Can You Get Into The Coast Guard With A Ged

Can You Get Into The Coast Guard With A Ged – Being selected to study at the United States Coast Guard Academy is an honor beyond what you know. One earns a Bachelor of Science degree from one of the most prestigious institutions in the country. But you will earn a commission as a Coast Guard warrant officer, leading to a promising career in service to our country.

The USCGA’s motto, Scientie Sidi Mare (The Sea Gives Way to Knowledge) serves to emphasize how important knowledge and its application in leadership roles are to survival and success. Additionally, the Academy’s concept of honor aims to make men and women individuals who do not lie, cheat, steal, or attempt to deceive. He is the epitome of someone who puts loyalty above personal friendships or selfish interests. No easy task, of course.

Can You Get Into The Coast Guard With A Ged

Can You Get Into The Coast Guard With A Ged

But what does it take to become a United States Coast Guard Academy Service Cadet? One thing is certain – there is no “payment” because of the word. And there is no “skating skating”. As one of the approximately 1,000 total cadets who enroll each year, you are expected to fully participate in the USCGA’s daily life experience.

Explaining U.s. Coast Guard Basic Training (boot Camp)

Now let’s look at ways you can challenge yourself during the four-year transformation process. The U.S. Coast Guard is the only military service with a legacy as a lifesaving organization — and life at Branch Academy is sure to change, if not save.

On the banks of the River Thames in New London, Connecticut, USCGA features a historic, picturesque, waterfront campus—an unusual New England college setting. The region has a rich maritime heritage, including maritime, military and higher education.

The 103-acre campus may seem smaller than other centers of higher education, but its academic facilities and support services rival those of many larger institutions. Explore campus, nearby Mystic, Connecticut and other local communities and attractions on the USCGA “Explore” website.

Access to the Academy grounds is restricted (and may still be subject to health advice due to Covid-19). However, you can download the academy map online and start learning where the dining hall, parade ground, and more are. If anything, you need to know how to get there – at the main entrance at 31 Mohegan Ave.

Coast Guard Academy Alters Training For Incoming Class Due To Covid 19

How hard is it to get into the Coast Guard Academy? We’ll tell you straight: it’s competitive. According to US News and World Report, the academy’s admissions are highly selective. About half of accepted applicants have SAT scores between 1212 and 1400 or ACT scores between 25 and 30. However, about a quarter of recently admitted applicants scored above these ranges, and a quarter scored below these ranges.

Getting into the academy requires a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to applications (as well as physical activity). But one thing they don’t have to worry about is shouldering student debt after graduation. With a four-year tuition at this elite school valued at more than $280,000, there is no tuition, room or board costs for cadets. The internship is fully funded by the US government.

In addition, all cadets are paid a salary while attending the Coast Guard Academy. After graduating from the academy, there is a five-year commitment to serve as a Coast Guard officer, a certified career in a leadership position. Although five years is the minimum, 85 percent of graduates choose to serve longer, according to the academy.

Can You Get Into The Coast Guard With A Ged

USCGA is often cited as one of the top undergraduate colleges in the nation. It maintains a highly selective entry process – no walk in the park. So what does the academy look for in candidates?

Happy 230th Birthday To The U.s. Coast Guard!

The following levels are listed by the Academy as general entry requirements, but there’s no time like the present to start striving for higher levels. Let’s put our best foot forward and prove our strength! (Hopefully that includes knowing how to swim! Don’t worry, just add it to the list.)

To be considered for admission, you must submit all required application materials by January 29 of the year of admission (before admission October 15, 2007 for early action consideration).

If you are not a US citizen, you may want to consider applying for an international cadetship.

The first application data allows the academy to start a file. Sign in and start the process here.

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Unlike other US service academies, the Coast Guard Academy does not require a congressional nomination for admission.

You are responsible for organizing PFE. Find an expert who administers the PFE and submit your results. After submitting your online application, the Academy will email instructions to this person.

Although not required for review of your application, a DODMRB qualifying medical exam must be on file prior to being assigned to the Academy.

Can You Get Into The Coast Guard With A Ged

The Academy is regularly reviewing its testing policy in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. Please check the official page or contact admission officer for updates.

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There is no minimum test score requirement to apply. However, successful applicants must score at least 1120 on the SAT with an evidence-based composite of reading/writing and math or have an ACT composite of at least 24. Reported results should be presented without experimental accommodations.

The Academy may interview applicants and prospective candidates to best meet your needs and enrollment goals. If so, an enrollment representative will contact you. Attendance is required if selected for interview. The format of the interview – online, phone or face-to-face – will depend on the consent of all parties, with health and safety paramount.

Sometimes waiting for that acceptance letter — no matter what the decision — is the hardest part of the application process. If you have received an invitation to attend the Coast Guard Academy, congratulations! According to US News & World Report, you are in the top 20 percent of accepted applicants.

More than 2,000 students apply to the academy each year, and appointments are made until the number accepted for the incoming class reaches 400. The average size of an incoming class is 300 cadets.

Coast Guard Commandant Nominee Would Be The First Woman Service Chief

Those accepted will report to the USCGA in late June or early July for Swab Summer, a basic military training program that prepares you for the rigors of your fourth grade year. After four years of study and training, about 200 cadres will graduate. About 35 percent of cadets in any given year are women.

There is no better way for prospective students and their families to get a better feel for the academy than with a field trip. Group tours lasting about an hour are free but must be arranged in advance. An inquisitive mind and good hiking shoes will serve you well as you get a taste of the local history and hills. Go to the Academy’s website to schedule an admissions tour or request a place on a group tour.

In person, guests must present a photo ID along with a valid ID. Minors without their own identification must be accompanied by an adult with identification. All vehicles are inspected as per entry status. The main entrance is on Mohegan Street. 31. Visitors and outdoor parking are marked and free of charge.

Can You Get Into The Coast Guard With A Ged

Want to experience a tour but can’t get there in person? The Academy offers an online virtual tour experience to ensure you are a prospective student, parent or other visitor. Check out the most detailed visual sites to explore with a pre-recorded video guide online here.

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Note: As of this writing, tours of the USCGA grounds have been suspended during the coronavirus pandemic. However, travel arrangements and personal meetings with advisors are subject to change. Check the academy’s visitor website for up-to-date information on obtaining campus tours and other special events.

USCGA cadets receive a college experience like no other—a superior academic, military, and athletic experience in a closely knit environment. If your path leads you here, you will receive an advanced, professional education, participate in competitive sports (a requirement for every cadet), and your campus stay will be highly structured and guided by a shared commitment to honor, respect, and serve above. self.

The demands on your time will be many, but commitment to your commitments and exceptional time management skills will quickly become a regular part of your life.

Like all other United States service academies, Coast Guard cadets are considered active duty in the military and wear a uniform at all times. And while cadets receive a monthly stipend to pay for books, uniforms and other necessities, the cost of the uniform is automatically deducted from the stipend. The administration advises which uniforms are required for each season and situation.

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