Can Someone Else Drive My Car Progressive

Can Someone Else Drive My Car Progressive – For the past six months, I’ve signed up to participate in Progressive’s Snapshot discount program, which offers a device you attach to your car that transmits data about your driving activity. The results and effects of photos may surprise you. In this review you will be better informed if you want to participate in the monitoring program.

When I signed up for the discount program, I didn’t understand exactly how the program worked, but after a month, I learned some valuable lessons that any insured driver should know about these tools.

Can Someone Else Drive My Car Progressive

Can Someone Else Drive My Car Progressive

“Save up to 30 percent,” says the ads with Progressive’s annoying but memorable flyer offering the company’s snapshot discount. I thought why not give it a try and see if the discount is as good as they claim. I was in a rush to buy insurance for my 2014 Mustang so I could drive it off the dealer’s lot, so I didn’t research the snapshot thoroughly before clicking the invite checkbox.

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What’s the worst that could happen? I figured, even with my driving behavior, a few percent off would be worth experimenting with. I was conflicted because now I was putting a price on my privacy – how much is it worth? You will see at the end of this post.

After the first week of owning my Snapshot device, I really didn’t like it. However, the thought of accessing my driving activity piqued my curiosity. Once you’re in, you must complete the “duration” of the program or your rates may increase based on the short period the data is collected. To help you understand how the Snapshot program works, I will share the data that Snapshot has collected about me.

Ask any Snapshot manager what they don’t like about the program. When they hear the “beep-beep-beep” generated from the device, they know exactly what happened. This means that they just came out of Progressive to slow down a little too quickly.

The Snapshot device is a small module that you plug into your car’s On-Board Diagnostics Type 2 (OBD-II) port. The OBD-II system allows auto technicians to diagnose vehicle activity and access virtually every subsystem on your car: engine, drivetrain, brakes, transmission, electronics—you name it, OBD-II can be accessed through II.

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The Snapshot device packs a lot of electronics into its 2″ X 3″ size. It has a memory chip, cellular radio and a GPS radio that communicates with satellites for location tracking. You can inspect the patent to see what’s under the hood. As you drive, the Snapshot device continuously streams data from your vehicle to Progressive’s servers. For my device, it has a quad-band GSM module (data sheet), which makes sense since Progressive has an agreement with AT&T to provide data service for it.

On Progressive’s website, they disclose that they track vehicle speed, but not location data. It is by choice, not physical limitations. It is nothing but a cell phone connected through the AT&T network. They don’t specify what vehicle data they track – do they also monitor RPM and throttle position? We may never know, but it’s safe to say that in theory they could track all that data.

Since I originally joined, they have updated their suggestions for who can benefit the most from the SNAPSHOT program. Of particular importance, this information is not offered to non-customers. Customers can only view this information after being verified in their account portal. Their FAQs about the program certainly paint a rosy picture as well.

Can Someone Else Drive My Car Progressive

The terms and conditions of the Snapshot discount program are also nowhere to be found unless you agree to them. But I’ll save you the time of looking for it on their website (since it’s not shown to non-customers). Here is the direct link to the Snapshot Terms and Conditions. It’s a set of terms and conditions you don’t want to give up.

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As part of my agreement to participate in the program, there is a strict warning not to reverse-engineer, disassemble, or otherwise tamper with the device. I did not do it. But it wouldn’t be too hard to see what data is actually going through it. Maybe if I can get my hands on one of those stingray scanners I can intercept cellular data being transmitted over the air. But one needn’t go to that extent – the OBD-II protocol is open enough and can allow monitoring of data passed between a port and a device, a classic MITM attack. I digress.

The Snapshot device monitors you with just two types of data. First is braking, which I will explain next. The second is the time of day, which is derived from the time you start your car. Data is recorded whether the vehicle is running or not.

(I started my car once after ducking under the hood in the middle of the night and was recorded as “driving” in the high-risk period at 11pm.)

Surprisingly, the speed and acceleration of the vehicle are not marked. In principle, drag racing shouldn’t bother you. But, as you slow down quickly, you are offended. While I’m on the subject, let’s talk about false positives.

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You need to understand how the tool interprets a spinning tire (or burnout). This is not just for enthusiast drivers, but for anyone who lives in an area with snow, ruts or wet roads. When your tires spin, they spin at a higher speed than the vehicle and once they gain traction, they slow down faster. To the snapshot device, it looks like sudden braking without even pressing the brake pedal. This is because the vehicle speed sensor is often located in the transmission, so if the tires are turning, so is the driveshaft. So your speedometer shows you 40 MPH while stationary.

For Progressives, hard braking is defined as any condition where the vehicle decelerates faster than 7 MPH per second. You don’t necessarily have to hit the brakes – a driver can climb a slope on a mountain to improve fuel efficiency. I can’t say with confidence if there is a speed limit at which it activates; Although this is based on my experience, it is consistent at any speed.

I believe the 7MPH threshold is impractical for all situations. It is a linear law that does not take into account inertia and other laws of physics. Urban City Management –

Can Someone Else Drive My Car Progressive

– You will essentially cause hard breaks daily. After understanding this threshold, I avoided slowing down to more than 10 mph per second, and compulsively watched my speedometer. It worked effectively to keep my harsh brakes in check.

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To support my argument as to why I believe 7 MPH per second (10.27 feet per second) is an inaccurate measure of “safety”, consider these typical vehicle scenarios:

Why do these scenarios matter? This is to demonstrate that the safe reduction of the speed of a vehicle depends on the initial speed. What remains constant is the length of the road between you and a given hazard (such as new vehicles entering the road). One can understand that in the city you face more frequent, less serious dangers than on the highway. But on the highway, hazards can be more powerful and less predictable (eg rush hour).

The counter to this argument is that if you allow enough space between you and the vehicle in front of you, you can stay reasonably within the threshold of the snapshot device and still achieve your driving goals. But the real effect is that you can sometimes “miss your turn” to avoid triggering the snapshot. However, I can point a little to the hypothesis that if a driver is able to control their braking, it may be a reflection of their overall awareness of changing road conditions.

Now that you know what data the SNAPSHOT device is looking for and how difficult it is to drive without penalties, you probably want to know how to play the game. As they say, “Don’t hate the player; Hate the game. Or play the game effectively in such a way.

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The discount offered by Progressive is related to the number of hard brakes you apply, the amount of time you drive at night and the number of miles you drive. Driving more miles is the easiest, most controllable factor in beating the system. The hard breakeven ratio is actually what they look for when determining the deductible for your policy.

In other words, you can either adjust your braking behavior, or you can add more miles to the data to win with the law of averages.

While participating in the SNAPSHOT program, you also give Progressive permission to use the data recorded by you in the event of a claim. For most people this won’t be a problem, but it should be at least a little concerning that you are giving your insurance company full control over the use of the data to adversely affect the outcome of your claim or policy premium. Hypothetically, if you were going faster than the posted speed limit at the time of the claim, how long do you think it would have taken to rent?

Can Someone Else Drive My Car Progressive

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