook page and ad campaigns.

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Anyone who works at a marketing agency understands the pain of managing multiple accounts on multiple platforms. Switching between multiple Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and remembering logins and passwords to manage ads and organic posts on behalf of clients can be an absolute nightmare. Fortunately, Facebook is one of the best platforms when it comes to accessing multiple accounts in their interface. Even luckier for you, Shift can help you manage multiple accounts on all those platforms in one desktop app.

In this article, we will discuss two easy ways to manage multiple Facebook Business accounts. But first, let’s look at some of the best features.

Facebook Business Manager is a free account management platform designed to make managing your Facebook business page simple and easy.

Much of Facebook Manager’s convenience comes from the ability for users to organize and manage all of their Facebook assets from one central account. Not only is this key to day-to-day productivity, but it also gives you great control over all functions of your marketing team and your company site.

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As you’ve probably guessed, the Business Manager platform is best suited for those who regularly manage advertising or other aspects of a Facebook business account. In other words, if you take on the role of CMO, Marketing Director, Social Media Manager or Marketing Assistant,

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